Guardians 4 – “Going On!” Preview Released

8 01 2010

A preview of Guardians 4’s 4th single titled Going On! has been aired on the new Shugo Chara Party episode.

Pic source: xNiigakiRisax

From the screen shots we get an idea of what to expect to see: Guardians 4 dancing in a house while animals tape the PV, which sounds like a really cute PV.

The set looks incredible and I especially like how they added only yellow and white colors (I’m not counting the brown beams on the ceiling) to the set since it makes the set look as cute as the theme of the PV.

The song is upbeat but somewhat more calm, but it’s still catchy and impressing. The preview is half anime and half Guardians 4, which probably means that we won’t see a preview on Youtube anytime soon (anime is taken down faster than music videos).

The PV itself features the dance shot, close-up shots and also a new shot which has all of the members singing into a microphone (similar to a recording session) which kind of suggests that the theme of the PV is showing everybody how the PV is made (by dancing animals).

Overall I’m impressed with the song since it has a great catchy rhythm, but the PV could have been better if it didn’t have anime in it, but despite the anime in the PV I liked the rest of the PV.

Video uploaded by: 23iyi83

The release date is set for 1/20.

Crunchyroll Link To Preview of Guardians 4 “Going On”

EDIT: Added synched video



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