Shuukan Yoro! Vol 21

8 01 2010

Recommended: Another reader has recommended a video to me and I liked how it sounded, so I’m recommending it to everyone:

S/mileage – Suki-chan (APX Electro Mix)

Video uploaded by: apxmusic

The remix is somewhat more calming than the original so if you like slower songs then I definitely recommend it, especially to those who would have liked the song to be a bit more relaxing.

You can get more of APX’s H!P remixes at his Soundclick page, his Youtube page, or check out his Tumblr for any info about his future remixes.

Site Updates: The Upcoming Releases page is finally updated! The layout is somewhat more spaced out and it has the covers of the items along with easier to click links in the form of buttons.

It took some time to figure out how to get the correct spacing, but overall I think it came out great although if anyone has any ideas about any changes I would be glad to hear them.

Also the poll results post for 2009 was delayed since I got sick and also because I had to do some graphs for the results, but I will release it today.

Polls: The winner for this poll was Yajima Maimi with 183 votes (37%) so congratulations Maimi! Michishige Sayumi came in second place with 166 votes (34%) and Lin Lin came in third place with 140 votes (29%). There was a total of 489 votes for this poll.

This poll will include Morning Musume member Kamei Eri with Berryz Koubou member’s Tsugunaga Momoko and Sugaya Risako.

Please vote!

Reviews: This section was in standby for a while since I got sick, but I did manage to finish the Chinami PB review today since I was feeling a lot better, and I expect to release it for sure tomorrow (I still need to proofread it and do the review of the Making Of which shouldn’t take much time).

The Kumai Yurina PB review and the review of my 2nd order from H!SU are next in line, and I predict that I will release the H!SU review first since it is half done.

Again sorry for the delay but I will work as hard as I can to make sure they are all released soon.

I will update with more on the Review page.

Shuukan Yoro: It’s the 2nd day in Niigaki’s week about “Coming of Age ceremonies”. The lesson continues with more ceremonies from the many prefectures in Japan.

In this episode we get a chance to see some other ceremonies which feature some interesting stuff such as Kanji tests and bungee jumps (although bungee jumping sounds like fun).

The episode is again more informative than funny but next episode we will get a chance to read some of the girls letters to themeselves 10 years from now.


Hello! Project Poll Results: 2009

8 01 2010

When I started the polls I only had one thing in mind for them: to select the H!P member of the week, and while that was the case it was also interesting to see who would win since it was almost like a small competition between the 3-5 members.

So as the year ended I looked back at all the polls and decided to show everyone what were the results.

Keep in mind that the results are for fun and not to be taken seriously since only a small percentage of people who visit the site vote each week.

The list is kind of long so I put it after the break:

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Guardians 4 – “Going On!” Preview Released

8 01 2010

A preview of Guardians 4’s 4th single titled Going On! has been aired on the new Shugo Chara Party episode.

Pic source: xNiigakiRisax

From the screen shots we get an idea of what to expect to see: Guardians 4 dancing in a house while animals tape the PV, which sounds like a really cute PV.

The set looks incredible and I especially like how they added only yellow and white colors (I’m not counting the brown beams on the ceiling) to the set since it makes the set look as cute as the theme of the PV.

The song is upbeat but somewhat more calm, but it’s still catchy and impressing. The preview is half anime and half Guardians 4, which probably means that we won’t see a preview on Youtube anytime soon (anime is taken down faster than music videos).

The PV itself features the dance shot, close-up shots and also a new shot which has all of the members singing into a microphone (similar to a recording session) which kind of suggests that the theme of the PV is showing everybody how the PV is made (by dancing animals).

Overall I’m impressed with the song since it has a great catchy rhythm, but the PV could have been better if it didn’t have anime in it, but despite the anime in the PV I liked the rest of the PV.

Video uploaded by: 23iyi83

The release date is set for 1/20.

Crunchyroll Link To Preview of Guardians 4 “Going On”

EDIT: Added synched video

Buono – “Our Songs” Preview Released

8 01 2010

A preview for Buono’s 10th single titled Our Songs has been aired on the new Shugo Chara Party episode. Part of the PV also aired:

Pic source: xNiigakiRisax

From the screen shots alone I am very impressed with how it looks, incredibly impressed to say the least.

The costumes have a slight Bravo Bravo look to them which looks great on all of them, although the scenery is one of the best parts since the glass tower, the arcs in the background and the bridge above all give the PV a modern look.

Video uploaded by: Barracuda910

The song is somewhat like Bravo Bravo but more laid back, which actually sounds pretty good. The PV is made up of close-ups and dance shots in two scenes, outside (pics above) and in a studio in front of a wall of different colored cubes.

Overall the PV preview is amazing, the close-ups are interesting since they move along with the person who is singing, and the dance shot is incredible in both of the settings.

I seriously can’t wait to hear and see the rest of the PV since it looks that this could be among Buono’s best.

The release date is set for 2/3.

“Hanbun Esper” Preview Released

8 01 2010

A preview of the Mano Erina-led drama, which will feature Morning Musume and S/mileage, titled Hanbun Esper has been released on Dohhh-UP!.

Video uploaded by: suteinualive2

It’s great to see that Morning Musume and S/mileage members will both be included since it is a great opportunity for them to show of their acting skills.

In the Dohhh-UP preview we get to see quite a few H!P members for example Ai-chan in glasses, Lin Lin in a box, Kamei, S/mileage, and Sayu (Tanaka, Mitsui and Jun Jun will hopefully appear in the whole episode).

Another preview was released a few days back, and while it isn’t that long it does feature some more info about the characters, such as Sayu who (not surprisingly) looks like she will play a self-absorbed cute girl who looks at herself in the mirror.

Video uploaded by: newfuwamix

According to the information on the Dohhh-UP video the drama will start airing on 1/15 at 23:00 (JST).

Dohhh-UP Link To “Hanbun Esper” Preview

C-ute 5th Album Announced, “SHOCKING 5”

8 01 2010

℃-ute 5th Album 「SHOCKING 5」
24 Febuary 2010 Realese
Limited 3,780 Yen (CD+DVD)
Regular 3,150 Yen (CD)

Shigatsu Sengen pv + making

– Bye Bye Bye!
– Shochuu Omimai Moushiagemasu
– EVERYDAY Zekkouchou!!
– 「Zansho Omimai Moshiagemasu.」
– Meiko Koi
– The Party!
– Shigatsu Sengen
– Yume ga Aru kara
– Kimi no Senpou
– Lonely girl’s night

Source: zoomzoom@ H!O

C-ute’s 5th album titled SHOCKING 5 has been announced.

For the most part the title isn’t that surprising since it was almost guaranteed that we would get some kind of reference to their 11th single, the only surprising thing is the tracklist since there are quite a few new tracks.

According to the tracklist Airi is getting two tracks (SHOCK! and Zancho Omimai Moshiagemasu) so if this is the final setlist then Airi fans will probably be excited.

The 12th single maybe confirmed by the release of the tracklist since it is the only track on the album which is getting a new PV, but we will have to wait for an official confirmation to find out.

The rest of the track titles sound interesting, since most likely we are getting both upbeat tracks (The Party! sounds upbeat) and ballads (most likely Lonely Girl’s Night).

It seems that we will be getting about 6 new tracks, although the tracklist might change between now and its release. Overall I’m excited that we are getting a new PV and hopefully the new PV means a new more equally distributed single.

I will update with any confirmation about the album or the possible new single (which might turn out to be only a PV for an album track).

The release date is set for 2/24.