Michishige Sayumi’s 8th PB Announced

2 08 2011

According to a recent post on her blog, Michishige Sayumi has begun photo shooting for her next PB, which is currently untitled.

This hasn’t been confirmed by Wanibooks yet but since Sayu already mentioned it directly in her blog surrounded by golden sparkles it’s pretty safe to say that we will see it for sure, probably sometime in the next few months since she mentioned that they have just started the shoot, which still means that they have to complete the rest of the shoot, edit the photos, make the cover, etc.

It’s rare to see members announcing their PBs before they are announced, but it’s great to see that she did reveal it since we can look forward to yet another amazing Sayu PB release, and even though we don’t have a theme for the PB or any other info it should be fun to see just how this new release turns out.

We should get a date for the release in the next few weeks once Wanibooks confirms it so I look forward to finding out since Sayu never disappoints with her releases.

The release date hasn’t been announced.

Sayumi Blog Post




3 responses

2 08 2011

Instant purchase.

3 08 2011

I expect this new PB,because Sayu wrote on her blog”I have participated to the planning meeting of producing PB and my thoughts
(which is I want to do in PB) are adopted in the planning.This experiences is for the first time for me.–and she continued–”みなさん、今回凄いです”=”To my fans,the new PB is amazing,this time.”–I think she meant the contents of new PB is better than her past PB.
I’ve not heard any Hello Pro.members participated the plannning meeting before.But I think she is qualified for participating the planning meeting,because she is famous among fans as “Idol wota”(= fan) ,She collects many Idol PBs,DVDs (=Sayu often talks about it in
TV or radio.)Perhaps I think she studies idol’s pausing or costumes or
camera angles.

3 08 2011

Sayu’s really into this release!
She posted a pic of one of her looks for the PB which is here: http://gree.jp/michishige_sayumi/blog/entry/592083193 and I think it’s pretty daring of her to go with a style like this (it doesn’t suit her necessarly but it’s still nice to see she’s taking risks)…

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