H!P Releases September 7

7 09 2011

Back today from a small break with two releases.

Today’s releases include:

  • Tanaka Reina, Shimizu Saki, Sudou Maasa – Gekidan Gekiharo Dai 10 Kai Koen “Taishou Roman Haikara Tantei Aoi Ruby Satsujinjiken” (DVD)
  • C-ute – Sekai Ichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko (Regular, Limited A, Limited B)

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Tanaka Reina, Shimizu Saki, Sudou Maasa – Gekidan Gekiharo Dai 10 Kai Koen “Taishou Roman Haikara Tantei Aoi Ruby Satsujinjiken” (DVD)

The DVD for the stage play titled Taishou Roman Haikara Tantei Aoi Ruby Satsujinjiken (Eng: Taisho Romance of the Stylish Detective King Blue Ruby Murder Case) featuring Reina, Maasa, and Shimizu Saki.

Unfortunately there isn’t much in the form of previews since there aren’t usually that many available when the DVD is released (since only a few fans get it), but from the title of the play it’s easy to see that this is a very interesting play for Reina, Captain, and Maasa fans since it features all of them in a uniquely titled mystery.

The flier (and cover) for this release is interesting since we get to see Reina riding a bike with a kimono styled outfit and a giant bow, as well as Captain holding handcuffs and Maasa in a white dress, and while I have no idea what the plot involves (except that it’s a mystery about a murder) I have to admit that I would like to take a look and find out.

I don’t usually pay much attention to stage plays since I prefer to watch the H!P members in a reality show instead of on stage (they act really well, but it’s hard for me to like a play since I have never seen one completely), but I encourage anyone who is interested in getting a copy to do so since a play with Reina, Captain and Maasa is by itself a must see for anyone.

C-ute – Sekai Ichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko (Regular, Limited A, Limited B)

  1. Sekai Ichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko
  2. Idai na Chikara wo!
  3. Sekai Ichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko (Instrumental)

C-ute’s 17th single which debuted on the Oricon at #5.

At first glance the title of the single is really happy and bright, so I was very surprised to see that the design for the covers was very different, and while the song isn’t bad I would have preferred to see a bit more of a colorful approach for this release with the covers since they are the first thing that many buyers see.

The covers feature a distinct white theme, which is hard to tell due to the white background of the site but it was nothing like I expected since the title’s meaning (The World’s Happiest Girl) somewhat suggested a bright and colorful scene with all of the members smiling, and while the Regular and Limited B covers have that theme I would have liked to see the colorful outfits for this single on the cover instead of the white dresses since they really fit in with the theme more.

Despite that the Regular cover was a really great addition since we get to see all of the members jumping while holding signs with the title of the single, and since they fit in with the theme for this single I was impressed with it since it managed to stand out. The Limited A cover was a very different approach since everyone has a serious look on their face, and with the title being hard to read I can say for sure that I didn’t really like this one as much, although I admit that everyone does look beautiful (especially Chisa, Maimi and Airi).

The Limited B in my opinion is the best cover, mainly because it features all of the members smiling while looking at the camera, and with a lineup they really manage to make everyone stand out while making the title easy to read.

As most of you might have already noticed the covers each have a different color for some of the spaces in the characters for the title: Regular has blue, Limited A has pink, and Limited B has green, and while it doesn’t really fit I am glad to see that they added that touch since everyone can immediately know which is which.

As for the song itself it can be summarized in one word: Happy.

Video uploaded by: ocutechannel

The sound is a bit generic, but it still has the C-ute sound we all love, and while I can’t really say that I love this song I am impressed with how everyone sounds since we can clearly hear everyone sing at least a few solo lines, and with the happy sound of the song it is a nice feature that makes this a pretty good release since the title is a perfect description of the song.

For the most part I didn’t dislike the song at all since it has a nice beat and sound, but the only thing that sticks out are the fast vocals during a few parts of the song, which for me don’t really fit in at all and make a very weird transition to the next part of the song, although alone they are cute additions since they are offbeat and sound cool.

The PV reflects the happy theme of the title and song by featuring the members wearing colored dresses: Maimi in red, Airi in pink, Nakky in blue, Chisa in green and Mai in yellow, and with the additional detail of giving them a hat or hair accessory in their color as well as coloring a strand of their hair in that color it really made the outfit complete.

The PV features scenes such as all of them singing at the same time, dancing in front of colored stripes on the floor ending in a small room which is completely colored, each member singing from their room, and the members singing from the floor while also pushing books in a domino pattern, and for the most part it’s a cute and impressive PV since it has a lot of color and has a creative way of ending the PV (with the members posing on the floor in between the books that spell it).

Video uploaded by: knowknew0920

The b-side also has a very catchy and happy beat that’s perfect for fans to sing and cheer along to, and with the slight ska beat during the vocals (with a Christmas sound in some sections) it really makes it a good song for concerts, although listening to it somewhat makes me think that it lacks something.

For the most part it’s a good b-side but I wouldn’t say that it could replace the a-side since in my opinion I strongly prefer Sekai Ichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko.

Overall this release has simple covers but the content really shines since the songs are bright and happy, and with a very colorful PV it makes this release among the best of C-ute, although I hope we get to see the next single with a bit more of a unique style since it’s not as catchy as previous releases.

Tanaka Reina, Shimizu Saki, Sudou Maasa
Gekidan Gekiharo Dai 10 Kai Koen “Taishou Roman Haikara Tantei Aoi Ruby Satsujinjiken” (DVD)
Sekaiichi Happy na Onna no Ko (Single)
Sekaiichi Happy na Onna no Ko (Single+DVD)
Limited A
Sekaiichi Happy na Onna no Ko (Single+DVD)
Limited B



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8 09 2011

C-ute’s single (and some other stuff) has been stuck in customs for me for three days now.

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