H!P Releases April 29

29 04 2009


  • Yajima Maimi – 17’s (DVD)
  • Buono! – My Boy (Single)
  • Buono! – My Boy (Single+DVD) (Limited Edition)

Three releases today, first a solo DVD by Yajima Maimi, and the other two are Buono’s newest single, let’s start:

17’s is the first solo DVD of Yajima Maimi (C-ute leader), and it features scenes from her new PB titled “17”. I haven’t seen the DVD so I can’t really give a thorough opinion, but from experience I know that they basically follow her around, show PB shoots, then follow her again and that cycle repeats itself some 5 or 6 times (this comes from other solo DVDs, might change a bit in this release).

From the shots on the DVD cover we notice she is outside a lot of the time (the hawaiin-style picture on the top left, the “I saw a UFO there” picture in the bottom left, and the casual but elegant picture in the bottom right), so Yajima fans will be happy about that. I would recommend it for Yajima fans and C-ute fans, mainly because C-ute fans are already used to seeing Yajima in the front during choreagraphy’s.

Buono! – My Boy, this is their 7th single and it seems that they are still going to go for more. This release is the first one to get a PV with a story (a first for H!P, although they are technically still under another label), in it they are trying to infiltrate a base that has cake in it, yeah…but at least the cake has strawberrys which is always a plus. The choreography is somewhat slow, compared to the song which has heavy guitars and beats, that really surprised me, I was expecting something more lively.

The song itself is amazing, the main feature being the heavy beats and guitars (one of the reasons why I decided to buy it, I’ll review it more in depth when I get my copy soon). The covers are a welcome addition, mainly because of the dull covers that we have seen lately (Yajima Maimi’s PB 17 for example), although it looks like they took the cover shots when they were using the Naichau Kamo set. I would recommend this single for all H!P fans who like fast songs, and to all Buono fans of course, this is among the best releases yet, hopefully they can continue this trend with the following single.

Overall there were great releases, next release date includes the long awaited Shouganai Yume Oibito by Morning Musume, and the Single-V for “MY BOY” from Buono.

“Chanpuru ~Happy Marriage Song Shuu~” Cover Album Announced

28 04 2009


Title: Chanpuru~Happy Marriage Song Shuu~
Release Date: July 15th
Catalog Number: EPCE-5645 (Zetima)
Price: 3,150 yen
Tracklist (Original Singer):

1. Sekai wa Futari no Tame ni (Sagara Naomi; 1969)
2. Tentou Chuu no Sanba (Cherish; 1973)
3. Cosmos (Yamaguchi Momoe; 1977)
4. Kanpaku Sengen (Sada Masashi; 1979)
5. Mamotte Agetai (Matsutouya Yumi; 1981)
6. Akai Sweet Pea (Matsuda Seiko; 1982)
7. Diamonds (Princess Princess; 1989) (It’s misspelled on the site but my dollars to doughnuts bet is that this it due to the hiragana spelling and the chronological order)
8. Ai wa Katsu (KAN; 1990)
9. Kimi ga Iru Dake de (Kome Kome Club; 1992)
10. Heya to Y shirt to Watashi (Hiramatsu Eri; 1992)

Source: aisasami @ MM-BBS (who got the information from H!O and JPM, as stated)

Yes, it’s another cover album, but the most impressive thing is the number of members who will sing in the album, 49! Yes that’s right, 49 members from H!P will sing in the album, this is being referred to as a new shuffle unit (it might be units or it might be a shuffle among the members, but we will know when the singer list is announced).

There is a chance that they are only going to include the Japanese Hello! Project and not the Taiwan H!P, mainly because: Morning Musume + Berry Koubou + C-ute + Mano Erina + H!P Eggs (minus the two new Eggs)= 48

Although it is not exactly 49, they might go with “Ice Creamusume + Frances & Aiko” instead of all the Egg’s and just choose some of them, but unfortunately we will have to wait for a singer list from UFA to know for sure. Although it is just a cover album I am really excited about the release, mainly because of the 49 member participation and a slight chance of shuffle units.

The album will be released on July 15, so hopefully they will release the singer list by then (I’ll update if they release), the links below are for the confirmation of the track list and 49 member confirmation.

Yamato-Music (Track list confirmation)

NeoWing (49 Member participation confirmation)

Guardians 4 – Omakase Guardian Cover’s Released

28 04 2009

200900000446001 200900000444001ll

(Left – Normal Edition, Right – Limited Edition, credit to Nayok-Kihara @H!O)

Since the formation of the group many wondered what the covers of the single would look like, well the day has finally come, Pony Canyon has released the covers for the single through its website. I’m sort of impressed, the covers look great, although the Limited Edition looks kind of like the profile picture with the logo on it, plus some feathers. The regular edition reminds me of Renai Revolution 21 for some reason, maybe  because of the glitter they added, but the picture of the group is something we haven’t seen so it’s always welcome.

I really liked the limited edition better, mainly because it looks like everyone is equal, on the regular edition it looks like Sugaya and Mitsui get most of the lines and Nakajima and Yurina are backup singers. The covers makes me wonder what they are going to do with Shugo Chara Egg, hopefully they get at least a picture in the booklet or some other form of appearance in the single.

The links to reserve are in the upcoming releases page and the release of this single is on May 27, so we still have a month to wait, but at least now we can safely choose which version we want to buy.


Single-V Cover Released


I find it kind of strange that Nakajima has to get close to Risako to prevent getting cut off, and that Yurina is overlapping the border of the cover. The Single V is released on 6/10, so if you liked the PV (most people either like it or don’t) or you like the song then I suggest you buy it.

Fujimoto Miki In Japan Festa 2009

27 04 2009


Fujimoto is set to perform in Japan Festa in Bangkok, which will occur in August (credit to lovemusic @ H!O for the info). The information right now is kind of scarce, all we know is that she will perform sometime in August in Bangkok, and that is pretty much it, hopefully we can get some more info as time passes.

It’s great to see that she is also one of those Elder Club members who is doing something, apart from getting married. Those of you who are Miki fans might consider going to this, mainly because it might not occur again (most likely it will, but you never know). Hopefully she can perform some of her solo songs, or maybe she will get a new single by that time, but all we can do now is guess. The link below is from the coordinators blog about the event (I guess, my Japanese isn’t that great), so if you know Japanese you might want to check on that entry, let’s hope she has success, good luck Mikitty!


SWEET BLACK feat. MAKI GOTO – “with…” PV Released

27 04 2009

Goto Maki’s third single with SWEET BLACK has been released. The song is a mix of ballad and rap sounds, so fans of her who miss the H!P Goto might be glad. The song itself is kind of repetitive, I got bored and started jumping around the video and everywhere I did that there was the same beat and voice sounds, which impressed me, mainly because I thought they might add some sort of variation.

The PV is like the new H!P releases, it has a story, which this time includes a “friend” of her, although it grows kind of boring after a while. It’s great that Goto is doing so well with her career, but we can’t really consider her to be a solo artist until she goes…well, solo, so hopefully they can give her a release with only her name on the title. Meanwhile here is the PV:

Takahashi, Niigaki, Tanaka and LinLin Arrive In Korea

27 04 2009

Left to Right: Tanaka Reina, Niigaki Risa, LinLin (the girl in white waving behind Takahashi), and Takahashi Ai

Takahashi Ai, Niigaki Risa, Tanaka Reina, and Lin Lin arrived today in Korea to for the audition preparations. They have apparently already met with 2PM members ChanSung and JunHo, which will be the MCs for the audition, which is now called DaeDong Kyung Youths.

Other members of H!P are expected to appear sometime during now and the end of the auditions, so expect to see Berryz Koubou and C-ute get involved somehow (apart from Shimizu and Yajima visiting some months ago). UFA requested that no pictures be taken by fans, so that is why there is a relatively small number of photos of them arriving.

Thanks to Nayok-Kihara @ H!O for the info.


Hopefully Niigaki can practice her Korean while she is there, and maybe she could teach the other girls a few words. For those of you who wonder what bags Niigaki and Tanaka are carrying they are a Coach handbag for Niigaki, and a Louis Vuitton for Tanaka (I have no idea what that is, being a guy and all, but I thought I might as well include it, credit for Aim Aim @ H!O for the info).

The audition is set to air in mid-May so Korean fans be sure to be on the lookout for the airings, meanwhile we international fans will have to wait for them to appear on H!O. Below is the link to the news story (in Korean), and there is also two links to fan videos of them arriving at the airport (not really that long but at least we get to see them for a few seconds, credit to aewen for the videos)

News Story (In Korean)

Fan Video 1

Fan Video 2

Takahashi Ai – Watashi PB Preview

25 04 2009


I don’t normally post about images from PBs, not sure why, but I usually don’t, but Takahashi’s 10th PB is something to get excited about, not only because she is cute, but because it is a landmark, she has become the first H!P member to release 10 PBs! Great work Takahashi, hope you can bring us many more (after Chinami gets one). Anyway a preview has come out with her doing  cute pose, which is probably a random photo or the cover, most likely it is just a random photo.

I really like the way Takahashi came out on the preview, the PB is the usual casual clothes and bikini release, and you can kind of guess that they will release one of each to promote. I still have a bit of hope that they might make the cover interesting, but like always they always end up making it look like a Nobel Prize best seller, hopefully this isn’t the case with this release. The heart shape she does with her hands is cute, which really shows that despite being mature she still has a cute side, although I can’t express my thoughts on the other slightly suggestive picture on the right.

The release comes with a DVD, which probably features the making of the PB, so if you are a Takahashi fan then I suggest you buy it, not many H!P members release 10 PBs so it’s great to have at least the newest one. Links to buy are in the upcoming releases page, the release date is 5/25, so it’s almost a month away, but it’s never too early to preorder.

Random H!P Vol 8

25 04 2009

It’s time again for this weeks Random H!P post, like always I will start with stuff about the weekly poll, news about the site and then the video (kind of repetitive, but it’s better than the annoying “site updates” right?). Thanks for participating again in the poll, there was great feedback, the winner by a landslide was Kusumi Koharu (almost half of the votes went to her, congratulations), next poll will be of Berryz Koubou (half of them).

Site news: I couldn’t do any profiles, mainly because my laptop broke down during the week, and because I have to study for finals at my school. I do have tomorrow free, so I hope I can finish the H!P Egg’s tomorrow and maybe squeeze in some other members. I was kind of late on the posts (you might have noticed) mainly because of the laptop problem, it seems to have been fixed so I can hopefully post normally, that was the only setback, everything should go fine from now on.

OK, on to the video, this weeks video comes from Sanshin3, again, mainly because I thought that this video was also great and I didn’t want to leave it unwatched. The video is from when Morning Musume visited FUN when they divided temporarily into Sakura-Gumi and Otome-Gumi, and it features two games which are very entertaining. The highlights of the video are Kamei, Niigaki and Tsuji, and you’ll soon find out why (Kamei’s messup is the funniest one of the three). Next week I’ll find something from another user, to keep the videos varied, anyway here is the video:

New C-ute Single “Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu “

24 04 2009


“Maimi said on her radio show, °C-ute’s next single in June is a cover song from 70’s trio, Candies, called “Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu.””

Source: Nayok-Kihara @ H!O

The information was released earlier today but…I fell asleep. Anyway, the next single will be a cover, just like Pepper Keibu and Dschinghis Khan, which means that with this release the big three (Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou and C-ute) have all released covers of another groups songs (well, actually C-ute’s Edo no Temari was a cover of another song, although not exactly, so I’m not sure if it counted).

Hopefully Kanna will be back for this single, but as of now there is no official statement regarding this, so we will have to wait and see. The song is lively and very C-ute sounding when it was covered by SweetS (link below), so hopefully they can follow that sound. There is no release date, but that will probably be released later, here is the cover by SweetS, and for good measure I threw in the original (thanks to Nayok-Kihara for the links), enjoy!

SweetS Cover of “Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu”

Original Version by Candies

H!P Releases April 24

24 04 2009


  • Yajima Maimi – 17 (Photobook)

Like the other day there is only one release, this time it’s Yajima Maimi’s new PB, “17”:

This release was kind of strange, not because of the PB, but because of the release date. Amazon had the release date on 4/18, but YesAsia had it on 4/24, so I decided to go with the 4/24 (mainly because I forgot that it was released earlier by Amazon).

The PB features Yajima Maimi, who not suprisingly just turned 17 (hence the creative title). I can’t really say I am a Yajima fan, but the pictures from the PB look great. From the scans I have seen they really tried their hardest to make her look mature, which really works out well, hopefully they can continue this with Suzuki’s PB.

The title, as I had referenced before, is slightly uncreative and kind of generic, like the cover which is simple but elegant, but kind of boring. Nonetheless the release is great, there is a lot of Yajima Maimi for fans, so if you are one of them please buy it. The DVD for this release will be available on 4/29, which is creatively titled “17s”.

Sorry for the short review, there is nothing more I can write about it, but please buy the PB if you are a Yajima fan, links are in the Upcoming Releases page, and down below is a statement by Yajima about her PB (with some previews) via Dohhh-Up, enjoy!