In this section I will review some of the H!P products I order, from singles to albums, PBs, as well as H!P goods. The reviews usually involve pictures of the unwrapping and an in-depth review of the songs included.

Upcoming Review:
~ Tsugunaga Momoko “Momochiiii”~

We Are Buono! (Limited Version)
Review released on 12/25/2010

newslargemorningmusume3ha0 blankbar ShouganaiYumeoibitoA

blankbarNai Chau Kamo blankbarShouganai Yume Oibitoblankbar

Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai All Coversblankbar

blankbarNanchatte RenaiblankbarKimagure Princess

Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai
(Regular and Limited C)

Review released on 6/2/2010

Watashi no Mirai no Danna-sama/Ryuusei Boy





blankbar Platinum 9 DISC blankbar Morning Musume All Singlesblankbar
Coupling Collectionblankbar

10 MY ME (Limited Version)
Review released on 4/5/2010


Tokunaga Chinami 1st PB CHINAMI

Kumai Yurina 2nd PB FLOWERAGE
Review released on 2/18/2010

Hello! Store USA First Purchaseblankbar

blankbarHello! Store USA 1st Orderblankbar Hello! Store USA 2nd Orderblankbar

Hello! Store USA 3rd Order
Review released on 7/25/2010


24 responses

28 11 2009

I agree. Morning musume will not simply go down after receives bad sale of just one or two single. Morning musume was the benchmark of today popular girlband like AKB48, SNSD, BLACK GIRL, pussycat doll, perfume, wonder girl, S.H.E and many more. The kind of music that they sang maybe different from morning musume but the idea of having a group of girl with no instrument skill or over the top voice with just young and pretty face with beginner vokal ability, certainly been inspired by morning musume early success by the so call gold generation morning musume. Morning musume name will still be on oricon chart every time they release new single…. not only after 7th generation koharu kusumi leaving but for the next 5 years with all the current member leaving and the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th generation continue singing and dancing.

4 04 2010

Hi :)
I Was Just Wondering If You Knew If The Hanbun Esper DVD’S Came With Subtitles On The Actual Disc Like Most Films ?

Thanks :)

4 04 2010

Sorry but I’m not sure at all if they have subtitles since I haven’t had a chance to see a DVD for myself. It’s most likely a TV Tokyo release so there might be a possibility for some Japanese subtitles, but I’m not sure if they do have English subtitles.

Sorry I wasn’t of much help but hopefully that helps in some way ^_^

9 05 2010

do u have a reging free dvd player if u do were did u gite it?

9 05 2010

I use my laptop, I don’t have a DVD player for my TV ^_^

12 05 2010

oh i i bing look of a dvd plaryer of a long time (゚Д゚≡゚Д゚) i have 2 tees of H!P and 24 pics and 5 cds ( ´∀`) bute i mac DVDs with the pvs im geing a laptop soon i hope 八(^□^*)

12 05 2010

八(^□^*) i hope ill find on soon or git a laptop (ps look at my blog)

12 05 2010

PS this RAn~

1 07 2010

I just want to thank you for your reviews because I find them very helpful. so I know which version of a single I want to buy :)

1 07 2010

Thank you very much.
I try my best to show off all of the singles and albums I have so that other people can choose which one they want, so I’m glad to hear that it helps you ^_^

Thank you once again! ^o^

12 12 2010

hey its me lizzy i was wondering if u read the review yet. plz mail me back soon

12 12 2010

Hi ^_^

Sorry for not sending a message back I had to focus on school for quite a lot of time, but I will take a look at the review in a few hours ^_^
I will send you a mail back soon ^o^

Sorry for the late response, school took a large part of my time and energy and I had to rest for a while this weekend ^_^;

13 12 2010

thanx! :)

17 12 2010

Hello! Store is at USA but which part? Is it in Los Angeles?

23 12 2010

What happened to the upcoming Momoko PB review?

23 12 2010

I focused on the Buono review instead since my scanner broke and I have a few pages I wanted to insert into the Momo review ^_^:

The good news is that I got it back today so after the Buono review which will be released tomorrow due to technical difficulties I will start to work on the Momo PB review (I finished the Buono review yesterday but my laptop restarted and I had to start it over ~_~) ^_^

Sorry for the long wait but I will get it up soon ^o^

9 05 2011

Thanks for the reviews!! I just HAVE to ask, though…. how do you link the pictures?? I mean, if you click on the album cover you go to the review, how do you do that? I’d like to do it with my own blog (if that’s okay) because I think it’s so cool, but… I’ve tried everything and can’t for the life of me figure it out… Help, please? lol Sorry to bother you.

9 05 2011

You’re welcome ^_^

I just select the picture, click the image that appears (Edit Image) then in the “Link URL” just remove the link for the image and add in the URL of the page you want to link to and that’s it ^o^

It’s really easy once you get a hang of it ^_^

9 05 2011

Oh, okay! Thanks so much! I love your site, it’s so awesome. :D

If I need any help, is it okay if I ask you? lol I just got my blog started and know nothing about anything… lol I don’t know how to do very much.

9 05 2011

Sure, I’m glad to help ^_^

9 05 2011

Thanks!! :D

9 05 2011

Oh, wait… so i did that, but how do you make it so it’s not a page? Like, the place you like it to…?

9 05 2011

Sorry, I don’t understand ^_^;;;
So you want to link to another page? or how?

If you like you can message me to the site email (link is at the bottom of the right bar), that way I can reply in more detail and faster as well ^o^

10 05 2011

lol okay, I sent you one. It’s subject is “Hi!” lol thanks again :D

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