Maeda Yuki – “Busan Hatsu” PV Released

24 05 2011

The PV for Maeda Yuki’s Busan Hatsu has been released.

The PV starts off at 2:14 after a comment by Maeda Yuki to fans on Youtube.

I don’t usually listen to Maeda Yuki but I checked out the PV for her most recent single and I am very impressed with what I saw since the song was more upbeat than what I imagine Enka would be like and apart from the song we also get to see some pretty amazing scenes that match the song perfectly.

There are only two scenes in the PV but they are pretty impressive, the most impressive of them being the shot of Maeda on a boat watching the sea while the music plays since they were great additions that matched the PV perfectly, and while not much happened she did change location frequently which gave it some variety.

The other shot features Yuki singing to the camera and there are only two angles for this shot, and even though they were pretty overused sometimes I liked how she sang with emotion and didn’t dance that much since it went perfectly with the mood of the song.

As for the song I am now convinced that Yuki has an amazing voice and knows perfectly how to use it since there were some notes in the song that not many members from H!P could sing, and while the song is still Enka I am amazed at how well the vocals for the song turned out.

Hopefully enka fans can check out the PV since this is a great song and an amazing PV, and they are one of the best releases I have heard from Maeda.

The release date is set for 5/25.

Video uploaded by: UpfrontEntertainment

New Maeda Yuki Profile Image For “Busan Hatsu”

3 05 2011

A new profile image for Maeda Yuki for her new single titled Busan Hatsu has been released.

Like the cover of her new single she is wearing a very impressive red dress, and while there isn’t much else to comment on I am impressed with how great she looks since her image fits perfectly with the genre she usually sings in.

While we have only seen two images so far from her new single I hope we get a chance to see a PV or some kind of performance since it seems like a great way for them to promote her new single.

Hopefully we get to hear a preview from her new single soon.

The release date for her single is set for 5/25.

Official UFA Profile Page For Maeda

Maeda Yuki – “Busan Hatsu” Cover Released

30 04 2011

The cover for Maeda Yuki’s new single titled Busan Hatsu has been released.

The cover features Maeda standing in front of what appears to be the sea and a coast picture with an elegant blue theme around the center where Maeda poses while looking downwards, and while it might be a bit too simple I liked the way it came out since it matches the Enka theme that the single will most likely have.

The title for the single is in white letters on the side of the single, which is somewhat standard for most singles, and while it might not impress that much I did like the addition of the light streak under the letters since it added a bit of variety to the cover.

Overall the cover is most likely not the best I have seen but it is still pretty good for Maeda since it matches the soft style of Enka she is known for, and along with a simple theme it adds a subtle but elegant touch that makes the single stand out.

The release date is set for 5/25.

Official UFA Page for Maeda Yuki’s Single

Tracklist for Maeda Yuki’s Single Title “Busan Hatsu” Released

14 04 2011


1. Busan Hatsu
2. Sarang he ~Aishiteru~
3. Busan Hatsu ~Korean version
4. Busan Hatsu (Original karaoke)
5. Sarang he ~Aishiteru~ (Original Karaoke)

The tracklist for Maeda Yuki’s new single titled “Busan Hatsu” has been released.

It was previously thought to be a double single but it turns out that it’s a regular single with an A and B side. I’m sure fans would’ve loved to have a double A side, since it might mean 2 PV’s to enjoy but having a release is still good enough for many.

The tracklist for Maeda’s single looks quite interesting, there will be a Korean version of the song included on the CD. No previews have been released yet but I’m sure the Japanese as well as the Korean version will be wonderful for all.

Hopefully all fans will purchase a copy when it’s released.

The release date is set for 5/25.

UpFront Discography Page

Maeda Yuki’s 11th Single Titled “Busan/Sarang he ~Aishiteru~” Announced

24 03 2011

Maeda Yuki’s 11th single titled “Busan/Sarang he ~Aishiteru~ has been announced.

Maeda made a twitter announcement which said:

“Well, the release date hasn’t been decided yet. The new single is set to come out around the end of May or beginning of June. Starting the 15th, I will be recording the song in Seoul, so I am going to test-record for the purpose of sound check as well.”

I’m very curious as to why she’s recording in Seoul rather than doing it in Japan. It might be due to the Earthquake. The equipment and location might have been ruined but other than that I don’t have a clue as to why she’d do it in another country, but I hope her the best with it.

Hopefully all fans pre-order a copy when it’s released.

The release date is set for 5/25.

Single Info

JPM Fourm Info

Maeda Yuki – “Mianeyo ~Gomennasai~/Eien” Covers Released

13 03 2010

The covers for Maeda Yuki’s 10th single titled Mianeyo ~Gomennasai~/Eien have been released.

For the most part I like how the covers look since Yuki looks incredible, especially with the lighting effects and how the dress stands out. The title art isn’t that complex at all since it is only white letters with the title and Yuki’s name, but it was kind of expected since it is an Enka release after all.

Overall I like how the cover looks, and while I don’t really like Enka I do like how great Yuki looks on the cover so hopefully it sells decently well so that fans of her can get future releases.

The release date is set for 4/7.

Official Up-Front Profile Page For Maeda Yuki’s 10th Single

Maeda Yuki – “Mianeyo ~Gomennasai~/Eien” Tracklist Released

2 03 2010

01. Mianeyo ~Gomennasai~
02. Eien
03. Mianeyo ~Gomennasai~ (Original Karaoke)
04. Mianeyo ~Gomennasai~ (Hanon Sage Karaoke)
05. Eien (Original Karaoke)

The official tracklist for Maeda Yuki’s 10th single titled Mianeyo ~Gomennasai~/Eien has been released.

The tracklist has more Karaoke tracks than normal tracks but it is a nice bonus for Yuki fans. I don’t follow Enka artists at all so I’m not that excited about the release but I do have to admit that Yuki has a great voice and it is a great opportunity for fans to get another single from her.

Hopefully all Yuki fans are looking forward to the release and since it has been a while since her last single.

The release date is set for 4/7.

Official Up-Front Profile Page For Maeda Yuki’s 10th Single

Maeda Yuki’s 10th Single Announced, “Mianeyo ~Gomennasai~ / Eien”

19 01 2010

Maeda Yuki’s 10th single, titled Mianeyo ~Gomennasai~ / Eien has been announced. The single will be a double a-side.

It’s great to see that she is finally releasing again after her 9th single Kenchana ~Daijoubu~ which was released about one year ago (2/25 to be exact) and her 1st album which was released on 9/9.

The title doesn’t suggest much, but at least it is great to see that she is releasing a double a-side, which will most likely have her unique Enka sound.

The single will be released on CD and cassette (I had no idea people still used them, but since it is an Enka release it is probably aimed at older fans).

The release date is set for 4/7.

HMV Page For Maeda Yuki’s 10th Single “Mianeyo ~Gomennasai~ / Eien”

H!P Releases September 9

9 09 2009

Maeda Yuki - Zenkyoku Shuu ~Kenchana~ Cover 1231momo ok DVD Cover 2341C-ute – Gekidan Geki Hello Dai 6 Kai Koen “Atarumo Hakke!?” Cover 1212

  • Maeda Yuki – Zenkyoku Shuu ~Kenchana~ (Album)   CDJapan
  • Tsugunaga Momoko – momo ok. (DVD)  CDJapan YesAsia
  • C-ute – Gekidan Geki Hello Dai 6 Kai Koen “Atarumo Hakke!?” (DVD)   Amazon CDJapan HMV

Three releases today, Maeda Yuki’s “Best Of” album, Momoko’s solo DVD, and C-ute’s stageplay:

Maeda Yuki – Zenkyoku Shuu ~Kenchana~, Maeda Yuki’s “best of” album featuring all of the songs (16 in total) she has released. Even though I am not a fan of Enka I’m glad to see that she is still releasing something after graduating from H!P some months ago.

Since I don’t really listen to her songs I can’t comment on them, but I would recommend it highly to her fans, mostly because it might be one of the few opportunities to get all of her songs in one album (HERE is a link to a video of her promoting her album on Dohhh UP).

Tsugunaga Momoko – momo ok., Tsugunaga Momoko’s solo DVD which was released along with her 4th PB titled “momochiiii”. There was a preview posted on Dohhh UP a while back, and from it I am almost sure that the DVD will be incredibly fun.

Momo has always been one of the most entertaining members of Berryz Koubou so I’m glad to see that she got a solo DVD where we can appreciate more of her unique character.

In the solo DVD she gets to swim, make a sandcastle, make tie-dye shirts, and eat things such as a mango (or a fruit similar to a mango). Of course there are many shots of her wearing a bikini and posing for the camera, and this DVD gives us a chance to see the action behind the scenes.

I would definitely recommend it to everyone, especially Momo fans, mostly because seeing Momo do something in her own unique way is fun. It is also a great addition if you bought the PB because this way you can get to see the story behind the pictures and what she was doing at that time.

C-ute – Gekidan Geki Hello Dai 6 Kai Koen “Atarumo Hakke!?”, a DVD of the stage play with the 6 members of C-ute which features footage from the events from June 17, 2009 to June 21, 2009 at Le Theatre Ginza.

Since I have almost no idea what the stage play was about I won’t comment on it that much, but one thing is important,and that is that it’s one of the last presentations of Umeda with C-ute. So if you are an Umeda fan I would highly recommend it as a great addition to your collection, if not then it’s worth a look if you like plays.

Next release date September 11 with Tokunaga Chinami’s 1st solo PB titled “Chinami”.

Maeda Yuki – “Zenkyoku Shuu ~Kenchana~” Cover Released

18 08 2009

Maeda Yuki - Zenkyoku Shuu ~Kenchana~ Cover 1231

The cover for Maeda Yuki’s 1st album titled Zenkyoku Shuu ~Kenchana~ has been released. The cover has Maeda Yuki in a really elegant green dress sitting in a wooden chair while staring out the window.

I really like it, mainly because it reflects the enka style of her songs, and the fading whiteness on the border where the title is adds to the effect.

The release date is set for 9/9.