Tracklist for Maeda Yuki’s Single Title “Busan Hatsu” Released

14 04 2011


1. Busan Hatsu
2. Sarang he ~Aishiteru~
3. Busan Hatsu ~Korean version
4. Busan Hatsu (Original karaoke)
5. Sarang he ~Aishiteru~ (Original Karaoke)

The tracklist for Maeda Yuki’s new single titled “Busan Hatsu” has been released.

It was previously thought to be a double single but it turns out that it’s a regular single with an A and B side. I’m sure fans would’ve loved to have a double A side, since it might mean 2 PV’s to enjoy but having a release is still good enough for many.

The tracklist for Maeda’s single looks quite interesting, there will be a Korean version of the song included on the CD. No previews have been released yet but I’m sure the Japanese as well as the Korean version will be wonderful for all.

Hopefully all fans will purchase a copy when it’s released.

The release date is set for 5/25.

UpFront Discography Page



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