Michishige Sayumi To Voice A Character In An MMO Titled “Dragon Nest”

15 08 2011

Michishige Sayumi attended a convention for an MMO RPG game titled Dragon Nest where she cosplayed as a character she will voice called Harori.

I didn’t expect to see a Momusu member voice a character for an MMO sometime soon so I was quite surprised about this news, even more because it’s Sayu, although I’m really happy to see that she will since it give’s her a chance to promote herself a bit more by voicing a character in a game.

Her character seems to be based on the name for Hello! Project (the Haro in Hello! Project) although I’m not 100% sure that it is, but the description of the character is that she’s an “Idol God” which is a pretty impressive description since it really gives her character an amazing look, and while we haven’t seen any other images of the character apart from the cardboard cutout at the event and from the site I really look forward to finding out just what kind of role she will play in the game.

Her cosplay of the character is really precise and while she could have simply attended the convention without really dressing up as her character I am glad to see that she did since it gives fans who play the game a chance to relate her voice to the character.

If anyone is curious as to how the character will sound then please check out the Hangame link at the bottom of the post and click the pink button so you can hear a sample of Sayu introducing herself to everyone in her character’s voice (which not surprisingly sounds almost exactly like her normal voice).

Hopefully anyone who is interested or who is already playing the MMO looks forward to the update with Sayu’s character, although for now I’m really happy to see that Sayu gets to voice a character in a game.

According to the GirlsNews report the new character will be available by 8/24.

Girls News Site

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Michishige Sayumi’s 8th PB Announced

2 08 2011

According to a recent post on her blog, Michishige Sayumi has begun photo shooting for her next PB, which is currently untitled.

This hasn’t been confirmed by Wanibooks yet but since Sayu already mentioned it directly in her blog surrounded by golden sparkles it’s pretty safe to say that we will see it for sure, probably sometime in the next few months since she mentioned that they have just started the shoot, which still means that they have to complete the rest of the shoot, edit the photos, make the cover, etc.

It’s rare to see members announcing their PBs before they are announced, but it’s great to see that she did reveal it since we can look forward to yet another amazing Sayu PB release, and even though we don’t have a theme for the PB or any other info it should be fun to see just how this new release turns out.

We should get a date for the release in the next few weeks once Wanibooks confirms it so I look forward to finding out since Sayu never disappoints with her releases.

The release date hasn’t been announced.

Sayumi Blog Post

Sayumi, Reina, and Aika FC Bus Tour Destination Changed

16 04 2011

Sayumi, Reina, and Aika’s Bus FC Bus Tour on 5/28 which was scheduled to go to Chiba, Boso will now instead go to Shizuoka, Tokai and it will be titled Morning Days~Happy Holiday~ Sayu, Reina, Aika Fanclub Tour in Tokai.

The destination was changed over concern of safety over aftershocks and side effects of the recent earthquakes.

I’m glad to see that they have decided to change the destination for this bus tour since safety of all the fans who will attend the event as well as the safety of each one of the members is very important, and while some fans might be a bit disappointed it’s great to see that they only changed the destination and didn’t cancel the event.

Most fans probably won’t care that much since an event with Sayu, Reina, and Mitsui in any place seems to be a fans dream come true, but I hope we can get fan reports about the event to see if everything went smoothly once it happens.

Most likely staff is busy planning out interesting events for fans to enjoy in the new destination so hopefully many fans are looking forward to the new destination and the event.

The bus tour will be on 5/28 ~29.

Official H!P FC Announcement About Destination Change

Michishige Sayumi, Tanaka Reina, Mitsui Aika FC Bus Tour Details Released

4 03 2011

Details about Michishige Sayumi, Tanaka Reina and Mitsui Aika’s FC Bus Tour have been released.

The title for the bus tour has been revealed to be ~ Morning Days Happy Holiday ~ Michishige Sayumi, Tanaka Reina, Mistui Aika Fan Club Tour in Bousou.

The title is really interesting since it refers to a school theme with the “holiday” mention, and on the promotional poster, we get to see the drawing of a school bus where the initials of each girl are written on, and the whole theme is really ineteresting and will definitly attract fans to find out more about this event.

Also, this being the first event of Aika with the remaining 6th generation members, it will most probably attarct the curiosity of some fans to see how Aika will react with the other 2 girls, and get to see them interact.

The bus tour will take place on 5/28-29.

FC official page about event

Michishige Sayumi, Tanaka Reina and Mitsui Aika FC Bus Tour Announced

28 02 2011

Tanaka Reina and Morning Musume’s manger announced that Michishige Sayumi, Tanaka Reina and Mitsui Aika will be holding a fanclub tour.

I’m surprised and somewhat confused as to why they announced one for these Sayu, Reina and Aika. With 9th gen still be new to the group I was thinking that UFA might want to concentrate on promoting 9th gen a bit more. Also instead of promoting a new member with an older member they chose three of the old members. For example instead of doing a tour with these three they could’ve done a tour with Reina, Aika and Ikuta Erina and grow the fanbase for 9th gen. Regardless of that I’m glad that Sayu, Reina and Aika are getting a chance to do a bus tour.

Hopefully all fans in Japan are available to attend and enjoy their trip with Sayu, Reina and Aika.

The bus tour will be from 5/28-5/29.

Tanaka’s Blog Post Announcing Event

Michishige Sayumi’s e-Hello! DVD “homey” Preview Released

4 02 2011

A preview for Michishige Sayumi’s e-Hello! DVD titled homey has been released.

It seems that the slightly strange title did reference a theme having to do with a home since most of the video takes place in rooms of a house: a bedroom, the living room, and a dining room where we get to see Sayu in three different outfits posing and looking at the camera, and while it is too short I loved every second of it since Sayu looks incredible in all of the shots.

The preview starts off with Sayu in a red shirt and cute shorts where she looks at the camera while in a bedroom where she spins and poses, and if you remember this outfit appeared in the preview pic on the e-lineup site and after seeing the shot I am still impressed with how great she looks since the red shirt really makes her stand out in the bright room.

The second shot features Sayu in a white shirt and a blue skirt posing in a room and outside in a garden, and apart from the bright setting I loved the many smiling close-ups we got to see of Sayu since the light from the window really made her shine.

The third shot features Sayu in a black elegant dress in a dining room where she simply stares at the camera for the first part, although the other half of the shot features Sayu smiling while laying down on a sofa where she closes a curtain and the video ends, and without a doubt this is my favorite shot of the video (along with the 2nd) since Sayu looks amazingly beautiful in the elegant black dress.

Overall the preview is one of the best I have seen from the e-Hello! series since Sayu looks incredibly pretty in all of the shots and while I might be biased to Sayu (for obvious reasons) I am sure that many fans will agree with me that Sayu looks amazing in the video.

I encourage everyone that can to buy a copy of the DVD since this release, along with all of the other previous e-Hello! DVDs, are amazing releases that all fans will enjoy.

The DVD will be up for preorder from now until 2/11.

Video uploaded by: morningmusumechannel

e-Lineup Page For Michishige Sayumi’s DVD

Michishige Sayumi’s e-Hello! DVD Titled “homey”

3 02 2011

The title for Michishige Sayumi’s e-Hello! DVD has been revealed to be homey.

When I found out there was going to be an e-Hello! DVD for Sayu I though that it would have a cute name to match up with her cute looks, but I was a bit disappointed when I found out the title would be homey since it sounds a bit too different from her image.

From what I understand the title might refer to the DVD having a “home” theme, and it seems that it will since the picture on the e-lineup site features Sayu smiling while on a bed in a comfy house, but I would have liked to see them use a different title since the title sounds a bit strange (not bad, but slightly different in a way).

We should get the preview for the DVD in the following days so I look forward to finding out if the DVD will have a “home” theme or something similar.

The DVD will be up for preorder from now until 2/11.

e-Lineup Page For Michishige Sayumi’s DVD