Reborn ~Inochi no Audition~ Stage Play Official Blog Opened

6 09 2011

The official blog for Reborn ~Inochi no Audition~  the stage play has been opened.

Like most blogs for stage plays, this one will be opened temporarily. Though this play has a very mixed cast so regardless of the blog’s short life span I’m looking forward to seeing what they’re all doing together behind the scenes. A summary about the play was released but it doesn’t tell us much so I’m hoping we can get some hints of the play through the blog and when the play does begin I’m looking forward to seeing what the characters are like since we’ve only seen small previews of things.

So far there’s only one post, which is from the staff member announcing that the special blog will start soon. It’s not much a post but hopefully the cast members will start posting and I look forward to it.

Just a reminder the stage play will be from 10/8-10/17, so we can get an idea of how long the blog will be active.

Official Stage Play Blog

More Details About Hello! Project’s Stage Play “Reborn ~Inochi no Audition~” Released

2 09 2011

More details about the upcoming stage play featuring various H!P members titled Reborn ~Inochi no Audition~ have been released.

According to a report from a press conference and a character list from a flier these are the roles for each of the members (thanks to Amped for the translation):

  • Niigaki Risa will be Joan of Arc
  • Tanaka Reina will be Tezuka Osamu (creator of Astro Boy)
  • Fukumura Mizuki will be Cleopatra
  • Suzuki Kanon will be the historical Chinese princess Yang Guifei
  • Ikuta Erina will be Ono no Komachi
  • Sayashi Riho will be Shakespeare
  • Miyamoto Karin will be Genghis Khan
  • Kudou Haruka will be Leonardo da Vinci

Roles for Mori Saki, Miyoshi Erika, Sengoku Minami and who I think is Takagaki Sayuki, are not clear though since the quality of the flier isn’t the best.

It seems that the stage play will have a very interesting theme since having H!P members play the role of historical figures is a pretty fun concept, and while I’m not sure who some of the members will be I can say for sure that I’m looking forward to seeing Gaki play Joan of Arc as well as Mizuki playing Cleopatra since the roles fit them perfectly.

It’s also great that they didn’t limit themselves to only female roles since Reina, Riho, Karin, and Kudou have male roles, which will be fun to see since we don’t usually see many members play male roles, and also because their outfits seem a bit more feminine than what their roles represent (I don’t think Da Vinci used a cute blue dress). Apart from the main female cast there are also four guys at the bottom of the character list, who I unfortunately don’t know much so it will be interesting to see if they are the villains or have some other kind of role.

I will update this post with info from the rest of the members once it is clear, but until then I hope many fans in the area can go to the play since it looks like a great way to enjoy a play full of historical figures and H!P members.

The play is set for 10/8-10/17.

Mantan Web Site

Gekidan Online Site

Tanaka Reina To Replace Mitsui Aika In “Reborn ~Inochi no Audition~”

30 08 2011

Due to Mitsui Aika’s condition, Tanaka Reina will replace her in the upcoming stage play titled Reborn ~Inochi no Audition~.

This was confirmed by a flyer which was released recently on the stage play’s site.

It’s unfortunate that Mitsui Aika won’t be able to participate in the stage play but due to her condition it’s best for her to rest up so she can hopefully soon recover, and while it might be disappointing, it’s good to see that Reina will be able to join the cast since she has done quite a good job with her past performances.

From what I can tell there is quite a lot of variety from the cast for the show, and surprisingly it appears that this cast will be mostly female (if not completely), which should be interesting to see since there might be a few members who play the male roles, for example Gaki who appears to be wearing armor with a sword.

Everyone looks really good in their outfit, especially Kanon and Mizuki who have an elegant look, although the flyer is still a bit too small to know for sure how everyone looks since it appears that most of the members are in the back with only Gaki and Reina clearly visible.

All that is left to see is a bigger flyer and the start of the play, so hopefully everyone who can attend the show will do so since it seems like it will be very interesting to watch.

The play will run from 10/8 ~ 10/17.

Niigaki Risa And Fukumura Mizuki Special FC Event Announced

24 08 2011

A special FC Event for Niigaki Risa and Fukumura Mizuki in occasion of their respective birthdays was announced.

I was really impressed and intreegued when I read the news of an FC Event for both Gaki-san and Fuku-chan at the same time since we usually get solo FC Events for one member, or combined FC Events for the members of a same generation, but it’s really nice to see that UFA is using as many chances as possible to promote the Kyuukies and show off the amazing connection that Gaki-san and the Kyuukies (Fuku-chan especially) have build through their Ustream shows, appearances on TV, etc…

Since Gaki-sans birthday is the 20th of october and Fuku-chan’s is on the 30th of the same month, they picked a date in between to hold the FC Event, and I have to say that I’m more than pleased by this since FC Events are usually very pleasant events where the crowd and the girls are relaxed and just have fun together, which will allow Fuku-chan to show off her personality a little more, and them being my favorite Momusu members, I can’t help but hope for many songs sung in duo that will make everyone take notice at how well they perform together.

Overall, even though not many details are out yet, I find this an incredible chance for Fuku-chan and Gaki to celebrate their birthdays in a very unique way with their respective fan clubs, so hopefully they will enjoy themselves and be able to convey their energy through the performances.

Hopefully everyone who can attend will do so since we can expect great things from those 2 combined, and this will definitely be a memorable event for the girls and their fans.

The event will take place on 10/23.

FC Official Announcement About Event

“Ribbon~reborn~” Stage Play Title Has Changed To “Ribbon~Inochi no Audition~”

10 08 2011

The title for the stage play featuring various H!P artists has been changed from Ribbon~reborn~ to Ribbon~Inochi no Audition~.

I’m not sure if it’s Ribbon~Inochi no Audition~ or Reborn~Inochi no Audition~ since they used Katakana for the first part, but the new title for the play means something along the lines of Reborn~Life Audition~ which matches the description that was released when the play announced, and while we might not have that many details apart from what we already know it seems like this play will be very interesting.

As mentioned before this will be the first play for most of the 9th generation, although it will be fun to see who stands out since they all seem like they could do really well in the play. Apart from that Riho’s injury will most likely be healed by the time the play starts, but we’ll have to wait and see what the result for Mitsui’s checkup will be since her previous check up resulted in a longer healing time.

For now the play is starting to shape up to be a very interesting event since it includes quite a lot of H!P and UFA members, but I hope we get to see some previews or at least a promotion flier by next month.

The play will run from 10/8 ~ 17.

Stage Play Site

Takahashi Ai & Niigaki Risa FC Bus Tour In Hakuba Setlist Released

3 07 2011

01. Kiss me Aishiteru
03. Anata Nashi de wa Ikite
04. Take off is now!
06. Ano Hi ni Modoritai
07. 22 sai no watashi (Niigaki solo)
08. Yuki / Ai Anata > Suki
09. LOVE。BELIEVE IT! (Takahashi solo)
10. Gatamekira
11. Suki Sugite Baka Mitai

Credits to Amped @ Jplop

The setlist for Takahashi Ai and Niigaki Risa’s latest FC Bus Tour titled ~Morning Days Happy Holiday~ Ai x Risa FC Bus Tour in Hakuba has been released.

When I first took a look at the setlist, I was really pleased and surprised to see the songs that they performed since they did some very interesting songs from other groups like Berryz Koubou’s debut single Anata Nashi de wa Ikite
 Yukenai, C-ute’s recent Kiss me Aishiteru, as well as some songs that the fans adore like HOW DO YOU LIKE JAPAN? or Suki Sugite Baka Mitai.

The setlist is one of the best I have seen for a duo bus tour since the songs they chose fit perfectly with Gaki and Ai-chan’s personalities, specially HOW DO YOU LIKE JAPAN? which cough my attention since Gaki always leads in it when it’s performed live, and it was mentionned that in the end, Gaki shout “I like Ai” while Ai replies “I like Risa” which shows the chemistry that these 2 have through the songs.

This being their last FC bus tour together, I was expecting a special duo song, and I’m happy to see that they picked Ano Hi ni Modoritai since it’s one of their best duos being originally their song, and I’m sure that the solos only added to the pleasure of fans who attented.

Overall, It seems like this last bus tour for Ai and Risa is a great success thanks to the dedicated fans and the amazing setlist, so please continue supporting them.

Ribbon~reborn~ Stage Play Featuring Various H!P Artists Announced

1 07 2011

A stage play currently titled “Ribbon~reborn~” has been announced and it will feature various H!P artists.

The title is a temporary title and is subject to change but for now the following members will be participating in the play:

  • Niigaki Risa
  • Mitsui Aika
  • Fukumura Mizuki
  • Ikuta Erina
  • Sayashi Riho
  • Suzuki Kanon
  • Mori Saki & Sengoku Minami from Up Up Girls
  • Erika Miyoshi
  • Kudou Haruka from H!P eggs

Here is a short summary of the play translated by Sohee @ JPLOP:

Between “this world” and “that world” there is a world where 10 “new lives” have been prepared.
The 10 people who have gathered are “historical super stars”.
But, a 11th one who is a “nameless ordinary person” turns up.
The great ones holds a “audition for being reborn”.

I really like that the cast line up so far since it seems like they picked random members for the play but regardless of that I’m real excited for this since this will be 9th gen’s first play (except for Riho) and I’m curious to see what their acting is like. Also in the Fashionable play Riho played a very minor role so hopefully we’ll see her in this play a little bit more and we can get an idea of what her acting is like. I’m also very surprised to see Erika Miyoshi in the line up since it’s been awhile since we’ve seen her so hopefully some of her fans can attend.

Hopefully more information is released soon, such as the characters and some promotion fliers/photos and a plot summary.

The play is set for 10/8-10/17.

Play information page

Niigaki Risa Updates Blog With New Header

18 06 2011

Niigaki Risa updates her blog with a new header.

Not only has the header been changed, the background of the site has also been changed to match the header. The new header has a real pretty and mature style compared to the last one. It also has less pictures but the new header works just fine since the last one was outdated. (It had balloons of the number 21, which I believe represented her age at the time the blog was opened.)

The title also changed to “It was happy?” According to Gaki after completing live performances Gaki likes to say the phrase in Japanese and she also wants to live by this phrase so she renamed her blog.

I really like the new header and blog background and it really fits her. Please support Gaki and visit her blog!

Gaki’s Blog

“Real Etude ~Takahashi Family to Niigaki Family” Improv Theater DVDs Announced

3 05 2011

Three DVDs featuring Takahashi Ai and Niigaki Risa titled Real Etude ~Takahashi Family to Niigaki Family have been announced.

The DVDs are from Takahashi and Niigaki’s improv theater performances and they each feature 60 minutes of content, each DVD featuring a different guest.

I remember the news about Ai and Risa having a few improv theater performances but I’m surprised to see that there will be DVD releases since Ai and Gaki fans can enjoy the performances from the comfort of their home with a few special guests.

I have no idea who the guests are but each one of them gets a chance to appear in each DVD, which is a great way for fans who attended the performances to enjoy their favorite without having to buy all of them, although I would have liked to see a DVD with scenes from all three guests as well.

Hopefully fans who are interested reserve their copy of the DVD.

The DVDs are up for preorder from now until 5/31.

E-Lineup! Page For Takahashi Ai and Niigaki Risa’s DVD 1

E-Lineup! Page For Takahashi Ai and Niigaki Risa’s DVD 2

E-Lineup! Page For Takahashi Ai and Niigaki Risa’s DVD 3

“Morning Days Happy Holiday! Takahashi Ai Niigaki Risa Fanclub Tour” Announced

18 04 2011

Takahashi Ai and Niigaki Risa will have an FC event titled Morning Days Happy Holiday! Takahashi Ai Niigaki Risa Fanclub Tour.

I’m surprised to see that another 5th generation event is being planned since they have had quite a lot of events lately, but despite that this event should be a bit more special since this will most likely be the last event for them.

Like previous events we will most likely see them perform songs as well as talk with fans and have contests although details haven’t been released, and while we have no clear idea what to expect for this event I am looking forward to reading fan reports about all of the events that took place in the tour.

Hopefully fans of Ai-chan and Gaki can attend the tour since it seems like this will be an event many fans will want to go to.

The tour will take place from 7/2 ~ 3.

Official FC Page For Ai-chan and Gaki’s FC Event