Murata Megumi Announces She Is Leaving The Entertainment Industry

2 03 2011


Murata Megumi announces she is leaving the Entertainment Industry.

From her blog it seems like she’s saying at 30 years old she’s experienced enough and decided to resign. I’m not 100% sure since I can’t read Japanese and the translation isn’t always reliable, please do correct me if I’m wrong.

I’m not sure what her activities will be after leaving but it sounds like she wants a quiet life outside of the entertainment world. She hasn’t been active since Melon Kinebi disbanded so that’s were I’m assuming she wants a quiet life.

I wish her the best of luck and to all fans please support her with whatever she decides to do.

Murata announced that she will be leaving the industry on 3/31.

Murata Megumi’s Blog

Saito Hitomi Has Married Hachimitsu Jiro

3 08 2010

Ex-Melon Kinenbi leader Saito Hitomi has just announced that she has married Hachimitsu Jiro from the comedy duo Tokyo Dynamite.

Here is a translation of the article and a comment from the couple (translation by Philosoranter):

It was announced that Saito Hitomi, formerly of Melon Kinenbi, married comedian Hachimitsu Jiro of Tokyo Dynamite.

They entered into the family register on August 3rd, recognized by the Japan Apiary Honey Society and the Japan Honey Union as “Honey Day (Hachi-Mitsu no Hi). There are no plans for a service or reception, nor are there plans for a press conference. Hachimitsu Jiro’s official comment will stand in place of other official announcements.

Saito announced at Melon Kinenbi’s break-up concert that she would be leaving show business. Since then she has appeared happily on the blogs of other former members who have begun solo work. Let’s support this beginning of Saito’s second life!

Official Comment from Hachimitsu Jiro & Saito Hitomi
We announce our wedding on this day.

I asked her, “What are you going to do once you’ve split up?”
She said, “Go back to Niigata.”
I said, “I’ll take care of you for the rest of our lives. Don’t go back to Niigata,” and gave her a ring.
Please watch over us from now on.

Hachimitsu Jiro & Saito Hitomi

When I read the article I was a bit surprised since it somehow came out of nowhere, but it somehow makes sense that such a big announcement would come since she is the only member to not have announced any future plans after her graduation (unlike Ayumi, Megumi, and Ootani).

Her soon-to-be husband has had a somewhat questionable past (mainly that he has dated a famous AV idol) but it also seems that Jiro has attended many Melon Kinenbi concerts which is somewhat surprising but still a great sign that he is a fan of her work.

According to articles and Tweets it seems that they have gotten married today, which is understandable since they most likely wanted a bit of privacy before announcing the news to everyone, and while we will most likely not see any pictures of the wedding we will hopefully see pictures of the happy couple sometime soon.

Hopefully more info is revealed soon about their future plans, but for now both of them have made a important step in their lives and I want to congratulate them both in their decision:

Congratulations Hitomi and Jiro!

Murata Megumi Blog Entry About Hitomi’s Marriage

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Ex-Melon Kinenbi Member Murata Megumi’s Blog Opened

7 07 2010

Ex-Melon Kinenbi member Murata Megumi has opened her Ameba Blog.

She has already posted 2 very lengthy posts on her blog, which is great since that means that she plans to post regularly so her fans will have a chance to follow her activities and her daily life through her blog.

For now it seems that she has taken a somewhat different route for photos since the only ones I have seen are of a flower, food (the one above) as well as her virtual character, but hopefully we soon get a chance to see a picture of her.

Hopefully all of her fans can add the blog to their links list since it will be a great way to find out more about her future activities.

Official Murata Megumi Blog

Murata Megumi To Open Up An Ameba Blog

25 06 2010

Ex-Melon Kinenbi member Murata Megumi will open up an Ameba blog in July.

According to the announcement Megumi will change her stage name from Kanji to Katakana (from 村田めぐみ to ムラタメグミ) and will once again be part of UFA and work in the entertainment business starting from 7/1.

Like always I am glad to see that graduated members open up blogs since it gives their fans a chance to keep up with them and their many activities they might have, and since she will continue to be active it will be a great way to find out about her future plans and activities she plans to do.

Hopefully all Megumi and Melon Kinenbi fans get a chance to visit her blog when it opens since it will be a great way to find out about her life after Melon Kinenbi.

The blog will be opened on 7/7.

Official H!P Announcement About Murata’s Blog

“Melon Kinenbi FINAL STAGE MELON’S NOT DEAD” DVD Cover and Tracklist Released

11 06 2010

01. Melon Kinenbi no Theme
02. Kousui
03. Natsu no Yoru wa Danger!
04. MC
05. Girls Power, Aisuru Power
06. Saa! Koibito ni Narou
07. Natsu
08. Enryo wa Nashi yo!
09. Akai Freesia
10. Unforgettable
11. Koi no Shikumi
13. Kawaii Kare
14. Denwa Matteimasu
15. sweet suicide summer story
16. Seishun on The Road
17. Melon Kinenbi Live no Kiseki
19. Ai da! Ima Sugu ROCK ON!
20. Romanchikku wo Tsukinukero! ~Break it now~
22. Kisu Shite Hoshii
23. Onegai Miwaku no Target
24. Melon Tea
25. This is Unmei
26. Pinch wa Chance Baka ni Narouze!
27. Saa, Sassoku Moriagete Iko ka~!!

28. Amai Anata no Aji
29. Sakurairo no Yakusoku
30. MC
32. MC
34. This is Unmei

Bonus Features
01. Skip! (FINAL TOUR Ver.)
02. Pinch wa Chance Baka ni Narouze! (FINAL TOUR Ver.)

The cover and tracklist for Melon Kinenbi’s final tour DVD titled Melon Kinenbi FINAL STAGE MELON’S NOT DEAD have been released on the official Melon Kinenbi blog.

The cover seems to be a collage of pictures from their performance in black and white with the words “Melon’s not dead” in punk type letters under a skull with a heart, and I have to admit that I like it very much since it looks like a great final DVD cover with the pictures in black and white (most likely to symbolize past memories) as well as the hard rock feeling of the letters.

As for the tracklist it seems to be full with Melon Kinenbi performances as well as bonus features which include two “Final Tour Ver” of Skip! and Pinch wa Chance Baka ni Narouze!, which is great since fans will get a lot of content for Melon’s last concert DVD.

Overall the cover and the tracklist are both incredible since it seems like it is full of great content for fans, so hopefully all Melon Kinenbi fans can buy a copy to support them since this will most likely be among their last DVDs.

The release date is set for 7/14.

Official Melon Kinenbi Blog Post About Tracklist and DVD

Ohtani Masae Opens Up A Blog

4 05 2010

Ex-Melon Kinenbi member Ohtani Masae has just opened up an Ameba blog.

I’m glad to see that Masae has already opened up a blog since it will be a great way for us to find out about her and what she plans to do after Melon Kinenbi, and even though we won’t find out anytime soon it is still a great way for Masae fans to keep up with her (and any of her future hairstyle changes).

Until now she has 2 entries, both of which feature her covering her eyes with her hand (I have no idea why though), and while they are not as long they are still a great start to her blog.

The header for the blog looks pretty cute since it features her among many other things such as stars, a fish staring at her as she stares into space with some food in her mouth, as well as a title in calligraphy.

Apart from the Ameba blog she also seems to have another Oricon blog (like the other members of Melon Kinenbi) but it doesn’t have any posts or a header yet, so I will update this post when it does since it might feature a different theme along with more posts (although 2 blogs might be somewhat hard to keep updated).

Hopefully she informs us of any details about her future since it will be interesting to see what she will decide to do both in her professional life as well as with her hairstyles.

Official Ohtani Masae Blog (Ameba)

Official Ohtani Masae Blog (Oricon)

“Melon Kinenbi Final Stage Melon’s Not Dead” DVD Announced

28 04 2010

The DVD for Melon Kinenbi’s Final Stage MELON’S NOT DEAD has been announced.

Here is the setlist:

SE.Melon Kinenbi no Theme
01.Romantic wo Tsukinukero~Break it now~
03.Girls Power ・Aisuru Power
04.Saa!Koibito ni Narou
06.Enryo wa Nashi yo!
07.Fuwa Fuwa Fuu
08.Last Scene
09.Namida no Taiyou
10.Natsu no Yoru wa Danger!
11.Akai Freesia
12.Sakura Iro no Yakusoku

Video Corner (Melon Kinenbi Live Tracks)

15.Ai da! Ima Sugu ROCK ON!
17.Onegai Miwaku no Target
18.Melon Tea
19.This is Unmei
20.Pinch wa Chance Baka ni Narouze!
21.Saa, Sassoku Moriagete Ika ka~


Their last concert tour was most likely one of the most memorable for fans since it will be one of the last times where they will perform their many songs, and with the performance of their newest songs as well as some of their classics this makes it a must have DVD for all Melon Kinenbi fans.

Hopefully we get a chance to see a preview of the concert sometime soon since this will most likely be one of their best with a great variety of songs as well as great performances making it a must have for fans.

The release date is set for 7/14.

E-hon Page For Melon Kinenbi Final Stage Melon’s Not Dead DVD

Melon Kinenbi – “URA MELON” Cover and Tracklist Released

17 03 2010


1. Skip!
2. Fuwa Fuwa Fuu
3. Mou Mattemase~n!
4. Wa! Kaccho E na
5. Girls Power ・Aisuru Power
6.Ai Meramera Koi Yurayura
7. Renai Restaurant
8. Enryo wa Nashi yo!
9. Natsu
10.Futari no Paradise
11. Hatsuyaki
12. Saa, Sassoku Moriagete Iko ka~!!
13. Koi no Shikumi。
14.Hotondo ga Anata Desu。
15. Sakurairo no Yakusoku
16. Onegai Miwaku no Target (Original new ver.)
17. Onna Zakari
– Bonus Track
18.Crazy Happy!

– 2/19 SHIBUYA-AX Live
– 「ALWAYS LOVE YOU」 Music Video
– Bonus Features

The cover and tracklist for Melon Kinenbi’s last album titled URA MELON have been released.

For the most part the tracklist isn’t that surprising since it is basically all of the c/w’s from their singles, but the surprising additions are the videos that are included in the DVD.

Among the two announced DVD tracks we can see that they will release their 2/19 SHIBUYA-AX Live (apparently the entire live, although it may only be a few performances), the music video for ALWAYS LOVE YOU which is the collaborative track between Melon Kinenbi and Beat Crusaders and also other bonus features.

The cover on the other hand really surprised me since they used somewhat of a unique 4 color pop art theme for pictures of every girl in a 4 by 4 grid, and for the most part it looks interesting especially with the stencil letters on the title.

Hopefully fans buy their last album since it looks like it will be a great collectors item for fans since it features the c/w’s to all of their singles and many other DVD bonus features.

The release date is set for 4/21.

Melon Lounge Release Information Page

Melon Kinenbi Coupling Best Album “URA MELON” Announced

2 03 2010

A coupling best album from Melon Kinenbi titled URA MELON has been announced. The album will include all the coupling songs of the 17 major singles and a DVD with live performances and a couple of PVs, including a PV for their song Always Love You from their last album.

It’s great news that we are getting a coupling best album for Melon Kinenbi with a PV and a live since it is a great last gift to fans before they disband some 2 weeks after the release.

The tracklist hasn’t been released but it will probably include all of their coupling songs so fans of Melon Kinenbi while they were in H!P will probably like this album, especially with the amount of tracks that will be included (probably about 19).

Hopefully all Melon Kinenbi fans get a chance to buy the album and support them with their last release.

The release date is set for 4/21.

Neowing Site For Melon Kinenbi’s URA MELON

Melon Kinenbi To Disband

19 02 2010

Melon Kinenbi have announced that they will disband after their Spring concert tour.

H!O has translated the announcements (Credit to epifanes for the translation)

News on the important matter regarding Melon Kinenbi

As always, thank you for supporting Melon Kinenbi.

Today, during the stage of Melon Kinenbi’s 10th ANNIVERSARY LIVE ‘3654 days since birth’ which was held at SHIBUYA-AX’, the members announced that Melon Kinenbi is going to disband.

Keeping their idol status for 10 years, the members gave their united statement, “We would like to end Melon Kinenbi’s activity at this 10-year milestone”, and after numerous discussions and assistance from the staff, it was decided we would be announcing it publicly today.

This March’s stage performance, “Melon Kinenbi Story” (12 performances at the Ikebukuro Theater Green, all tickets SOLD OUT) and the final tour in April~May are the group’s final activities until official disbanding.

Furthermore, February 21st (Sunday) the Osaka performances which were planned (Nanba HATCH noon performance 15:00 START/night performance 19:00 START) will be held without any changes.

Please keep supporting them until the end.

Upfront Agency

Comment from members

Thank you, as always, for your warm support!

On February 19th, 2010, we’ve reached Melon Kinenbi’s 10-year anniversary of existence!!
The Melon road had both mountains and valleys to cross, but together with our wotamodachi [wotamodachi = wota (fan)+tomodachi (friend)], the staff, and our families who have supported us during good times and bad, we were able to build up a 10-year history. And all that without a member change!!

Before we reached the 10-year point, the four of us talked thoroughly about the future. The result was, “10 years is a good turning point, where we should get new challenges in our real life”, so we firmly decided to disband the group.

We think that there will people who will be shocked, thinking, “Oh no, so it’s really happened now…” , but we promise we will keep running in Melon-style until the very end. Everyone! Please keep running with us with all your energy!!

February 19th, 2010
Melon Members

Source: Hello! Online

To be honest I’m surprised to see them celebrate their 10th anniversary, but I’m glad they managed to be one of the most stable groups H!P has ever had since they had no lineup changes from their beginning right until their end 10 years later.

The future of the four members of Melon Kinenbi (Saito Hitomi, Murata Megumi, Ohtani Masae, and Shibata Ayumi) is somewhat uncertain but hopefully we find out soon what they will do.

I wish the best of luck for the 4 members with their future careers whether in the music industry or in any other.

Melon Kinenbi will disband on 5/3, after their Nakano Sun Plaza performance which starts at 19:00 (JST).

Official UFA Announcement About Melon Kinenbi Disbanding

Official H!P Announcement About Melon Kinenbi

Official UFA Announcement About Melon Kinenbi Article

Melon Kinenbi Article on Nikkan Sports