Suzuki Airi, Nakajima Saki And Hagiwara Mai To Appear At “Japan Girls Meeting”

6 05 2011

It was announced that 3 C-ute members, Suzuki Airi, Nakajima Saki and Hagiwara Mai will make an appearance at this year’s Japan Girls Meeting.

From what I understand, this meeting is a sort of fashion show where Japanese girls can come and check out all the latest trends in clothes and accessories, see models walk in special outfits and such, which seems an important event and a really interesting one for all Japanese girls.

Airi, Nakky and Maimai have been announced as “Guests” and on the site’s main page, they are placed under the “Guest Models” section along with other various female artists, which is something really special for the girls who will be able to walk in different outfits, model, and have fun during those 2 days.

Overall, I’m really happy about this announcement since it will give more exposure for the girls and hopefully they will enjoy their time there.

The show will take place on 5/21 – 22.

Nakky and Maimai will be attending on both days on Stages 1 and 2 while Airi will only attend on 5/21 on Stages 1 and 2.

Japan Girls Meeting Official Site

Hagiwara Mai – “Mizuiro” DVD Digest Released

4 05 2011

The digest for Hagiwara Mai’s e-Hello! DVD title Mizuiro (Light Blue) has been released on C-ute’s official channel.

I have to say that I was very impressed with the preview as a whole since we got to see a more mature image of Mai who combined cute and sexy perfectly during the many scenes in the preview.

The preview starts off with a schoolgirl look in uniform where Mai is next to a blossoming tree and looks sweetly at the camera followed by a shot in a house setting where she is wearing the outfit that we saw in the promotional image (white shirt, cute skirt and heels), posing next to a wall while looking then smiling at the camera, a scene where she is holding a colored cup of tea wearing the same outfit.

The second half of the preview starts with a scene of Maimai in a very cute small blue dress with a black skirt and heels, her hair being in a high bun that suits her so well where she is sitting on the floor next to a white table, then we see a close-up of her. The last scene features Mai in pink and white dotted pyjamas sleeping at first then slowly waking up to pose next to an open window.

Overall, I really liked the preview and encourage everyone to watch it and support Maimai by reserving a copy.

The DVD is set for pre-order from now until 5/11.

e-Lineup page about product

Hagiwara Mai – e-Hello! DVD Tiled “Mizuiro”

2 05 2011

The title for Hagiwara Mai’s previously announced e-Hello! DVD has been revealed to be Mizuiro (Light Blue).

With the title, we got to see the promotional image updated on the e-Lineup site which shows Maimi in a blue and pink room wearing a cute white shirt and looking cutely while smiling at the camera, and this picture should be from one of the scenes included in the DVD.

As for the title, I have to say that I really like it since Maimai has always been known as the “baby” of the group being the youngest and at the time, smallest, and I really like how it sounds since light blue somewhat a baby color which goes well with Mai’s personality.

Hopefully a digest will be out soon in C-ute’s official channel to see a preview of the many scenes included in the DVD.

The DVD is set for pre-order from 5/2 till 5/11.

e-Lineup page about product

Hagiwara Mai e-Hello DVD Announced

14 04 2011

Hagiwara Mai’s e-Hello DVD, currently untitled, has been announced by a tweet from C-ute’s manager.

It’s really great to see that the 3rd C-ute member to get an e-Hello DVD turned out to be Mai since apart from her 1st solo DVD and PB, fans didn’t get much to see from her, so it should be pretty interesting to see how much she changed and how well she interacts with the camera.

Weirdly enough, it turns out that they are keeping Airi’s release still far from now which is intreeguing since she is one of the most popular members, and even though we don’t know if it’s a merchandising strategy or because of her upcoming solo releases, I’m happy for Maimai since she deserves it and gives a chance for fans to see her again in a solo release.

Although we don’t have many informations, I’m excited to see what kind of theme her DVD will have since each release so far has been well coordinated with the members personality and each had a very unique setting.

Hopefully we’ll get to see the e-Lineup page for the product up soon to check out the promotional image.

The release date is set for somewhere in June.

C-ute’s manager’s tweet about news

Bijo Gaku Vol 3 & 4 DVD Announced

20 12 2010

Bijo Gaku’s 3rd and 4th DVD volumes have been announced.

I’m glad to see that after the first two volumes for the series were announced we get a chance to find out when the next two volumes will be released since it gives fans of the series a chance to check out the episodes again in DVD.

It seems that the 3rd volume will feature Mano content since she seems to be the only H!P member on the cover, while the 4th volume will feature Maimi, Sayu, Mitsui, Maimai, Captain, Kamei, Jun Jun, and Kumai, which is great since we get to see another exclusive DVD with one member and another with the groups doing various activites.

Hopefully fans of the series reserve their copy of the DVD since it seems like a great way for fans to enjoy the episodes once again.

The release date is set for 2/2.

E-Lineup Page For Bijo Gaku Vol 3

E-Lineup Page For Bijo Gaku Vol 4

Hagiwara Mai – “Hagiwara Mai in Hachijo-jima” Preview Released

15 10 2009

A preview of Hagiwara Mai’s 1st solo DVD titled Hagiwara Mai in Hachijo-jima has been released on Dohhh-UP.

The preview features scenes of Maimai fishing, playing Edo no Temari II on Wadaiko, and many scenes of the Making Of her PB. For the most part the preview was great (although slightly calm), and I really liked how they let Maimai do interesting stuff like play Wadaiko to C-ute songs.

My favorite part from the DVD would have to be when she caught the fish, and even though I doubt she caught 5 fish it is still great to see her try something new.  For the most part I really liked the preview, and hopefully the overall DVD doesn’t disappoint fans who are hoping for a great release.

The solo DVD is set for release on 10/21.

Dohhh-UP Link To Maimai’s Solo DVD Preview

Hagiwara Mai – “Hagiwara Mai in Hachijo-jima” Solo DVD Cover Released

14 10 2009

Hagiwara Mai - Hagiwara Mai in Hachijo-jima DVD Cover 1634

The cover for Hagiwara Mai’s 1st solo DVD titled Hagiwara Mai in Hachijo-jima has been released. The picture they used for the cover looks great, especially since it only has Maimai sitting and smiling at the camera.

The title looks somewhat simple, but I really like how they combined the yellow Kanji and the white English to make it look elegant. Overall I would say it is simple but effective and a great cover for Maimai’s first solo DVD.

Since we are so close to the release date we will most likely get a preview of the solo DVD soon (hopefully they don’t focus that much on the bikini shots).

The DVD is set for release on 10/21. Page For Hagiwara Mai’s Solo DVD