New Minimoni To Be Featured On Next Hello! Project Cover Album

31 05 2009

Cover Album

Just the other day, it was revealed that ℃-ute will be covering a Candies song.
The discussion of that cover project actually led to a much larger discussion about a possible cover series.

Covers are inspirational projects to the Hello! Project members,
and they are also excellent learning experience for the rest of us.
We analyze all aspects of the songs, come up with an agreeable interpretation, and attempt to transform the song so that it fits into the modern setting.

With that being said, it has been decided that we will be producing a Hello! Project cover album.

The cover album will likely be an important component of the Hello! Project Summer live shows.

It has been decided during the meetings that we will not be simply producing an album of nostalgic melodies,
we will be putting together a cheerful album.
The theme for the album is “famous songs that are likely to be performed at weddings”
and it will include covers of bridal songs.

Also, the new Minimoni will be featured in this album!

Source: Tsunku Blog (Translation by Shigemichi@H!O)

This post by Tsunku confirms that there is a new Minimoni and that they will participate in the new cover album set for release on 7/15 titled “Hello!Project Champloo ~Happy Marriage Song Shuu~”.

It’s good to know that the album songs will be used in concerts (not like the “Cover You” album) and that it will be a cheerful album.

Random H!P Vol 13

30 05 2009

It’s Saturday (at least where I am now), that means another random video (a.k.a -something I found on Youtube related to H!P). First the poll, the winner was Mano Erina so congratualtions to her, Matsuura came close but Mano came out the winner. Next poll will be of Buono, why? Because I forgot to think of a new category…but also because it will be interesting to see who wins, so please vote!

Profiles: I got up five profiles (Mikkity, Konkon, Yossie, Ogawa, and Rika), but there is also something else apart from that, I’m planning on rebuidling the layout of the profile page! I plan to add images to make it easier to find someone (if you see someone on a concert video and don’t know their face this will make it easier), so that will probably go up somewhere in the middle of the week.

Also an update I forgot last week, I added links at the bottom to translate the page into another language. I tried it out (I know Spanish as well as English) and I didn’t understand much of what I wrote when it translated, but it gives the general idea of what the post is about. Also remember, it’s Google translation so it is not accurate (at all), but I added it in case someone doesn’t understand a post (use it only when necessary, it’s not that understandable).

The video this week is from TakeoRey and it’s from Yorosen (subbed by Hello! Fansubs), that series of 5 min episodes about H!P members teaching other members about a subject. The subject in the video is videogames, and the teacher is Miyabi,and she teaches everyone about Nintendo’s. Funny part to watch out for: Momo when Maasa plays Donkey Kong, really cute because of Momo’s reactions and funny when Miyabi gets angry at her. Next week might be another Yorosen clip, meanwhile enjoy!

Melon Kinenbi X Beat Crusaders – Don’t Say Goodbye Radio Preview

30 05 2009

A radio rip of  Melon Kinenbi’s newest collaboration single (1 out of 5 planned) with punk band BEAT CRUSADERS – Don’t Say GoodBye has just been released (third radio preview of the day). I haven’t heard many songs from Melon Kinenbi, but I’m glad they did this collaboration the song turned out great and it sounds really catchy.

If you like punk and fast guitar heavy songs then you are definitely going to like it. Hopefully the song is still up, if not please leave a comment and I will try and find another link, enjoy:

Mano Erina – Sekai wa Summer Party Radio Preview

30 05 2009


Radio preview is out, this surprised me a lot, it’s barely over a week after her Hajimete no Keiken was released and we now have a full preview of the song, and there is still another 2 months for the release of this single (on7/29).

Anyway, the song sounds great, and there is a welcome addition, S/mileage (I guess that’s them because they performed as backup dancers in a live yesterday), who sing some chorus parts.

From the preview it sounds like it’s going to be a fun song to perform live, especially during the interlude near the end when she spells out “Fun summer party” (around 3:10). Hopefully we will get a better preview soon, meanwhile enjoy the Radio rip:

C-ute – Shochuu Omimai Moushiagemasu Radio Preview

30 05 2009

Radio rip for C-ute’s 9th single was released some time ago, still no Kanna but hopefully she will be back next single. Now about the song, I like it but not that much, it may grow on me the more I hear it. As expected Yajima and Suzuki get most of the lines, not that big of a surprise but I would have liked for them to use more of the other girls.

Here is the full radio preview, the PV might be coming in the next weeks so hopefully that will make the song grow on me more, meanwhile enjoy the radio rip:

Suzuki Airi’s 4th PB Titled “Ao Iro”

29 05 2009


Suzuki Airi’s 4th PB is now titled Ao Iro (translated: Blue Color), and will be released on 6/25. The title can also be read “Ao Shoku”, though they both mean the same thing, but Shoku is the Chinese reading for the Kanji and Iro the Japanese reading.

The location of the photoshoot was Taiwan (this was announced on 4/23) so they will probably go with Ao Shoku, I’ll update the title of the post when the correct reading is announced. The link below is to the official H!P announcement regarding the title.

Title Released

Also there is a handshake event on 6/26, more information is available on the link below, so any Suzuki fans that are in Japan might consider going to this event to meet her.

Handshake Event Information

Mano Erina’s 3rd Major Single “Sekai wa Summer Party”

27 05 2009


3rdシングル『世界は サマー・パーティ』

Lyrics by Miura Noriko, Arranged and Composed by KAN.

Source: Nayok-Kihara @ H!O

Just barely a week after her release of Hajimete no Keiken they announce another single due out 7/29 titled Sekai wa Summer Party (roughly translated, by Google, “The world’s summer party”). The last single did really well, selling more than her previous single Otome no Inori, so hopefully this one will do even better.


Tracklist was released just hours after the new single was announced:

01.世界は サマー・パーティ (Sekai wa Summer Party)

02.ジャスミンティー (Jasmine Tea)

03.世界は サマー・パーティ(Instrumental) (Sekai wa Summer Party)  [Instrumental]

Jasmine Tea somehow sounds like a ballad, while Sekai wa Summer Party sounds upbeat, hopefully we will find out soon when previews are released.