Shibata Ayumi-1st Mini Album Titled Changed To “Natural” & Released Date Postponed

6 06 2011

Shibata Ayumi’s 1st mini album title has changed to “Natural” and the release date is being postponed.

The title was originally All but is now changed to Natural, there’s no reason listed as to why the title was changed but either title would’ve been fine. Though I like Natural a little bit more since it hints that she’ll be natural, she won’t be digitalized or edited of any sort.

The release date has also been postponed and no reason was given for it either but I’m thinking since the title changed they may also be changing something in the tracklist.

Unfortunately a new release date hasn’t been announced and CDJapan is the only place that has the listing up. Other sites have removed the listing so we don’t know how much longer the album will be postponed for.

I’m not a big fan of Shibata Ayumi and I don’t follow her too often but I hope everything goes well for her since this is her 1st mini album and her 1st time working solo. Hopefully it will be released and everyone can support Shibata Ayumi by purchasing a copy.

CDJapan Listing


Shibata Ayumi’s “ALL” Will Be A Mini Album

16 05 2011

  1. believe
  2. Genki
  4. Himawari
  5. Omoide no Yukue
  6. YOU&I
  7. Untitled


According to CDJournal, Shibata Ayumi’s recently announced release titled ALL will be a mini-album, and not a single.

This was confirmed by HMV.

We first found out about Ayumi releasing her first material since her graduation from H!P, UFA, and Melon Kinenbi back in late April, and while most of us thought it was a single I am glad to see that we get a confirmation that we will be getting a mini album instead since that means fans can enjoy more songs from Ayumi.

So far we have 7 confirmed songs, but it seems that there will be quite a bit more according to HMV (they mention 8 more, but most likely it’s one or two) which is great news since we can expect to see a pretty full mini album release from Ayumi, which will allow us to check out what kind of sound and genre she will go after now that she is with a new label.

The title’s sound pretty interesting since most of them seem to hint at a ballad sound (believe, LOVE ME MORE, and YOU&I sound like good ballad names) although there are a few which might refer to a more upbeat sound (Genki for example), but it’s safe to say that Ayumi will try a bit of everything since this is her first release but we might see her lean towards one genre.

For now we have no clear idea what to expect from Ayumi but I hope we get a chance to hear some previews since her album will be released in a little bit over a month, so hopefully we get previews, cover, or other things that can help us find out what to expect.

Hopefully Ayumi fans have reserved their copy of the album since it seems like this release will be a great one.

The release date is set for 7/6.

CDJournal Site For Ayumi’s 1st Solo Release

HMV Site For Ayumi’s 1st Solo Release

Shibata Ayumi’s 1st Solo Single Announced, Titled “ALL”

22 04 2011

Shibata Ayumi’s 1st solo single titled ALL has been announced.

It will be released in both Regular and Limited editions.

Like most of you might remember it has been quite a while since we last heard from Ayumi, the last mention of her being the news that she had joined the agency Trick Function back in July of last year after leaving UFA to be a solo singer, but I’m glad to hear that almost one year after she joined she will release her first single.

The title doesn’t offer much info about what to expect so we have no idea what kind of single she will be releasing, but I hope we get more info in the next few weeks since this news is pretty exciting for all Ayumi fans.

I look forward to hearing a preview or seeing the covers for this single, but since the single is still quite a few months ago we will most likely have to wait a bit more until we get a few more details about this single.

The release date is set for 7/6.

Shinseido Site For Ayumi’s 1st Single – Regular

Shinseido Site For Ayumi’s 1st Single – Limited

Shibata Ayumi Leaves UFA

14 07 2010

Shibata Ayumi has left UFA and joined another agency titled Trick Function where she will now be a solo singer.

Along with the news of her moving to another agency is the news that she has opened an official Ameba blog as well:

Shibata Ayumi: Official Blog “Powerded” by Ameburo

I’m happy to see that she will start a career as a solo singer since it will give us a chance to listen to her sing once again, and while it may be a bit sad that she has left UFA it will be very interesting to see what kind of solo songs she sings in the future.

From the blog we can tell that she has decided to go with a darker hair color, which looks great on her, and even though we don’t have much info about what style she will sing it will be fun to find out when an announcement appears.

For now the Trick Function site doesn’t offer much information since the only artist listed for now is Ayumi, and it is somewhat strange since the company says it started in March 21, 2008. The company also lists that it is looking for new artists but apart from that the only other section of importance seems to be that it owns a fashion label called Butterfly.

Hopefully we get more information soon about Ayumi’s solo career but meanwhile I advise all Ayumi fans to follow her official Twitter and blog to find out more about her new career (I will continue to update about her as well).

So far 3 out of the 4 members of Melon Kinenbi have started new careers: Ootani Masae has started performing in plays, Megumi has started a new solo career in UFA, and Ayumi has begun a solo career as well under a new agency Trick Function, so hopefully we get some information soon about Saito Hitomi so we can find out what she will do after Melon Kinenbi.


Shibata Ayumi Twitter

Shibata Ayumi Ameba Blog

Official H!P Announcement About Ayumi Leaving UFA

Shibata Ayumi Leaves Gatas Brillhantes H.P.

11 05 2010

Shibata Ayumi has left the Gatas Brillhantes H.P. futsal team.

It was somewhat expected that there was the possibility of her leaving the team after Melon Kinenbi disbanded and not surprisingly it was just announced with a video from UFA’s Youtube account as well as a mention on the Gatas Brillhantes H.P. site.

The video features their last practice session with Ayumi as well as a heart-warming speech from Ayumi at the end (I have no idea what she said but Korenaga cried so it was probably a great speech).

Upon seeing them practice you can tell that they are all great futsal players so I wish the team good luck as well as Ayumi with her future plans!

Gatas Brillhantes H.P. Last Practice With Ayumi

Video uploaded by: upfrontchannel

Official Ayumi Message On Gatas Brillhantes Site