Nagate Ayaka Has Given Birth To A Baby Boy

1 09 2011

Nagate Ayaka revealed on her blog that she gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

The baby boy was born on 8/29 at 16:27 weighing in at 3122 grams.

A birth is always something to celebrate so I’m happy to see that Ayaka’s baby was born without any problems and while the birth happened just a few days ago she seems to be in perfect condition, which is also good news since she can enjoy taking care of her new son along with her husband.

For now there isn’t much info, which is understandable since most of their free time will most likely be focused on their new baby, but hopefully we soon get to find out what the name of their son is as well as seeing a few of the pictures of her baby.

Until then congratulations to both Ayaka and Hideto!

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Nagate Ayaka Is Pregnant With Her First Child

4 04 2011

Nagate Ayaka, former Coconuts Musume member, revealed on her blog that she is pregnant with her first child.

The announcement seems to be somewhat calm since Ayaka begins talking about it being cherry blossom season but after the mention of her having a baby belly she seems to be very excited and looking forward to her baby, and while we barely have the announcement with almost no other information I am very glad for her.

Since we don’t have any other information right now we are somewhat left to wonder whether it will be a boy or girl and when the baby might come, and since we won’t know whether it is a baby boy or girl until a few more months we can at least expect to hear about the birth of the baby sometime in December or January (maybe November).

Hopefully Ayaka keeps us updated throughout these next months, but for now:

Congratulations Ayaka!

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Nagate Ayaka Opens Up A Blog

11 12 2009

Former Coconut’s Musume member Kimura Ayaka, now Nagate Ayaka after her marriage, has opened up a blog on the Ameba site.

Although there are no entries on the blog it is great to know that Ayaka still has a way to keep in touch with Coconuts Musume fans.

The picture from the header looks somewhat recent and it has a great looking Kalachuchi flower theme which somewhat reminds me of her former days as a Coconuts Musume.

Hopefully she gets a chance to at least do an introduction post since it has been quite a while since we have heard from her.

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