Tsuji Nozomi To Have A Boy

31 08 2010

Tsuji Nozomi has revealed that her 2nd child will be a boy.

It has been quite a while since the announcement of her 2nd pregnancy but I’m glad that we finally get the news about her second child being a boy since many of us have wondered whether it was a boy or girl since the announcement was first made.

As you may recall Taiyou had hoped for a boy so most likely he is very excited and pleased with the news, and I am happy as well since this means that Noa will soon have a brother to play with.

Hopefully we soon get a chance to find out the name they have chosen for him, but for now congratulations to the happy couple!

Oricon Article About Tsuji’s Announcement

Cinema today Article About Tsuji’s Announcement

Morning Musume Concert Tour Spring 2010 ~Pika Pika~ Blu-ray Announced

31 08 2010

A Blu-ray release has been announced for Morning Musume’s Concert Tour Spring 2010 ~Pika Pika~ on Neowing.

It seems that the previous two Blu-ray releases sold enough to give Blu-ray in H!P another chance and I am glad to see that is the case since the difference in quality is very noticeable and a welcome change from the regular DVDs we are used to seeing.

Like all Blu-rays the price is a bit higher than normal DVDs (it’s about $60 US dollars) but fans who love to see Blu-ray quality videos will be very happy to see the many great songs they performed but in a higher quality.

I would wish they would announce Blu-rays sooner since fans who already bought the DVD might not want to buy the same concert in Blu-ray a few months later, so hopefully if they will continue with Blu-ray releases they announce them a bit closer to the DVD release dates so that fans can choose the one they like.

Despite that I look forward to seeing the concert in Blu-ray since it will be very interesting to see it in higher quality.

The release date is set for 10/27.

Shinseido Page For Morning Musume’s Pika Pika Blu-ray

Neowing Site For Morning Musume’s Pika Pika Blu-ray

Buono! Live Tour 2010 ~Rock’n Buono! 3~ DVD Announced

31 08 2010

The DVD release for Buono’s Live Tour 2010 ~Rock’n Buono! 3 has been announced.

Here is the setlist for the last date (and most likely the DVD tracklist):

01 Café Buono!
02 Rottara Rottara
03 Kokoro no Tamago
04 Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!
06 Urahara (Short Ver.)
07 Last Forever (Short Ver.)
08 Our Songs (Short Ver.)

VTR Buono!’s Summer Vacation

10 One Way = My Way (Short Ver.)
11 Kataomoi
12 Independent Girl ~Independent Girl ~ Dokuritsu Joshi de Aru Tame ni
MC (Dolce Introduction)
13 Honto no Jibun
14 Kimi ga Ireba
15 Blue-Sky-Blue
16 Renai Rider
17 Warp!
18 Bravo Bravo

19 We are Buono! ~ Buono! no Theme
21 You’re My Friend

I’m glad that we finally get a chance to find out the release date since it gives Buono fans a chance to reserve their copy before it is released, and since this concert tour got many positive reviews from fans who attended the concerts I look forward to seeing the performances when it is released.

Apart from the release date it is very important to note which label is publishing the DVD since it seems that the DVD will not be released by Pony Canyon but instead by Zetima, which is currently the label used by Momusu and most UFA artists.

Since I doubt they would change labels to release only one DVD it might be a good indicator that they will continue as Buono, and even though we don’t have any official mention this is just another clue to add to the many we have seen (among them Momo’s mention of talking about a new single with Buono on Chisa’s Ustream show, as well as Buono’s profile on the UFA artists list, which might be a good indicator since they are the only H!P group to appear there apart from Momusu, Berryz, C-ute, Mano and S/mileage).

Hopefully we get good news about a new release (apart from this DVD) in the following months, but since we don’t have any official mention for now we will have to wait and see.

That being said I look forward to the DVD since the many fan reports talk of how great the concerts were so hopefully we soon get a chance to find out for ourselves with a preview or covers.

The release date is set for 11/10.

Shinseido Page For Buono’s Rock’n Buono! 3 DVD

Tower Records Page For Buono’s Rock n’ Buono! 3 DVD

Takahashi Ai To Dub A Korean Drama

31 08 2010

According to a recent post on the official H!P site, Takahashi Ai will be part of a Japanese dubbing cast for a Korean drama titled Accidental Couple. Ai-chan will be dubbing the part of the main actress Kim Ah-joong who plays Han Ji-soo.

The news was revealed quite a bit ago by Ai-chan herself in a call to Gaki’s radio show special where she revealed that she was currently dubbing a Korean drama, but it’s great to finally get an official confirmation.

I’m glad to see that Ai-chan is getting many chances to form part of dramas and since this time she will be dubbing a character instead of actually acting on-screen it will be interesting to see how it turns out, although she will most likely do a great job since her acting skills are some of the best.

The drama is somewhat short (about 11 episodes according to the H!P site, but it might be 16), although it is a great start for Ai-chan in dubbing and it might eventually lead to more dubbing roles in the future.

It seems that the character Ai-chan will be dubbing is fairly popular so Ai-chan has quite a bit of work to do, although I wish her the best of luck and hopefully we can soon find out how the dubbed version sounds when it airs.

The drama will begin airing on 9/17.

Accidental Couple Official Japanese Site

Official H!P Announcement About Ai-chan Dubbing Accidental Couple

Muten Musume – “Appare Kaitenzushi!” Tracklist Released

31 08 2010

  1. Appare Kaitenzushi!
  2. Kura Sushi Bikkurapon!
  3. Appare Kaitenzushi! (Instrumental)
  4. Kura Sushi Bikkurapon! (Instrumental)

The tracklist for Muten Musume’s 1st single titled Appare Kaiten Zushi! has been released. The single will come in Regular and Limited versions, with the Limited version also featuring a 24 page booklet.

It is somewhat early but I am glad to see that the tracklist for the special Muten Musume single is out since it gives us a chance to find out more about this special promotional unit, and from what I can tell the “sushi” theme is well used since both of the songs contain “sushi” in the name.

The most surprising details would have to be the 24 page booklet and the double karaoke since it has been quite some time since we have seen a booklet, and along with the double karaoke (which we have seen in some recent shuffle groups like Buono or Guardians 4) it seems like a very tempting single to buy.

Hopefully more details are released soon but the 4 tracks (normal and karaoke) with interesting sushi related titles plus the 24 page booklet in the Limited edition seem like good enough reasons to buy a copy.

The release date is set for 10/27.

Neowing Page For Muten Musume’s Appare Kaiten Zushi! -Regular

Neowing Page For Muten Musume’s Appare Kaiten Zushi! – Limited

S/mileage’s First Album Announced

30 08 2010

According to recent post on their official site S/mileage will release their first album, currently untitled, sometime in Winter:

S/mileage first album winter release decided!

Apart from the album announcement there is no other information, but there is a mention that more details, such as release date and title, will be released soon.

I am very surprised to see that they are already releasing an album since Mano didn’t get one until after her 5th single, while S/mileage will be getting theirs shortly after their 3rd single (most likely between their 3rd and 4th single).

Despite that I am glad to see that they are releasing an album since they certainly have more than enough songs for it (they will have 10 songs after their 3rd single, counting b-sides) so I look forward to finding out what the tracklist is along with the title and how the covers look.

Since we don’t have a set release date it is difficult to predict when it will be released since it could be sometime in December or maybe even sometime in January, but hopefully we get more info so that S/mileage fans know whether or not to buy it for the holidays.

The release date will be sometime in Winter.

S/mileage Post About Album (bottom of page in pink)

New Morning Musume Unit “Muten Musume” Single Announced

29 08 2010

According to a Sanspo article a new Morning Musume promotion unit called Muten Musume will release a single titled Appare! Kaiten Zushi.

According to Tsunku the unit was made to spread the sushi culture around the world. The unit consists of Morning Musume members using the following characters and names for promotion of a sushi chain in Kansai:

Aiai (Takahashi Ai), Risarisa (Niigaki Risa), Erieri (Kamei Eri)

Sayusayu (Michishige Sayumi), Reirei (Tanaka Reina), Ikaika (Mitsui Aika)

JJ (Jun Jun), Lili (Lin Lin)

As you may remember it was thought that the song Appare! Kaiten Zushi was the 44th single, but surprisingly it turns out that it was an entirely different single for promotion of a sushi chain (as suggested by some fans when a preview for it was released).

I am very surprised (to say the least) about this news since I didn’t really think that the song preview we heard from a sushi bar could be a different release by a new promotional unit, but I’m really glad to see that they are doing this unit since I would have never guessed that UFA would release a Momusu song at sushi bars without any announcement and allow it to basically promote itself (like Berryz or C-ute) before announcing the news of a new “unit”.

It seems like a great move from UFA since it gives Momusu some extra promotion before the release of their single, and even though we now have almost no information at all about the 44th single it was a nice surprise apart as well as a clever marketing move.

Hopefully this signals the beginning of an entirely different promotion plan from UFA since this announcement of a promotional unit along with S/mileage and Mano’s unique promotion strategies (PV with a movie director and an OG in the PV) seem to suggest that UFA are finally trying out new tactics, but like always we will have to wait and see if they work when the singles are released.

That being said the outfits that Muten Momusu are wearing all look interesting since half of them are wearing military styled green suits (Jun Jun, Sayu, Mitsui and Kamei) while the other half are wearing polka dotted dresses (Risa, Ai, Reina, and Lin Lin) which give them an interesting balance and look for the song.

The chibi anime characters that were also released in the article were apparently designed based on each members favorite food (I would say sushi related but Lili’s watermelon outfit or JJ’s banana outfit don’t make sense), and for the most part it’s a cute way to add to the “completely different group” concept that Tsunku chose for the “unit”.

As we found out a while ago the song is somewhat upbeat and now that we can see the outfits and the concept of the group I have to agree that it combines well with the idea, and since we have only heard the song from recordings at the sushi bar I do hope we can hear a radio rip eventually along with any other possible promotion releases sometime soon (a PV would be great).

Overall this was a nice surprise since we are getting two different Musume releases in the following months and while we now have no idea what to expect for the 44th release it is great to find out a possibility as to why the 44th single was pushed back to November.

The release date is set for 10/27.

Sanspo Article About Muten Musume

EDIT: Here is a translation from the Sanspo article announcing the new unit (translation by Nouciel):

On the 28th it was announced that a new song that has been playing in the sushi chain based in Osaka “Kura Corpo”, has become a hot topic in the internet, and will appear on a CD. Music producer Tsunku (41) was in charge of “Appare Kaiten Sushi!”, which will go on sale on October 27th. To spread the sushi culture around the world a new female idol unite will be born, called “Muten Musume”. (You can expect them, but) who could be the members!?

Japan wants to tell the world about one of their prides, food culture, with a song! This big concept was known since the 13th, where the song “Appare Kaiten Sushi” started to be played in the Kura Corpo stores.

♪ osushi ga naze suki ka, otona ni wakarukai? zarya sugu taberarete, sugu ni manpuku…

An up-tempo song, with friendly lyrics/phrases, is featured for the chain based in Osaka. It’s a friendly song for people from adults to children.

On every Kura Corpo store, people were asking things like “What is that song?”, “Who is singing it?”. And it became a hot talk on internet as well. The name of the mysterious unit has been revealed and it’s “Muten Musume”.

With the “pressure” (in a good sense) of the voices that talked about the song so much, and the girls wearing veil, it’s been decided that a CD will be released. There’s still 2 months to go until it goes on sale, but the members/reality of the unit has been revealed. Wherever you listen to the singing voices (of that song), since the group’s name has “Musume” in the end of it, it means it’s produced by Tsunku, and that it’s related to the popular idol group Morning Musume.

This project came to life since the very beginning of this year. The sushi chain shop is related to/depends on producer Tsunku. His “treasured child” Momusu is excluded from this promotion, and it’s been decided that it will “Muten Musume” who does all the (promotional) activities (related to this song).

Featuring the favourite food of the 8 members of Morning Musume, new characters have been created/designed, they’re attached on this article [see below]. Each of them has been designed in anime style A karaoke clip of the song has been uploaded in the website of the sushi chain shop. Leader AiAi, Takahashi Ai (23) said enthusiastically “As Muten Musume, we’ll be helping to spread around the world the culture of Japan’s own sushi”.

Since the release of Shibugakitai’s hit song “Sushi kui nee!”, it’s been a long time since a “sushi song” has been created. Momusu will build up a new boom.