Noto Arisa’s “a piece of Romance” Album Tracklist Released

14 12 2010

  1. Sekai de Hitotsu wo
  2. Wonderland wa Sugusoko ni!!
  3. Mayoi no Mori
  4. Konbini no Oniisan ni Hatsu Date wo Kokoromiru Uta
  5. Time Capsule

The tracklist for Noto Arisa’s 4th mini album titled a piece of Romance has been released. The album can only be purchased through STUDIO CUBE WEB SHOP.

I’m not that surprised to see that the album will only be sold in one store since that is what most of her past releases have been like, but despite that it is a great way for fans to buy a copy and to enjoy five more great songs with unique titles.

As for the tracks, they feature great names such as Time Capsule and Wonderland wa Sugosoko ni!! which sound interesting, and since the album was released a few days ago it should give fans a chance to buy the album immediately to enjoy the tracks.

Hopefully fans buy a copy of the album to support Noto.

The album was released on 12/12.

Studio Cube Web Shop Site For Noto’s Album

Noto Arisa 4th Album Announced, Titled “a piece of Romance”

30 11 2010

Noto Arisa has announced her 4th album titled a piece of Romance.

I’m glad to see that Noto is releasing another album, and despite being a bit confused as to why she keeps releasing albums and not singles I do have to admit that I do like many of the songs she has released so far, and it’s great that she has been releasing consistently since she does have many loyal fans.

Along with the announcement of her 4th album we got a chance to see the cover, which features Noto posing on a mirror while smiling at the camera with her name and the title of the album in cursive, and even though it might be simple I really love the way it looks since it focuses on her.

For now we haven’t heard any previews (we probably won’t until the album is released) but I do hope that we can see a tracklist soon to find out what kind of songs might be included.

The release date is set for 12/12 (at H!P shops).

Noto Arisa Blog Entry About 4th Album

Noto Arisa 2nd Blog Entry About 4th Album

Noto Arisa 2nd PB Announced, Titled “ARi02”

31 07 2010

Noto Arisa’s 2nd PB titled ARi02 has been announced.

I have only seen a few pictures from her previous PB but I have to admit that I’m looking forward to seeing this one as well since the previews above of her in a bikini all look incredible.

Most likely the PB will once again be exclusive to her appearances at an expo but I hope that we eventually get to see some non-expo releases from her since many of us would love to eventually get our hands on one of her PBs or many albums.

Despite that I hope that we get some previews soon since it would be great to see what other kind of theme it will have.

The release date is set for 8/14 (the same date for the release of her 3rd album).

Official “Light Novel no Tanoshii Kakikata” Site Updated

23 07 2010

The official site for the movie Light Novel no Tanoshii Kakikata featuring Sudou Maasa and Noto Arisa has been updated.

It was somewhat expected that we would see a new version of the site open after the trailer was released, but I was a bit surprised that they renewed the entire site by updating every page, including adding the trailer in a separate page, as well as a link to the official movie blog.

For the most part everything looks great, although one of the main highlights is the blog since it features some scenes from the actual filming of the movie. Here is the header for it:

As you can tell it’s only the image from the main site as well as some small circles featuring scenes from the movie, which isn’t much but since it will most likely be a temporary blog (until the movie is released) it was expected that they wouldn’t try that hard to make it stand out.

Apart from the blog, trailer, and new site renewal we also get some new profile pictures:

For the most part they seem pretty basic but I do like how Maasa looks in her school uniform as well as Nocchi’s somewhat unique pose, and even though it doesn’t really show us more images from the actual movie it does give us a chance to see them acting like themselves in different settings.

Overall the site looks even better than before with many images from the movie as well as updated profile images, the trailer for the movie, a link to the movie’s blog, as well as many other interesting sections about the movie.

Hopefully we get to see another trailer or more behind the scenes images soon since the movie looks great so far.

The movie will be released to theaters on 12/4.

Official Light Novel no Tanoshii Kakikata Movie Site

Official Light Novel no Tanoshii Kakikata Blog

“Light Novel no Tanoshii Kakikata” Movie Trailer Released

22 07 2010

A trailer for a movie titled Light Novel no Tanoshii Kakikata which features Sudou Maasa and Noto Arisa has been released.

So that everyone understands the trailer a bit more I decided to post the basic storyline of the movie that was released a while ago:

The story centers on Yakumo Atae, a first-year student who knows the hidden secret of his fearsome classmate Tsurugi Yabusame — while she is the school’s strongest girl, she is also a budding light novel author under the penname Mio Himemiya. Tsurugi is stuck in a huge slump while writing her new romantic comedy. Yakumo’s cousin Kokona Atae happens to be Tsurugi’s editor, and Kokona suggests that Yakumo and Tsurugi become a couple so that Tsurugi can know the experience of romance.

As you will most likely tell Maasa does play her “strongest girl” movie role perfectly since she has a very noticeable lower voice tone as well as a more rough character, and while the trailer is somewhat short I am convinced that Maasa did a great job acting for this movie.

Noto appears quite a few times throughout the trailer as well which is great since it means that we will see her many times throughout the movie, and while I didn’t really get to see her act that much because she usually just stood on the side I am glad that she at least stood out in one of the scenes (when she slaps the guy near the end).

Overall the movie trailer was incredible since it summarizes the movie plot while not giving away the ending, which somewhat leaves me with the desire to find out more about the movie. The great acting from Maasa, Noto and the entire cast was very impressing in the few minutes that were shown from the trailer so I really look forward to finding out more about this movie.

According to the description of the movie on the trailer it seems that the movie will be released in early December of this year at the Ikebukuro theater with sequential releases after that, so hopefully we soon get a chance to see some fan impressions of the movie as well as reviews from critics.

The release date is set for 12/4.

Video uploaded by: BROSTATV

Noto Arisa 2nd Album “END OF THE GATE” Announced

13 07 2010

Noto Arisa’s 2nd album titled END OF THE GATE has been announced. The album will contain the theme song for Nomo-P Plastic Radio and other songs written and composed by Noto. It will be available at the Wonder Festival 2010 Summer.

Apart from the 2nd album announcement there will also be a 3rd album which will presented at Arista! Live (an event on 7/18 at Shibuya WOMB), although more details aren’t available.

I have to admit that I was very surprised when I read that she would release 2 albums within a month since it seems like a lot of releases in such a small amount of time, but I’m glad to see that she will continue to release songs since she is definitely a great singer.

Not much information about the tracklist for either album has been released, but most likely we will get a chance to find out in a few days or weeks since the release date for the 2nd album is in about 10 days, so hopefully we get previews and a full tracklist by then.

Meanwhile we do have a cover for the album which simply features Noto posing with sunglasses in front of a yellow background and while it may be simple it is still a cute picture of Noto for her cover.

I haven’t had a chance to hear her first album that well but from the few tracks I heard I was definitely impressed with her singing and I look forward to seeing what kind of songs she could have written.

Hopefully all Noto fans can get a chance to buy the albums since it will be a great way to show support.

The release date for her 2nd album is 7/25 and the release date for her 3rd album is 8/14.

Noto Arisa Blog Post About Albums

Noto Arisa Has Opened Up A Twitter Account

13 05 2010

Noto Arisa has opened up an official Twitter account. Her first tweet was:

Something along the lines of “I started a Twitter~”

With the recent Twitter openings it was somewhat expected that we would see another one open soon, and interestingly enough it was opened by Noto who, as you might remember, is one of the few Up Front Eggs.

I haven’t been keeping up with Noto that much but I do know for a fact that she is is somewhat busy doing promotional events, and now that she has a Twitter account it will be easier to keep up with her.

So far she has tweeted 5 times, which is great news since it most likely means that she plans to use it quite a lot and her fans will have many interesting things to read about her day along with her blog.

I hope that everyone gets a chance to check out her Twitter, especially her fans, since it is a great way to find out more about her and her future events.

Official Noto Arisa Twitter

Tanaka Reina Will Be A Seiyuu For “Kaito Reinya”

11 11 2009

Kaito Reinya 4786

It has been announced that Tanaka Reina will be the Seiyuu for an animation based on a popular short comic titled Kaito Reinya (English: Phantom Thief Reinya). Noto Arisa will also participate as a voice actor in the series as a policewoman.

This is the second time that Reina has been used as an inspiration for a character (the first being Nena Trinity from Gundam).

reinyareinyaKaito Reinya Tanaka 2648

Kaito Reinya (Tanaka Reina)

Kaito Reinya Notti 2644Kaito Reinya Noto 2423

Policewoman Nocchi (Noto Arisa)

Here is a preview of the official site (link to site at end of post):

Kaito Reinya Site 2623

And here are some previews of the comic (Click for bigger image):

Kaito Reinya 1256Kaito Reinya 3465Kaito Reinya 2678Kaito Reinya Preview 3763

There was also some news posted on the site about the series HERE (translation by turbos86):

Modeled after Morning Musume’s Tanaka Reina,
the on going 4 square manga series “Kaitou Reinya” that’s serialized in
“Shoukan The Television”, “Gekkan The Televsion”, “Gekkan Newtype”, “Shounen Ace”, “Comptiq”,
is finally being made into an anime!
It has been decided to premier beginning January of 2010 on KBC TV (Kyuushu Asahi Housou)!

Beginning today, the official website is online.
Please look for new updates on this site☆

The Kaitou Reinya blog is scheduled to open tonight!
All the details from the press conference will be quickly posted!!

One thing that you notice when you first see the pictures is that they managed to make the character look a lot like Reina, which is great since this makes it more likely for someone to recognize her.

I’m glad to see that Tanaka is getting a series based on her and that she will get a role as a Seiyuu for the series, since her voice fits well with the character and so far the animation looks great (preview of the animation HERE).

I guess they timed the announcement with Tanaka’s birthday, and I can’t think of a better gift than voice acting in a series based on you, so congratulations Tanaka and happy 20th birthday!

The series will air on 1/8/2010 on KBC channel.

EDIT: The official Ameba blog for the anime has been opened HERE

Kaito Reinya Official Site

Official H!P Announcement About Tanaka Being Seiyuu

KDDIX Press Release

Noto Arisa To Participate In “Light Novel no Tanoshii Kakikata” Live Action Movie

16 10 2009

Noto Arisa 1585

Recently graduated Hello! Pro Egg Noto Arisa will participate in the movie Light Novel no Tanoshii Kakikata along with Sudou Maasa.

Noto Arisa recently become an Up Front Egg when she graduated from Hello! Project, and since Up Front Egg’s are centered in acting it was only a matter of time before she was announced as part of the cast.

I’m glad to see that she is already getting parts in movies and participating in other activities with other H!P members and hopefully the movie turns out great.

No release date has been set for the movie.

Noto Arisa Profile on Movie’s Site

Hello! Pro Egg Fall 2009 Kenshii Happyokai Events Announced

6 10 2009

Hello! Pro Egg Fall 2009 Kenshii Happyokai 1245

2009 Fall Egg Kenshuu Happyo Kai~Joyuu Sengen~

01 10/6 Open 18:00/Start 18:30 (2)
02 10/6 Open 19:30/Start 20:00 (2)
03 10/7 Open 18:00/Start 18:30 (5)
04 10/7 Open 19:30/Start 20:00 (5)
05 10/8 Open 18:00/Start 18:30 (3)
06 10/8 Open 19:30/Start 20:00 (3)
07 10/9  Open 18:00/Start 18:30 (4)
08 10/9  Open 19:30/Start 15:00 (5)
09 10/10  Open 14:30/Start 18:30 (1)
10 10/10  Open 16:30/Start 17:00 (1)
11 10/11 Open 12:30/Start 13:00 (4)
12 10/11  Open 14:30/Start 15:00 (4)
13 10/11  Open 16:30/Start 17:00 (2)
14 10/12  Open 12:30/Start 13:00(3)
15 10/12 Open 14:30/Start 15:00(1)

Source: Nayok-Kihara @ H!O (from article below)

A theatrical training event has been announced for Hello! Pro Egg. In it the H!P Egg’s will probably practice doing sketches or acting for the audience (not confirmed, although that is what I guess it is).

It will be interesting to see what kind of acting the Eggs will have since some of them have already acted in movies (Fukuda Kanon, for example, on Maimi’s ghost movie)

Hello! Pro Egg Fall 2009 Kenshuu Happyokai 1525

Original Article – Click For Bigger Image

The H!P Egg’s are also split into 5 groups (each group will perform a particular day, 3 times in total by the end of the events, the team number of who is performing is next to the date):

Hello! Pro Egg Fall 2009 Kenshuu Happyokai Teams 1525

Team 1 –

  • Kitahara Sayaka
  • Maeda Yuuka
  • Kaneko Rie
  • Katsuta Rina
  • Sano Kaori (Up Front Egg)

Team 2 –

  • Mori Saki
  • Fukuda Kanon
  • Okai Asuna
  • Sato Ayano
  • Hirano Tomomi

Team 3 –

  • Sainen Mia
  • Komine Momoka
  • Wada Ayaka
  • Takeuchi Akari
  • Miyamoto Karin

Team 4 –

  • Furukawa Konatsu
  • Fukumura Mizuki
  • Ogawa Saki
  • Maeda Irori
  • Noto Arisa (Up Front Egg)

Team 5 –

  • Sengoku Minami
  • Kikkawa Yuu
  • Saho Akari
  • Sekine Azusa
  • Arai Manami

One notable member among the H!P Eggs is the graduated leader Noto Arisa, who is probably included since it isn’t a musical event but an acting event, something which the Up Front Eggs are trained for.

My guess as to why they are having this event is that they are probably giving them acting lessons to give them more practice as an idol, and I think it is a great idea to have a combined event where all the Egg’s can practice together.

The Hello! Pro Egg Fall 2009 Kenshii Happyokai event’s will occur from 10/6 to 10/12.