Kitahara Sayaka – “Yappa Seishun” Tracklist Released

30 04 2011

  1. Yappa Seishun
  2. Gamushara
  3. Yappa Seishun (Instrumental)
  4. Gamushara (Instrumental)

The tracklist for Kitahara Sayaka’s debut single as the character Sorano Aoi titled Yappa Seishun has been released.

I was a bit surprised to see that they will include the instrumentals for both songs since it seems like a nice bonus for fans to enjoy, and since the single will be aimed at fans of the series (who are in the younger ages) it is a great way for them to sing along with the song.

Most of the single was expected, but I am happy to see that the title of the b-side was released since we can find out what the single will be like, and the title is very interesting since it means something along the lines of Reckless which fits in with the theme of the anime, although it will be very interesting to see if it will have a fast paced theme since the title seems to suggest that.

Berryz Koubou got a chance to do many various singles with Inazuma Eleven, so I hope we get to see Sayaka do a few more as well although I am curious to see if she will have a regular solo career like Mano and Kikka have in the future.

Hopefully we find out soon since it seems that this single will be an amazing release.

The release date is set for 6/22.

CDJournal Site For Kitahara Sayaka’s Debut Single

Abe Natsumi To Appear In The Drama Adaptation For “Arakawa Under The Bridge”

30 04 2011

Abe Natsumi will be in a drama adaptation of the romantic comedy manga and anime titled Arakawa Under the Bridge.

A movie has also been decided for 2012. Nacchi will play the character named “P-ko”:

While I haven’t read the manga or seen the anime I did like the brief glimpses I got to see from Google since they gave me a chance to check out Abe’s character, and as most of us can tell she does a pretty good job of looking like the character while doing a cute pose.

I’m not sure if she will be in the movie as well or if the movie will be animated but I hope that we get to see Nacchi in it since she does a pretty god job of acting, but we will most likely find out just how well she will do once we see the drama this summer.

Hopefully Nacchi fans can get a chance to see the drama and check out the movie once they are released.

The movie will be released this 2012 and the drama will be released this summer on TBS. Article About Nacchi in Arakawa Under The Bridge

“Taishou Roman Haikara Tantei Aoi Ruby Satsujinjiken” Stage Play Flyer Released

30 04 2011

A flyer for Tanaka Reina’s Gekiharo play titled Taishou Roman Haikara Tantei Aoi Ruby Satsujinjiken (Eng: Taisho Romance of the Stylish Detective King Blue Ruby Murder Case) has been released.

Sudou Maasa and Shimizu Saki are also in the play.

While I’m not that sure what the theme of the play is I have to admit that I am very interested in finding out since the image of Reina wearing a colorful outfit along with a giant Tsuji-sized bow riding a bicycle is pretty unique, and along with Captain holding a pair of handcuffs and Maasa dressed in a white outfit it seems that this play will be very interesting to see.

Since most flyers have the same layout featuring the actors in order of importance it seems that Captain and Maasa will play an important role in the play, although we will have to wait and find out for ourselves once the play starts.

Hopefully fans who are in the area can make it to the play since it seems like the story will be pretty unique (with a title that includes the words Stylish Detective Kin Blue Ruby Murder Case it is almost guaranteed that the theme will be anything but predictable).

The play will run from 6/29 ~ 7/3 at the following times:

  • 6/29 – 19:00
  • 6/30 – 14:30 / 19:00
  • 7/1 – 14:30 / 19:00
  • 7/2 – 11:00 / 14:30 / 18:00
  • 7/3 – 11:00 / 14:30 / 18:00

Official H!P Announcement About Stage Play

Maeda Yuki – “Busan Hatsu” Cover Released

30 04 2011

The cover for Maeda Yuki’s new single titled Busan Hatsu has been released.

The cover features Maeda standing in front of what appears to be the sea and a coast picture with an elegant blue theme around the center where Maeda poses while looking downwards, and while it might be a bit too simple I liked the way it came out since it matches the Enka theme that the single will most likely have.

The title for the single is in white letters on the side of the single, which is somewhat standard for most singles, and while it might not impress that much I did like the addition of the light streak under the letters since it added a bit of variety to the cover.

Overall the cover is most likely not the best I have seen but it is still pretty good for Maeda since it matches the soft style of Enka she is known for, and along with a simple theme it adds a subtle but elegant touch that makes the single stand out.

The release date is set for 5/25.

Official UFA Page for Maeda Yuki’s Single

“Keitai Deka The Movie 3: Morning Musume Kyuushutsu Daisakusen! ~Pandora no Hako no Himitsu” DVD Announced

30 04 2011

A DVD for Morning Musume’s movie Keitai Deka The Movie 3: Morning Musume Kyuushutsu Daisakusen! ~Pandora no Hako no Himitsu has been announced.

There will be two editions, the standard edition and a premium edition featuring an original strap, Making Of footage, and stage greeting footage.

It seems that this will be the DVD for the movie instead of the making of that we saw some time ago, which is great since we will finally be able to see the movie which was shown in theaters a few months ago and fans all over the world will be able to enjoy the movie from their home.

Since some fans have already seen the movie it should be a great way to enjoy it once again, and since there will be a premium edition fans will be able to enjoy extra footage as well as some extras to enjoy, although the price might be a bit too high for most (the premium edition will cost three times as much).

Hopefully everyone who is interested in the movie buys the DVD (at least the standard edition) since it’s a great way to enjoy this interesting tie in for Morning Musume.

The release date is set for 8/2.

Happinet Page For Morning Musume’s Movie DVD – Standard Edition

Happinet Page For Morning Musume’s Movie DVD – Premium Edition

C-ute Concert Tour 2011 Spring ~Chou! Chou Wonderful Tour~ Setlist Released

30 04 2011

The setlist for C-ute’s spring 2011 concert tour titled ℃-ute Concert Tour 2011 Haru ~Chou! Chou Wonderful Tour~ has been released.


01 Midnight Temptation
02 Forever Love
– Member introduction – VTR (LALALA Shiawase no Uta)
04 Momoiro Sparkling
– MC 1
05 3ban hoomu 3ryoume
06 Wakaretakunai
07 Kiss me Aishiteru
– MC 2: Maimi, Nakky, Mai
08 Zanshou Omimai Moshiagemasu (Suzuki Airi Solo)
09 Hare no Platinum Doori (Nakajima Saki Solo)
10 Saikoukyuu no Enjoy Girls (Okai Chisato Solo; Backdancers: Airi, Mai)
11 Circle
12 Rururururu
– MC 3: Chisato
13 Shigatsu Sengen (Hagiwara Mai Solo)
14 Everyday Zekkouchou!! (Yajima Maimi Solo; Backdancers: Nakky, Mai)
15 That’s the Power
16 Bokura no Kagayaki
– Costume change
17 Campus Life
18 Chou Wonderful (with a dance solo for each member)
19 Dance de Bakoon!
20 Seishun Song


21 Kore Ijou Kirawaretakunai no
– MC 4
22 Iza, Susume ! Steady Go!

Credits: Kam3leon @ JPC

The tracklist overall looks very promising and interesting since we get to see a nice variety of songs, but mostly their newest songs as well as many album songs, and the nice touch should be that each girl has a solo in this concert as well as the performance of the “lead” songs in their recent album which will probably make all fans happy because of the fair line distribution.

Also to note the backup dances, and dance solos that each member will get to do during the song Chou! Wonderful which is really nice since it reminds us of how well C-ute are known and are good at dancing since their concerts usually have many interesting choreographies.

Overall, I’m sure that all fans who are attending will enjoy the concert since it is a grouping of great songs from C-ute (and they will perform Momoiro Sparkling for the first time live).

Shuukan Yoro! Vol 89

29 04 2011

Site News: There was a small break from work on the site this week due to an unforeseen situation (I didn’t have internet from Wednesday until today at home), and due to that most of the work I could do was restricted to school which meant I only had about 1 hour or so to work on it.

I plan on catching up tonight as much as I can (I have the Upcoming Releases section open and I’m working on it) so there should be more updates in the next few hours, although I will have a few exams next week I will have to study for since it is the last week of school before final exams.

As for the profile section, I already checked out all of the profiles at school and I made a small list of updates I will do (mostly moving Ice Creamusume and Kamei to the inactive and graduated section, updating the Egg section, including moving Kikka and Sayaka to the solo section, adding pages for UFZS and other groups such as Lilpri, etc).

So please look forward to an updated Upcoming Releases section (this time for sure) as well as other updates I hopefully plan to do.

Polls: The winner for this poll was Mitsui Aika with 393 votes (41%), congratulations Mitsui! Kikkawa Yuu came in second with 317 votes (33%), and Mano Erina came in third with 260 votes (27%).

There was a total of 970 votes for this poll.

Congratulations Mitsui!

The results were a bit surprising since I never expected to see that Kikka, who hasn’t debuted yet, would win over Mano, but despite that I am happy to see that Mitsui won this poll and that the rest of the members had pretty good results.

Mano hasn’t won a poll yet (she usually places 3rd in most of her polls), which is disappointing although I hope to see that increase once we get a preview for her new single, and even though Kikka hasn’t debuted yet we will most likely see her numbers increase as fans get to know her more and more, but despite that congratulations to Mitsui!

Next poll will feature Tanaka Reina, Nakajima Saki, and Maeda Yuuka, and while Reina has an advantage over the others I am a bit curious to see how Yuuka will do in this poll since she is among the popular members of S/mileage, as well as Nakky who has a solid fan base which might help her, although I hope everyone can vote so we can find out next week who will be the next member of the week!

I can’t open up the program I usually use to make images so unfortunately there won’t be any “VS” image this week until I can fix it, but I will update the post once I do.

Just a reminder for those who don’t vote: If you do have a chance please vote since it only takes two clicks and you help your favorite member appear as member of the week!

To make it easier for fans I will provide the direct link to the poll HERE.

Please vote!

Shuukan Yoro: It’s the 5th day of Tokunaga Chinami’s week about “Ecology”.

Today’s theme is “eco bags” and each member will be making their own cute eco bag by themselves, and as the theme suggests we will first see them work on the bags themselves for a minute or so (including sewing them with a machine).

After that we get to see all of the members show off their bags, from Risako’s rose patterned bag to Miyabi’s cute pouch with a heart, Captain’s satchel, Maasa’s red and black bag, Momo’s green and red bag with a pocket, and Kumai’s rose patterned pouch.

It’s a very interesting episode since each member has their own style that fits in with their bag, including Chii who shows off her after everyone has had a chance to do the same.

Hopefully everyone can check it out since it is a great episode to check out each members ability to make a bag.

Since this is Chii’s last day next week we will start with our new teacher, Sudou Maasa, next week, so Maasa fans please look forward to that!

Only Maasa and Mai are left until the Yorosen series is over, which is somewhat sad although a great opportunity to improve this section to include all H!P shows, but until then please enjoy this week’s episode: