Gatas Brilhantes – “Gatas Long Interview” DVD Announced

3 05 2011

1. 序章
2. 紺野スタメン事件
6. 一回目の卒業
7. 勃発!ハワイ事件
10. 激闘!十条FC戦!!
11. 卒業!!」紺野あさ美

A DVD for Gatas Brilhantes titled Gatas Long Interview has been announced.

As the title suggests it seems that this DVD is basically full of interviews with the current and former members of the team, including Yossie, Fujimoto, Ishikawa, Konno as well as a few others.

While I’m not that familiar with Gatas Brilhantes I do look forward to seeing the interviews with all of the members since it seems like a nice bonus for fans of the team to enjoy, and even though it seems that there isn’t much content about the teams games it is a great way to find out more about the team.

Hopefully fans of Gatas Brilhantes can reserve their copy of the DVD.

The release date is set for 5/18.

E-lineup Page For Gatas Brilhantes’s DVD

Ongaku Gatas Spring Live 2010 DVD Announced

31 03 2010

A DVD release for Ongaku Gatas Live Tour 2010 Haru ~Gatas Ryuu~ has been announced.

I’m glad to see that we are getting a DVD release for the concert since it has been some time since we have seen some kind of DVD from them, and I couldn’t think of a better release than a concert DVD.

The setlist for the concert will probably be the same as the one that was released some time ago, so we will most likely see them perform their new single as well as many H!P classics.

Hopefully all Ongaku Gatas fans get a chance to buy the concert DVD since it will be a great way to see them perform again.

The release date is set for 6/23.

E-Lineup Page For Ongaku Gatas Live Tour 2010 Haru ~Gatas Ryuu~

Ongaku Gatas Live 2010 Haru ~Gatas Ryuu~ Setlist Released

7 03 2010

02. Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari (new/original lyrics)
03. MC 1
04. Osaki Ni Sunzurei
05. Ai no Sono ~Touch My Heart~
06. Kara Genki (Ishikawa, Satoda)
07. MC 2 Ishikawa, Satoda
08. SHALL WE LOVE? (Konno, Noto, Sengoku)
09. Seishun no Custard (Yoshizawa, Koranaga)
10. Aisaretai Aisaretai
11. Dakishimete Namida
12. MC 3
13. Kiss Shiyou (Ishikawa, Konno)
14. Chikyu To Tsuki Kare To Watashi (Ishikawa, Konno, Sengoku)
15. MC 4 Yoshizawa, Satoda, Korenaga, Noto
16. Saa Kobito ni Narou (Yoshizawa, Satoda, Korenaga, Noto)
17. Special Generation
18. Resonant Blue (“Help me” by Rika)
19. MC 5 Yoshizawa, Ishikawa, Sengoku
20. Kokoro no Tanima (Konno, Noto)
21. Koi Uranai Doori ni wa Naranai wa (Korenaga, Noto, Sengoku)
22. Koisuru Angel Heart (Ishikawa, Yoshizawa, Satoda)
23. Sexy Boy (Yoshizawa, Satoda, Ishikawa, Noto, Sengoku)
24. Yattarouze!
25. Narihajimeta Koi no Bell
26. Come Together

26. MC

Source: Bunny Kaisu @ JPM

The setlist for Ongaku Gatas 2010 Spring concert tour titled Ongaku Gatas Live 2010 Haru ~Gatas Ryuu~ has been released.

For the most part the setlist looks incredible since they start off with their new single, continue with Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari and then continue with 20 other songs which are made up of a combination of Ongaku Gatas and H!P songs.

I’m glad to see that all of the members participated extensively in most of the songs and there are even some chances for the girls to shine in duet songs and take part in most of the concert in some form (like Rika who seems to have taken part in some 18 songs).

Hopefully we get a chance to see this concert in some DVD form in the future since it looks like it will be an incredible return concert for them (it will most likely be FC only but at least something is something).

The rest of the dates are set for:

  • 3/22 (15:00 & 18:30) at Zepp Nagoya in Aichi
  • 3/27 (15:00 & 18:30) at Zepp Tokyo in  Tokyo

Ongaku Gatas 4th Single Announced, “READY! KICK OFF!!”

18 02 2010

02.READY! KICK OFF!!(Instrumental)

A 4th single has been announced for Ongaku Gatas titled READY! KICK OFF!. The preview for the single has already aired so this is just a confirmation that it is a single.

The cover has somewhat of a complex pattern which is great since it isn’t just a group picture with text over it. So far I really like how well Nocchi, Konkon and Rika look, although Yossie’s HANGRY&ANGRY inspired style looks great.

I’m somewhat dissapointed with the tracklist since it is somewhat short, but at least we are getting something new from them after their long time as an inactive group.

Hopefully the single gets a decent PV (if any) and it sells well.

The release date is set for 3/6.

Official Ongaku Gatas Site

Ongaku Gatas – “READY! KICK OFF!!” Radio Preview Released

15 02 2010

A preview for a new Ongaku Gatas song titled READY! KICK OFF!! has been released. The song hasn’t been specified as a single or an album track.

The song is upbeat and catchy with incredible vocals, and even though Sawada Yuri graduated from the group a while ago the song sounds incredible.

The instrumental fits perfectly with the vocals, and despite it being a radio preview I’m glad to say that I loved the song after listening to it once, which is always a great sign for me.

Hopefully this new song turns out to be part of an album, or even better as a single since it would be great promotion for the Ongaku Gatas ~Gatas Ryuu~ spring tour which starts in March.

I will update when more information about the song is released.

Ongaku Gatas – READY! KICK OFF! (Radio Preview)

Video uploaded by: mdy87

“Ongaku Gatas Live Tour Spring 2010 ~Gatas Ryuu~” Concert Tour Announced

15 12 2009

A new Ongaku Gatas concert tour, titled Ongaku Gatas Live Tour Spring 2010 ~Gatas Ryuu~ has been announced.

I’m still surprised about the news since we haven’t heard much from the group after their last single “Come Together!” and their last concert DVD which was released last March.

Since then the group has changed a bit (with the graduation of one of their team members, Sawada Yuri) so hopefully the girls can still perform their songs as great as always.

The concert tour might suggest a new single although we will have to wait for some sort of confirmation in the following months.

The tour will occur during March on the following dates:

  • 3/6 (17:00-18:00)  at Nanba Hatch in Osaka
  • 3/22 (14:00-15:00 & 17:30-18:30) at Zepp Nagoya in Aichi
  • 3/27 (14:00-15:00 & 17:30-18:30) at Zepp Tokyo in  Tokyo

Official H!P Announcement About Ongaku Gatas Spring 2010 Concert Tour

H!P Releases December 9

10 12 2009

  • Berryz Koubou – Gekidan Gekihalo Dai 7 Kai Koen “Thank You Berry Berry”   CDJapan YesAsia HMV
  • Nakajima Saki – NACKY (PB)   HMV

Two releases today, Berryz Koubou’s DVD for their recent Gekidan Gekihalo play and Nakajima Saki’s 1st PB:

Berryz Koubou – Gekidan Gekihalo Dai 7 Kai Koen “Thank You Berry Berry”: A stage play directed by Shioda Taizo which features all of the members of Berryz Koubou as characters.

I have no idea what the play is about, but from the preview that was released on Dohhh-UP a few days ago we can get a general idea:

Video upload by circusls06dd

Dohhh-UP Link To Berryz Koubou Gekidan Gekihalo Dai 7 Preview

Even though I still have no idea what it’s about but one thing is for sure, all of the members of Berryz Koubou act really well. Momo’s cute character looked almost natural, and Maasa’s strong character really impressed me (and slightly frightened me).

Almost all of the characters lightly reflect the girl’s personality which is great for Berryz fans since they get to act like themselves and therefore guarantee a great performance.

I would recommend this DVD to fans of Berryz Koubou simply because it contains all of the members performing equally in a play.

Nakajima Saki – NACKY: Nakajima Saki’s 1st PB. The cover features a close-up of Nakajima’s face with a somewhat detailed description on the title (the biggest kanji is translated as “Nakajima Saki First PB”). For the most part the cover looks great, although the amount of kanji on the cover is somewhat overwhelming.

Like most PB’s there are a lot of bikini pictures, but they also added a bit of variety by adding in schoolgirl and cheerleader costumes, which was a nice touch. I was impressed at the quality of the bikini pictures since they manage to make most of them look stylish.

I had never taken the time to notice Saki that much before since she rarely got any lines in a C-ute song and she spent most of the time in the back doing choreography but this PB managed to make me a Nakajima fan.

When I looked at her smiling in a picture it was kind of hard to tell whether she was posing or if it was real, which kind of gives the PB a more natural feeling to it.

Cute Nakajima

The casual photos were impressive since we get to see Nakajima in a more normal setting instead of a posed bikini picture and for the most part they were my favorite part of the PB because she had a more natural smile and she looked like she was having fun.

Even the photographers shadow makes a small cameo appearance in the PB

The varied mix of pictures in the PB was one of the points that stood out for me the most, and also the great choice of costumes (especially the pink swimsuit and the casual clothes) which make this PB one of the best I have seen so far this year.

I was most impressed with the overall PB simply because we get a chance to see Nakajima as the spotlight instead of just a background dancer, and for the most part she manages to grab my attention with every image.

Overall I would recommend this PB to everyone who get’s a chance to check it out simply because they did a great job with it. This PB certainly made Nacky into one of my favorites in C-ute and hopefully the PB sells well so that she can get Tsunku’s attention for the next single (and get more solo lines as a result).

Next release date is 12/16 with Mano Erina’s 1st album “FRIENDS” and Buono’s 9th single “Bravo Bravo”.

H!P Releases March 10

10 03 2009

kirarinrevolutionbestalbumalbumongaku-gatas-live-tour-2008-winter-come-togetherkirarinrevolutionbestalbumalbumdvddakidakidakidakile 20090311_maasa1

  • Tsukishima Kirari starring Kusumi Koharu – Kirarin Revolution Best Album (Album)
  • Ongaku Gatas – Ongaku Gatas Live Tour 2008 Winter – Come Together! – (DVD)
  • Tsukishima Kirari starring Kusumi Koharu – Kirarin Revolution Best Album (Album+DVD) (Limited Edition)
  • Berryz Koubou – Dakishimete Dakishimete (Single)
  • Berryz Koubou – Dakishimete Dakishimete (Single+DVD) (Limited Edition)
  • Sudou Maasa – maasa (Photobook)

Ah you thought this section was gone because I skipped (unintentionally) a release right? Wrong, it’s back, I’ll try to come up with a better name for this section though, and I will give it its own category so that it is easier to find. Ok let’s start with this day’s releases, (which are a lot by the way):

Koharu keeps on torturing our ears with her singing and it seems that they want to make us deaf with her most recent releases, “Kirarin Revolution Best Album”. I like the majority of her songs, once you get used to her singing that is, and this album contains 18 songs from her ear torturing history.

Some songs are good, such as Balalaika (incredibly good voice here, she was barely starting so it’s understandable), and others are ok but are painful to hear such as Papancake (someone told her to use the voice she uses in the anime to sing…from there we got the Koharu we have now, high pitched and annoying…thanks guy). The album is good overall and I would recommend you pick it up, 18 songs from Koharu’s solo career are good, just check with your ear doctor beforehand (joke but I would slightly recommend it)

Ongaku Gatas Come Together Tour DVD, never got into them, stopped listening after they took out Mano Erina, so can’t really suggest something, but I would say that it is a must-have for Ongaku Gatas fans.

Berryz Koubou – Dakishimete Dakishimete, really good single by the girls, I currently have the song on repeat on my mp3 player and I can safely say it is great and my top recommended product from today’s releases.

Sudou Maasa’s PB – maasa, check the post about the cover for some previews, she has really improved in her appearance a lot, and I think Berryz Koubou fans will be impressed by the change shes gone through, recommended for Maasa fans (I’m not sure if they are releasing another one anytime soon)