Michishige Sayumi’s e-Hello! DVD “homey” Preview Released

4 02 2011

A preview for Michishige Sayumi’s e-Hello! DVD titled homey has been released.

It seems that the slightly strange title did reference a theme having to do with a home since most of the video takes place in rooms of a house: a bedroom, the living room, and a dining room where we get to see Sayu in three different outfits posing and looking at the camera, and while it is too short I loved every second of it since Sayu looks incredible in all of the shots.

The preview starts off with Sayu in a red shirt and cute shorts where she looks at the camera while in a bedroom where she spins and poses, and if you remember this outfit appeared in the preview pic on the e-lineup site and after seeing the shot I am still impressed with how great she looks since the red shirt really makes her stand out in the bright room.

The second shot features Sayu in a white shirt and a blue skirt posing in a room and outside in a garden, and apart from the bright setting I loved the many smiling close-ups we got to see of Sayu since the light from the window really made her shine.

The third shot features Sayu in a black elegant dress in a dining room where she simply stares at the camera for the first part, although the other half of the shot features Sayu smiling while laying down on a sofa where she closes a curtain and the video ends, and without a doubt this is my favorite shot of the video (along with the 2nd) since Sayu looks amazingly beautiful in the elegant black dress.

Overall the preview is one of the best I have seen from the e-Hello! series since Sayu looks incredibly pretty in all of the shots and while I might be biased to Sayu (for obvious reasons) I am sure that many fans will agree with me that Sayu looks amazing in the video.

I encourage everyone that can to buy a copy of the DVD since this release, along with all of the other previous e-Hello! DVDs, are amazing releases that all fans will enjoy.

The DVD will be up for preorder from now until 2/11.

Video uploaded by: morningmusumechannel

e-Lineup Page For Michishige Sayumi’s DVD




2 responses

4 02 2011
Dave Snow

Internet Explorer crashes when I attempt to go full screen. Just FYI.

5 02 2011

I’ve ordered this DVD! I respect to both Sayu and video cameraman. Sayu’s
beautiness and noble expressions distnguish her from other many gravure photo
idols. And I’m looking forward to her next photobook(with DVD) perhaps released in spring or summer.

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