Lin Lin and Saho Akari Will Form a Special Unit For A Mini-live

12 08 2011

According to a tweet from famous Japanese Pop Culture writer Takamasa Sakurai, Lin Lin and Saho Akari from Up Up Girls will form a special unit and perform in a mini-live for a Chinese girl’s Harajuku fashion show in China.

This was confirmed by the S/mileage staff account who re-tweeted the announcement:

This was a really surprising announcement since I didn’t expect to see Lin Lin perform with a UFA member again, much less with the leader of the Up Up Girls, but I’m really looking forward to seeing this performance since it seems like it will be a fun event with a unique and interesting unit.

So far there hasn’t been any other details about this special unit so it will most likely just be a temporary event to promote UFA, but I hope we get to see this mini-unit perform some more since it seems like a unique and interesting duo, although they will most likely just cover songs instead of singing a new song.

More details should be released in the next few days since the event is scheduled for the end of this month, so hopefully we get to see some pictures from Lin Lin and Saho getting ready for the event from their blogs to find out just what kind of theme they will have, but for now I am really happy to see that this unique and surprising unit was formed.

The mini live will take place on 8/27 in Harbin, China.

Saho Akari To Appear on “Zakigami”

19 07 2011

Saho Akari will appear on the TBS show Zakigami.

It seems that she will only appear in one segment of the show but it’s great to see that the UP UP Girls are making more appearances on TV shows since it gives them a chance to promote their group as well as their own talent, and with an appearance on a show led by Yaguchi it will most likely be a very interesting segment.

I’m not sure what the theme of the segment will be but I encourage fans to check out the show if they can since the show already features Yaguchi, and with Akari it will most likely be even better.

Hopefully we get to see a clip of the show once it has already aired but for now I’m happy to see that Saho will appear on a show.

The appearance will air on 7/22 from 1:25 ~ 1:55 (JST).


Zakigami Site

Saho Akari and Satou Ayano To Appear In a TV Drama

19 07 2011

According to a blog entry on the UP UP GIRLS blog, Saho Akari and Satou Ayano will appear in a drama titled Yuusha Yoshihiko to Maou no Shiro on TV Tokyo.

A set date for their appearance hasn’t been released so we don’t have a clear idea when they might be on but it will most likely be in the next few weeks or sometime soon since the announcement was done about a week ago.

The drama seems to center around comedy with a focus on a more historical theme, although from what I can tell Saho and Satou won’t have that big of a part since the drama already started a few weeks ago, but they may be the main characters in their episode so we’ll have to wait to find out.

Despite not having that much info about their appearance we should find out soon what kind of role they had so hopefully we get to see a clip or two once the episode airs.

The drama airs every Friday at midnight (24:00 JST).

UP UP Girls Blog Post

Yuusha Yoshihiko to Maou no Shiro Site