Mobekimasu – “Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku” Group Profile Pictures Released

1 09 2011

Group profile pictures for Mobekimasu’s 1st single titled Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku have been released.

The outfits for each group have a different color: Morning Musume has red, Berryz has blue, C-ute has pink, S/mileage has silver, and Mano has gold, and while there might not be that much of a difference when it comes to the design of the outfit it is still a great opportunity to check out how each member looks.

The lineup for Momusu is surprising since I expected to see Gaki in the middle alongside Reina, but it seems that Riho is already being pushed to the front so while it might be a bit disappointing I am glad that everyone got a chance to appear clearly, especially Mitsui who appears to be placing a foot behind Erina to hide her injury.

For me the members who stood out here were Sayu, Gaki, Erina, and Mizuki since they all have a great look, and while the general theme of the outfit is the same for everyone it’s still a relief to see that there is at least some variety, such as different boots (in Mitsui’s case she’s the only one with that type of shoe) or different skirts and top designs.

Berryz Koubou all look amazing as well, although the Momo and Kumai pairing is somewhat bland since we have seen it in almost every Berryz picture. Despite that everyone looks impressive since they seem to each have a great and unique look, especially Chii, Miya, Momo, and Captain, and since they are the only group with knee high boots it really makes them stand out from among the rest.

C-ute’s outfits are among the easiest to see since they are really bright and stand out from the otherwise calm and dark colors, and while the hairstyles and looks remain basically the same I have to admit that I really loved the way each one of them look, especially Airi and Mai.

S/mileage have gone through quite a lot of changes in the past few weeks so to me it’s still strange to see a 8-nin S/mileage, but despite that I really like the way everyone looks since the S/mileage “skirt” theme is preserved with them being the only group where all of the members have skirts, and apart from a few hairstyle and accessory additions there isn’t much to say about their outfits since they all have the same look (apart from the tops which have a few different designs), although I really like how great Yuuka, Kanon and Kana look.

Mano is the only solo artist in H!P so it’s no surprise to see that her group picture is just an individual profile picture, but I’m glad that we get to see her clearly since her outfit really matches her perfectly and makes her stand out from the others. Being a big Mano fan I am slightly biased toward her but I think I speak for many when I say that she looks beautiful, mostly because of her cute look and the great pose she’s doing, but also due to her golden outfit that really gives her a unique look compared to the other members.

Overall the outfits all follow a similar theme, which is not surprising since this is a single for 29 members and giving each one of them a unique outfit would take a lot of effort, but each member manages to stand out in their own way, which is a good thing since the PV will show all 29 of them at the same time making it somewhat difficult to notice someone at first glance.

Despite that everyone looks amazing and I’m really looking forward to seeing the full PV so we can see for ourselves how the outfits relate to the theme, and with everyone looking their best this will most likely be an impressive release for everyone to enjoy.

The release date is set for 11/16.

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Mobekimasu – “Busu ni Narinai Tetsugaku” Preview Released

31 08 2011

A preview of the song and of the shooting for Mobekimasu’s PV for their single titled Busu ni Narinai Tetsugaku has been released.

For the most part we get to see only a black setting with all of the members dancing, and while it might not be that much of a preview for the PV it is for the song since we get to hear about a minute of it, and to say it simply I’m really impressed with the song.

It’s not cute or too mature, it somewhat aims for the middle and has a pretty catchy beat to it that seems to match a common theme for all of the members, which is a relief since it’s a mix of everyone’s images and gives us a chance to listen to a pretty unique song that will most likely be an impressive release.

As mentioned before the release date will be in November so Ai-chan was naturally not in the shot with Risa taking over as leader (Mitsui isn’t either, but she’s probably not in it since it’s the dance shot), and while she is still part of the group I have to say that it’s really weird to see a group shot with only Sayu, Gaki, and Reina in the front, as well as S/mileage without Ogawa, but like always the show must go on and it seems that this group will do a really good job since they have 8 Momusu members, 7 Berryz members, 5 C-ute members, Mano, and 8 S/mileage members for a total of 29 members.

I really encourage everyone to listen to the song since it’s an amazing release for this group, and while it will probably be a temporary group I am glad to see that we get another H!P group release since having a single with all of the members in H!P is simply the best way for everyone to enjoy a single, even more when there will be 7 versions of the single.

Hopefully a full song or PV preview is release since this song sounds simply incredible so far.

The release date is set for 11/16.

Video uploaded by: DARC423

EDIT: For those curious about the group pictures they included in the video, PON! did in fact add Morning Musume’s group picture twice when they explained the Mobekimasu name:.

Mobekimasu Single Announced, Titled “Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku”

28 08 2011

A new single for all of the Mobekimasu members within H!P has been announced. It will be titled Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku (Not ugly philsophy/A philosophy that doesn’t get ugly).

The single will come in 7 different editions, one regular and Limited A, B, C, D, E and F, which will each respectively feature as a c/w a song by a different group, and all of the editions (including regular) come with a special ticket for a handshake and live event.

There was no mention weither the 10th generation members will be participating in this single as a part of Momusu or not (although they should have entered the group by then), but it’s being said that Ai-chan won’t be in this release and that the new S/mileage sub-members will take part in it.

When I first saw the news, I have to say that I was very surprised since I didn’t expect seeing a Mobekimasu release this year because of all of the changes H!P groups undertook, from the 9th generation auditions to the S/mileage’s new members,etc… but I can’t help but think that this single may be released because of those events, to promote H!P in general and probably boost sales for all of the groups.

Even though we have no info apart from the fact that all of the groups will be participating in this which is already a huge event, as well as the release date and the title, we can still see from the title that means something like Not ugly philosophy that the song will probably be something uplifting and happy to boost everyone’s spirits since it would be kind of weird to have a Mobekimasu release turning out to be a sad or fierce song, even though everything is possible.

Apart from that, I’m really excited about getting more information concerning this release, mostly weither there will be a PV for this single or not since it’s an amazing chance to see all of the members together again (this happened back when the song One for All and All for One was released), and I also would like to know weither the c/w’s will be the main song sung by each group or a different c/w for each edition that belongs to a different group.

Overall, I’m highly excited about this release since this is a very important event that doesn’t happen very often within H!P, and I’m impressed by the effort UFA is putting into promoting H!P groups right now.

Hopefully more details will be out soon so that fans can start reserving their copies since it seems like a perfect release that will please every H!P fan thanks to the special feature of different c/ws, that way everyone can pick their favorite group and reserve a copy of the appropriate edition.

The release date is set for 11/16.

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Hello! Channel vol.6 Titled “Hello Channel vol.6 ~Morning Musume Takahashi Ai Sotsugyou Special~”

19 08 2011

The full title for Hello! Channel’s sixth release has been revealed to be Hello Channel vol.6 ~Morning Musume Takahashi Ai Sotsugyou Special~.

Since this will be Ai-chan’s last appearance in the mook it’s not that surprising to see that she is the main theme since almost every other release for Hello! Project has some kind of mention of her name in honor of her, and while it might not be that creative to name every release “Takahashi Ai Graduation Special” it’s still a great way for everyone to remember the large impact she has had in Hello! Project with this title.

Apart from the title there isn’t much else to update about since most of the activities that I mentioned last time will be included, along with a mention of the new S/mileage “sub” members and the regular activities, although I expect to see a slight focus on Ai-chan throughout the entire release.

Hopefully everyone can reserve their copy since this will most likely be the most important Hello! Channel release yet.

The release date is set for 9/23.

Hello! Project Site

Mobekimasu Official H!P Sites Updated

10 08 2011

All of Mobekimau groups now have their official website within H!P’s official site with a new design for each one.

As some might remember, Morning Musume were the first group to have their own official site colored in Yellow a while back with a totally new design and an easier pattern, and now I’m happy to see that all of the groups have followed them since it’s really a nice way to represent each group and artist, and it gives fans a chance to check out the so-called “official websites”.

All of the sites follow a similar pattern which consists of the group’s name  (or artist’s name in Mano’s case) in a specified color and pattern with a group profile picture of their latest single/album with a link to each member’s profile next to their image, along with useful information such as the PV of their latest single with release date for it and single’s promotional photo, as well as the categories featured on the top and links to all of the members blogs and official Ustream, Twitter,etc… pages.


Morning Musume

Momusu’s site has been updated a while back and we got to see the yellow design it got with a very original font used for the name and a bright yellow and orange color for the top bar and the “Blog” and “News” categories, and even though we pretty much got used to this design, it’s still nice to see that they went with such a bright color for the flag ship of H!P, specially since it matches their current gold outfits.

Berryz Koubou

Berryz’s site is really one of the best of all since the combination of the rainbow-colored logo for the group on the top of the page and the cute pink and purple theme from the artist’s profile picture and the purple bar and member’s bubbles result in a very cute and cuddly theme. Even though Berryz still have the PV for Ai no Dangan up, it should be soon updated so that everything will fit, and a funny notice is that Captain being the only one with a blog is the only one shown in the “Blog” section, but hopefully we’ll get to see all of the members open official blogs soon so that this section is more lively.


C-ute’s site has a dominant blue color with their official logo on top in the same color and everything from the top banner to the member’s bubbles is also blue, so it’s quite cute to see that they went for a one-colored theme since blue suits them really well. They still have their Momoiro Sparkling profile picture up which should be changed soon, and it’s nice to see that the “Blog” section is active.

Mano Erina

Mano’s logo and color have always been red, so it’s nice to see that they went with her official logo that she uses everywhere and matched it with red and pink bars for the unique “Blog&Twitter” section she has as well as the “News”, and even though her page might look a little plain compared to the group ones, it’s still nice since it features all information concerning her last single from the profile picture to the info on the right.


S/mileage’s site is the most colorful of them all probably thanks to their outfits in the profile picture that really stand out, as well as the unique logo they have and have always used. They have a dominant color of pink similar to the one Berryz have, and since they are one of the most active groups in Twitter and on their blogs, this section is really active and should please every fan who stops by.

Overall, I’m really happy to see that each group and artist got their own official site within H!P’s big website since it’s clearer and way easier to browse through, along with a nice new setting for each group and many inportant info featured in an original way on he front page.

Hopefully everyone can check them out and I’m hoping that Buono! gets a new setting for their page too since it’d be somewhat sad to see that the others have new updated pages while Buono! still have the old design.

Morning Musume official site

Berryz Koubou official site

C-ute official site

Mano Erina official site

S/mileage official site

Hello! Project 2012 Calendars Announced

10 08 2011

This year’s 2012 Hello! Project calendars have finally been announced.

The groups/artists releasing calendars this year are: Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, C-ute, Mano Erina, S/mileage and Takahashi Ai.

The long-awaited calnedars for 2012 have finally been announced, and it’s not a surprise to see all of H!P’s groups and artists participate and have their own calendar just like every year, but the nice point for this year that will please every single Ai-chan fan is the fact that Momusu’s soon to graduate leader will have her own solo calendar for everyone to enjoy.

Even though I usually don’t pay much attention to calendars apart from the photos that are included in them, I think that this is yet another amazing release that H!P does every year since many fans anxiously wait for this, and having a calendar from their favorite groups/artists is really nice since you get to follow them all-year long, each month featuring an amazing picture.

Overall, I’m really happy to see that they have finally been announced since it’s a great opportunity for everyone to start reserving their copies, and I’m glad to see that Ai-chan will be getting her own since many fans will like to remember her though the year even if she’s not in Momusu anymore.

The calendars are set to be released in late September. announcement page for 2012 releases

“Hello! Channel Vol.5” DVD Cover Released

8 08 2011

The DVD cover for the Hello! Channel mook titled Hello! Channel the DVD Vol.5 has been released.

Like the past release, the cover of the DVD release of the Hello! Channel features the same image as the one used for the mook but without the disturbing blocks of text on both sides, and this is no exception since the cover features one of the main topics of the mook and DVD which is the leaders convention, featuring Takahashi Ai, Yajima Maimi, Shimizu Saki and Wada Ayaka in buisnessmen uniforms posing on the road.

Since there is no text covering up the image, we can clearly see the setting the girls are in which is on a road next to a white building surrounded by trees, and since this cover seems brighter, it’s definitely more eye-catching, specially with the cute doodle drawn next to the “2011 Entertainement DVD” which seems like they forgot to mention the month since June’s release clearly stated “June 2011 Entertainement DVD”…

As for the title’s text, it’s the same font that has been used for the last release too which is a very funky design with a smiling face in the “ro” and hearts instead of dots, and the nice additions are the different background for the image which looks like old newspaper, with many customized cartoon-shaped blocks for “the DVD Vol.5” and on the top left of the cover.

Overall, I suggest everyone that want to be entertained by an amazing release from H!P girls to purchase a copy because unlike the mooks, even if you don’t know Japanese, you can still enjoy seeing the girls in action and interacting with the many activities they are given.

The pre-order session ends tomorrow 8/9.

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