Various Solos Released For Hello Cover Series

29 03 2011

Natsuyaki Miyabi, Takahashi Ai, Okai Chisato, Suzuki Airi, Tsugunaga Momoko, Sugaya Risako released solos for the Hello Cover Series. Here’s what they all released:

Miyabi: LOVE Namida Iro, Koi wo Shichaimashita
Aichan: Dearest, Akai Nikkichou, Furusato
Chisato: Furusato
Airi: Akai Nikkichou
Momoko: Kousui, Koi wo Shichaimashita, Egao ni Namida
Risako: Egao ni Namida, LOVE Namida Iro, Akai Nikkichou

It’s almost the same as the other Hello Cover, a majority of them performed the same song as everyone else. It is getting old seeing the same songs over again but I’m glad that they’re letting different members release the covers instead of the same members doing the covers.

For all fans that can do so please support the artists and download the song.

Risako Itunes

Momoko Itunes

Airi Itunes

Chisato Itunes

Ai Itunes

Miyabi Itunes

Sugaya Risako – “Le Soleil” DVD Digest Released

6 01 2011

A preview for Sugaya Risako’s e-Hello! DVD titled Le Soleil (Eng: The Sun) has been released.

The preview features three outfits: a school themed outfit with a red sweater, skirt and heels, a fluffy black dress with a fur scarf, and a more casual outfit with a pink sweater in various locations such as a train, the beach, a cafe, among many others.

Since the DVD preorders started today it was only a matter of time until we got the official title and a small preview and for the most part I really like the title since it’s meaning really matches up well with Risako’s bright and cheerful personality, and despite being a bit too different from the usual Japanese titles we see from H!P I am glad that they are trying out fancy and unique titles for the DVDs.

The preview is like most of the other solo DVD previews since it features soft guitar music along with posing, smiling at the camera, and walking around, but despite it following that normal solo DVD preview pattern I was impressed with the scenes that were featured since we got to see Risako smiling and laughing while looking at the camera and in various outfits and locations.

Risako looked really cute throughout most of the video since most of it featured some great scenes where she looks at the camera and smiles or laughs, and even though the black dress and fur scarf didn’t quite mix that well with the nature background I was amazed at how great she looks when she smiles and poses.

Overall the preview is impressive since we get to see many of the locations and outfits in the DVD, and while some might be a bit too simple (like the beach scene, although it’s the first time I see someone with heels and a casual outfit instead of a bikini at the beach) I was glad that we got to see Risako’s cheerful and bright personality while she smiled at the camera and posed.

Hopefully Risako fans reserve a copy of this DVD since the video does a good job of showing off some the great scenes included.

Video uploaded by: berryzchannel

Sugaya Risako’s e-Hello! DVD Announced

5 01 2011

Sugaya Risako’s e-Hello! DVD, currently untitled, has been announced. This is the second DVD in the e-Hello! series.

I’m glad to see that we are finally getting more e-Hello! DVD’s since the idea of releasing limited edition solo DVDs for H!P members without PBs is somewhat unique, and since this is the second DVD it gives fans of solo DVDs a chance to enjoy a Risako release.

There aren’t that many details about Risako’s DVD (no title or preview) which is surprising since we got to see a small digest and title for Nakky’s DVD when it was announced, but we should get a title soon since the preorder application period just started.

The DVD will be 50 min long, giving fans a fairly lengthy DVD to enjoy with many interesting scenes, so hopefully Risako fans order their copy as soon as possible.

Preorders for the DVD will be accepted from now until 1/14 at 23:59 (JST), and the DVD will be released in February.

e-Lineup Page For Risako’s DVD

Kitagawa Mimi & Ibu Himuro Are “Independent Artist of the Year 2010” Nominees for Billboard JAPAN

12 11 2010

Kitagami Mimi & Ibu Himiru (Ogawa Mana and Sugaya Risako) have been nominated as Independent Artists of the Year 2010 for Billboard Japan.

I am very surprised to see that they are being nominated as indie artists of the year since they have only released one single so far together, but I am glad that they are since they both are very talented.

Voting ends on 11/15 so there is still time for fans to go to the Billboard Japan site and vote for them (along with any other artists you like in the other categories), so hopefully many Risako fans do so since competition for the category is tough (Dir en Grey and Orange Range to name a few).

The awards will be on 2/6/2011.

Official Billboard Japan Awards Artist Nominees Site

Official H!P Announcement About Nomination

Sugaya Risako – “Elegant Girl” PV Released

8 10 2010

The full PV for Sugaya Risako’s collaboration single with Ogawa Mana titled Elegant Girl has been released.

The PV is somewhat simple since most of the scenes featured take place in various rooms in a house, including a bedroom where Risako is sitting on a bed, a bathroom where she is leaning over a tub, a bright window where she is standing and singing, among many others, and even though it might be a simple PV I love how it looks overall.

Since this PV is for an anime ending it doesn’t seem to have a dance shot so most of the shots feature Risako either sitting, standing or posing for the camera, which is an interesting change from the usual PVs we have seen.

Even though the PV was somewhat calm I loved how the different scenes blended perfectly together and matched the ballad feeling of the song since the different settings and expressions from Risako were done extremely well.

Overall the PV is an amazing addition for the single since it has a calm theme that fits the song perfectly, and even though it might be a bit too simple I love how it looks since it matches the ballad sound of the song.

Hopefully Risako fans bought the Limited B edition of the single so they can have a version of this PV included with the release.

The release date is set for 10/13.

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Sugaya Risako – “Elegant Girl” Radio Preview Released

3 10 2010

A radio preview for Sugaya Risako’s collaboration single with Ogawa Mana titled Elegant Girl has been released.

A short PV preview was released a few days ago where we got to hear and see the song, and upon hearing the longer preview of this song I have to say that I still love how the song sounds since it has a catchy upbeat ballad instrumental mixed with great vocals from Risako.

From what we can tell most of the instrumental is made up of synthesizer (with a slightly chiptune intro) which is understandable since it is a song for an anime, but I have to admit that I like how it sounds since it adds a nice touch to the upbeat ballad.

Along with that the vocals from Risako sound incredible since they complement the songs powerful ballad sound, and even though the beat repeats a bit too frequently her vocals sound as impressing as always.

Overall I am very impressed with the song since it has a catchy upbeat synthesizer instrumental mixed with great ballad vocals that match perfectly with Ibu Himiru’s personality (the character Risako plays in the anime).

Hopefully all Risako fans get a copy of the single.

The release date is set for 10/13.

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Sugaya Risako – “Elegant Girl” PV Preview Released

23 09 2010

A PV preview for Sugaya Risako solo song from a collaboration single with Ogawa Mana titled Elegant Girl has been released.

The preview is somewhat short but it does give us a chance to listen to Risako’s song and to see the PV for it, and for the most part I am impressed with how it looks so far.

The song has a simple but somewhat catchy feeling combined with an upbeat ballad sound (which was somewhat expected since her character seems to have a more calm look when compared to Ogawa Mana), and despite the very simple instrumental I have to say that I like it since it seems to complement Risako’s voice well.

The PV matches the song perfectly since it has a simple but elegant theme that matches with the title of the song, and for the most part I love how the many scenes looked since the dark and calm setting of the shots combined with the soft beat of the song make a very impressing combination.

Despite the simple theme of the song and the PV I look forward to finding out more about this release since I am impressed with what I have heard and seen so far, so hopefully full previews will be released soon.

The release date is set for 10/13.

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Ogawa Mana and Sugaya Risako’s “Oshare My Dream / Elegant Girl” Covers Released

14 09 2010

From Left to Right: Regular, Limited A, Limited B, Limited C

Regular Edition

  1. Oshare My Dream
  2. Elegant Girl
  3. Oshare My Dream (Original Karaoke)
  4. Elegant Girl (Original Karaoke)

Limited Edition A

  1. Oshare My Dream
  2. Elegant Girl
  3. Oshare My Dream (Original Karaoke)
  4. Elegant Girl (Original Karaoke)


  1. Oshare My Dream (Music Video)
  2. Oshare My Dream (Making Of)

Limited Edition B

  1. Elegant Girl
  2. Oshare My Dream
  3. Elegant Girl (Original Karaoke)
  4. Oshare My Dream (Original Karaoke)


  1. Elegant Girl (Music Video)
  2. Elegant Girl (Making Of)

Limited Edition C

  1. Oshare My Dream
  2. Elegant Girl
  3. Oshare My Dream (Original Karaoke)
  4. Elegant Girl (Original Karaoke)

Bonus: Special Handkerchief

The covers and tracklists for Sugaya Risako and Ogawa Mana’s collaboration single titled Oshare My Dream / Elegant Girl have been released. The single will be a TNX release under the Pony Canyon label.

The regular cover features Ogawa and Risako in school girl outfits (basically cosplaying as their characters) with a simple green background, the Limited A cover features Ogawa with a more casual looking outfit against a pink background, Limited B features Risako with a cute dress and a great hairstyle on a blue background, while Limited C features a shot of them using the outfits from Limited A and B on the green background from the Regular edition.

Even though the theme of the covers is somewhat simple I do like how they look overall since the two different outfits as well as the dedicated covers for each member give enough variety for fans to choose from, and since the content for each single is different it will most likely result in fans getting multiple copies to get all of the bonuses.

The track lists are interesting since there are two different lists, one for Regular, Limited A and Limited C, and another slightly modified tracklist for Limited B, which is a great addition for Risako fans since it somewhat makes it look like it is a solo release, even though it is only a different order (with her track first).

Overall the covers are a bit simple, but the outfits and the dedicated version for each member (including a slightly modified tracklist for Risako’s Limited B version) make the single a very impressing release for Ogawa and Risako fans alike.

Hopefully everyone can get at least one copy of the single since it looks like it will be a very interesting release.

The release date is set for 10/13.

Official Canary Club Ameba Blog

Ogawa Mana and Sugaya Risako’s Single Details Released

2 09 2010

Details have been released about Ogawa Mana and Sugaya Risako’s currently untitled single (the title hasn’t been officially confirmed but it will most likely be either Oshare My Dream or Oshare My Dream / Elegant Girl).

According to CDJapan instead of one single release each for Ogawa Mana and Sugaya Risako there will be only one single available in four versions: Regular, Limited A, Limited B, and Limited C.

Each single will feature both of the songs: the opening theme Oshare My Dream (sung by Ogawa Mana) as well as the ending theme Elegant Girl (sung by Risako), but further details such as a set tracklist haven’t been released.

Limited Edition A will feature the music video for Ogawa Mana’s track, Limited B will feature Sugaya Risako’s music video for her track, and Limited C will feature an apparel item. Apart from that each single will feature two photos of Mimi Kitagami and Ibu Himuro as bonuses.

Even though it is somewhat disappointing that we won’t see a single release from Risako it is still interesting to see that they will release 4 versions of this collaboration single between Mana and Risako since that could mean higher sales if both of their fans buy the single.

The photos, as well as the added bonus of a music video for Risako’s track seem like a great enough reason for her fans to buy the Limited B edition since they will get a chance to see her perform her song as Ibu Himuro, and even though we haven’t seen the covers I do hope that we get to see a cover where Risako stands out.

Hopefully we get a chance to hear both of the songs sometime in the following weeks through previews since it will be interesting to hear what their songs could sound like.

The release date is set for 10/13.

CDJapan Page For Ogawa Mana and Sugaya Risako’s Single -Regular

CDJapan Page For Ogawa Mana and Sugaya Risako’s Single – Limited A

CDJapan Page For Ogawa Mana and Sugaya Risako’s Single – Limited B

CDJapan Page For Ogawa Mana and Sugaya Risako’s Single – Limited C

Sugaya Risako’s 1st Solo Single Titled “Elegant Girl”

27 08 2010

The title for Sugaya Risako’s 1st solo single has been revealed to be Elegant Girl.

I’m glad to see that we are getting more info about this single since it has been quite some time since we got the announcement of the two singles, but it’s great that we finally get a title so we can start wondering how it will sound.

The title of the single does seem to fit the personality of Risako’s character so it’s great that they will follow that theme (Ogawa Mana’s is titled Oshare My Dream which also seems to fit), and while we have no idea how the songs sound I do expect to hear a somewhat upbeat song or a ballad for either Ogawa or Risako, but we will have to wait to find out.

Hopefully we get a chance to hear a preview or at least to see the covers for the releases sometime soon.

The release date is set for 10/13.