Morning Musume Alo Hello! 2010 PB Cover Released

31 05 2010

The cover for Morning Musume’s PB titled Alo Hello! Morning Musume 2010 has been released.

I have to admit that I really like the cover since not only do we get a chance to see the girls in cute bikini’s but we also get a chance to see the great scenery of a Hawaiian beach to complement.

On the cover we see Sayu, Ai-chan, Reina, and Kamei in the front row each wearing really cute bikini’s (Sayu obviously stands out to me the most but Kamei’s bikini looks great as well).

On the back row we have Lin Lin, Aika, Niigaki, and Jun Jun and even though I have gotten used to seeing Jun Jun and Lin Lin in the back I was somewhat surprised to see that Gaki was put in the back also.

Despite that everyone looks incredible, and since it is an Alo Hello! PB the main focus will probably be on bikini’s and the beach, so hopefully everyone who is interested buys a copy since it will be a great addition along with the DVD.

The release date is set for 6/9.

Former C-ute Member Arihara Kanna Has Opened A Blog

31 05 2010

Former C-ute member Arihara Kanna has opened up her own Ameba blog.

After continously appearing in Umeda’s blog I’m glad to see that she has finally decided to open up one of her own so that her fans can keep up with her and her daily life, and even though it is still brand new (with only an introduction post) it will hopefully become popular soon.

An interesting thing to note is that the pictures used in her header as well as the overall design are a bit too professional for a personal blog, so it is safe to say that Kanna is part of another agency, although for the moment we have no idea which one.

Hopefully more details are revealed about what her current job is and even though she will most likely not post as frequently as other H!P members, it will be interesting to see what she does and how she spends her day now that she is no longer a part of H!P.

Official Arihara Kanna Blog

Niigaki Risa’s New Blog Design Revealed

30 05 2010

Niigaki Risa has revealed her new blog design today.

As expected most of the new design is green (her member color in Momusu) and I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised to see how great the overall theme looks since there are many colors as well as balloons with the number 21 on them (her age) as well as stars, birds, butterflies and confetti (which all match with her Genki personality).

Even though the title for her blog is somewhat long I love it since the title Nee Nee…Chotto Kiite nano da sounds cute and when it is in the middle of two pictures of Gaki (with long and short hair) it sounds and looks even cuter.

Congratulations Gaki on your new design and hopefully everyone visit your blog more often to read your great posts.

Official Niigaki Risa Blog

S/mileage 1st Live Tour Announced

30 05 2010

According to a recent blog entry by Ogawa Saki, S/mileage will be having their first live tour during October. She revealed three dates (October 9, 23, 30) as well as the venues were the concerts will be held.

I’m glad to see that S/mileage finally have their first solo tour this fall and even though it seems that they will only have 3 performance dates (the number of performances haven’t been specified) it is a great start for their 1st tour.

The dates have yet to be confirmed by UFA but if a S/mileage member posts it then it most likely is true since managers usually check their posts before they publish them, so hopefully all S/mileage fans can go and support the members.

The performance times and more details about the tour will probably be revealed in the upcoming weeks by UFA, so hopefully they get as many performances as possible to promote their upcoming 2nd single (or probably their 3rd or even 4th if UFA is releasing singles in the same way as Mano during her debut).

The following dates were announced by Ogawa Saki:

  • 10/9 Club Diamond Hall (Aichi)
  • 10/23 Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall (Tokyo)
  • 10/30 Nanba Hatch (Osaka)

Ogawa Saki Blog Post About S/mileage’s First Tour

Former Country Musume Member Kimura Asami Opens A Blog

30 05 2010

Former Country Musume member Kimura Asami has opened up an Ameblo blog.

The blog seems to have been open for quite some time now since the first entry appears to have been made on May 8, and while it is fairly recent I am glad that a fan found it since it’s great to have some indication of what former members are up to after they graduate.

From her first post we can see that she is working with animals which is great to see since she mentioned in her graduation speech that she wanted to pursue a career involving animals, and although it isn’t clear whether she is a veterinarian or an assistant she seems to be having fun and loves her job.

As for the design of her blog, she doesn’t seem to have any banner and instead she has a more simple “asami0821-san no Blog” as the title which is somewhat expected for a casual blog:

Her blog will most likely be an interesting way to find out more about her and while she doesn’t seem to post that much (compared to Mano, Sayu or Reina) it will be fun to find out about her career with animals.

Official Kimura Asami Blog

Morning Musume – “Seishun Collection” PV Released

29 05 2010

The PV for Morning Musume’s 43rd single titled Seishun Collection has been released during a live rehearsal of their play Fashionable on NICO NICO.

The PV features many various scenes including a dance shot on a soccer field, a scene of them sitting around a sofa in a lightly colored room, a close-up shot of them with the background of the sofa shot, a scene of them standing around some stairs, jumping in slow motion, as well as a shot of them holding up handmade signs.

I absolutely loved everything about the PV, from the calm dance on the soccer field to the cute scenes of the members holding hands and jumping in slow motion. Each and every scene fit the song perfectly and even though there could have been more exciting scenes I feel that this PV required the slow but happy scenes to go along with the song.

The costumes, as many know, are a very brightly colored blue and green which actually match the soccer field they are dancing in and it results in a great dance shot. They might be a bit distracting sometimes because of how bright the costumes are but overall I think they looked great when mixed with the song.

The dance was a bit simple and calm and that was expected since the song is an upbeat ballad, but nevertheless the dance moves were performed perfectly and each member did their part to make the dance shot part of the PV one of the best.

The jumping shots were a bit unique since they only feature the girls jumping in front of the camera but it fit the uplifting mood of the song perfectly. The shot of them standing near the top of some stairs was cute and while it was a bit confusing I loved how the calm background around them made them stand out even more.

The shot of them holding the signs was probably the highlight of the second half of the PV for many reasons, the first being how cute the signs looked since they were each drawn by the members (you can tell by Reina’s drawing of herself on her sign). The second reason is that the signs feature cute messages, such as Arigato or Suki, and even though we can’t tell exactly what all the signs say they match the personality of each member since they are all happy and uplifting.

The first time the shot begins we only see them standing calmly but the next shot features them smiling with their shot, after which we get a scene of the signs laying on the ground at the end of the PV.

Overall I loved all of the scenes of the PV since they fit the upbeat but calm feeling of the PV and even though the costumes might have been a bit too bright they fit in perfectly with the scenes of them against the blue sky and the green grass.

Hopefully the single receives some great promotion since the single is an incredible upbeat ballad with a great PV which shows of each one of the members in happy and calm shots.

The release date is set for 6/9.

Morning Musume – Seishun Collection

Video uploaded by: 21gaki3desu

Mano Erina Not Attending AX

29 05 2010

According to a Twitter update by MAX (the company that is currently arranging Mano’s movie debut in the US) Mano Erina will no longer be appearing at AX:

Apart from the Twitter update they also posted this on the MAX Facebook:

MAX Club LA Erina Mano’s film will no longer be screened at AX.However, the World Premiere of KAI-KI: TALES OF TERROR FROM TOKYO held on July 1, 2010. Mano-chan will be attending TWO, not just the one originally planned, screenings (noon and 3:00 pm) where she will be meeting all of you, hosting a Q&A session and performing a mini-concert on the world class stage of Club Nokia! Tickets on sale now at

This has yet to be confirmed by AX but since the only indication that AX gave about Mano was a quick mention on a live webcam show it was somewhat expected that her appearance wasn’t yet confirmed, and while it might be a bit disappointing that she won’t go to AX (not that much) I am glad that she will still go to LA and perform in two mini-lives.

It seems a bit weird that she is coming for only one day but hopefully she stays a few days more and enjoys LA or if UFA wants to she could even uses the opportunity to record a “Mano in LA” DVD, but even though she only has a one day planned appearance I hope we get to hear more news about her trip soon.

Hopefully many fans go and support Mano and while AKB48 will be playing less than a block away I hope that her second show is full of devoted Mano fans cheering her on during her performances.

Mano Erina will appear at Club Nokia on July 1 at the following times:

  • 1st Show (July 1, 2010; noon-2:30 pm): $20.00 U.S. (includes Film, Q&A & Mini-Concert)
  • 2nd Show (July 1, 2010; 3:00 pm-5:30 pm): $15.00 U.S. (includes Film, Q&A & Mini-Concert)