Bigger “Hello! Hello! ~Memories~ Morning Musume Kamei Eri, Michishige Sayumi, Tanaka Reina” PB Cover Released

13 11 2010

A bigger cover for the 6th generation special PB titled Hello! Hello! ~Memories~ Morning Musume Kamei Eri, Michishige Sayumi, Tanaka Reina has been released.

I’m glad to see that a bigger cover has been released since we get to see the theme and pictures used a lot better, and from what I can tell the cover is very impressive (and a bit sad at the same time) since it features all of the Rokkies sitting in front of a dark sunset while looking at the camera with calm expressions.

Since the PBs theme is about reliving memories before Kamei graduates it was somewhat expected that we would see a calm and slightly sad cover since that is most likely how they and many fans feel about the graduation, but I have to admit that I really like the way the theme looks since the title even has a similar “memories” theme since it is featured in gold cursive letters.

As for the Rokkies, they each have a calm expression on their face as they sit next to each other in front of a dark sunset and for the most part I am happy to see that they chose this cover since the mood of the PB along with the setting match the feelings of many fans.

Along with the cover here are a few previews (since the PB was already released):

From what we can see they are wearing the Rival Survival outfits, which is somewhat surprising but a nice touch since they are the outfits for their last tour together, apart from that there were many mentions from fans that the PB focuses more on casual shots and not bikini shots, which is a nice touch since most fans would have wanted to see a PB with pictures of the girls in normal clothing.

The previews above are all very impressive, especially the group shot since they are wearing the outfits for the tour in a forest, but I love the way each individual shot looks since they feature very impressive poses such as Kamei in front of some stairs, Sayu resting on the floor, and Reina posing in the middle of a road.

Overall the PB is very impressive since the calm but sad cover of the PB along with many casual shots of the girls are a great combination for a memory-filled PB, and even though we haven’t seen many pictures from the PB itself it seems like a must-have PB for Rokkie and Momusu fans alike.

Hopefully many fans buy the PB since it seems like an amazing release.

The PB was released on 11/12.

Bookweb Page For 6th Generation PB



5 responses

13 11 2010

will this photobook have old pictures (like memories from past events) or will there only be new pictures?

13 11 2010

I think it will be mostly new pictures but here is a description from someone who already bought a copy (sswishbone @ H!O):

I bought this today and for any rokkies fan this is a must buy, what they have done, which I think is really rather brilliant, is avoid the usual bikin fest and have instead made it a PB celebrating all the times that the rokkies had together, my particular favourite being where they revisited locations from the original rokkies PB and they have put the modern picture side by side with the past one, it also ends with a special section deicated to Eri where she looks absolutely stunning in a green dress which is very similar to a bridal gown, well worth picking up.

13 11 2010

where can I buy this to get it to Canada?

14 11 2010
13 11 2010

It looks like Reina is bored on the cover…
The photos seem lovely. Yeah, I’m a girl but, I wouldn’t mind if there were more less bikini shots every two pages…. It just gets to be the same thing over and over…

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