Kitahara Sayaka- “Kanari Junjou” 2nd Single Announced And Short Preview Released

7 09 2011

Kitahara Sayaka’s 2nd single has been announced titled “Kanari Junjou”  and a preview has also been released.

This single will also be used as the ending theme to the anime Inazuma Eleven Go so that explains the reason we’re getting a preview the same day it’s released. She’s not exposed as much as other artists but at least doing the anime endings it’s given her some exposure and it’s good for experience.

This single will be released in 2 editions, limited and regular. The limited will include a DVD while the regular will include a photo card, while it’s not much compared to other groups I think it’s still progress so I’m happy for her.

The preview starts off with a real upbeat feeling to it and I would describe it as a “wake up anime song.” It starts off with an upbeat feeling, it goes to a less upbeat and mellow feeling, it begins to pick up a happy feeling and finally it ends with everything more “alive.” It’s kind of hard to explain but it sounds like it was inspired by other anime songs, regardless of that I think the song is pretty good and it has a nice instrumental.

Hopefully everyone can watch the preview and support Kitahara Sayaka.

The single is set to release on 11/9.

Video Uploaded by: Txetxu2001

Neowing Regular Edition

Neowing Limited Edition


Kitahara News Announcement





6 responses

7 09 2011

I was not expecting this so I’m glad it happened!
Gotta love the ex-Milky Way girls.
The preview sounds good.

7 09 2011

I agree! ^^

7 09 2011

I like this better than her first single! ^^

7 09 2011

Glad to see her getting another single! :)

7 09 2011

Sound more good than the first single, really like it!!
But I’m wonder what mean “Kanari Junjou”?

7 09 2011

From some translations I’ve been able to find it should be “Quite Naive”

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