Ogawa Saki Officially Graduates From S/mileage And H!P

27 08 2011

Today August 27 marks the last day of Ogawa Saki as a member of S/mileage and Hello! Project.

After S/mileage’s 3 consecutive release events for their 6th, and last 4nin single together Uchouten LOVE, Ogawa Saki will officially graduate and won’t be a part of the H!P family anymore, as well as having her blog closed in order for her to pursue the normal life she seeks by focusing on her studies.

As a big S/mileage fan, I really have to say that it tears my heart to see one of the original members leave so soon and so quickly without previous notice, and Sakitty has always been my favorite S/mileage member so this is a very sad event for me,  even though as a true Sakitty fan, I think I, as well as everyone, should keep on supporting her with all of our hearts.

Following is a detailed post with many thoughts about her 7 years of activity in H!P, her years in S/mileage, etc… as well as many information and pictures concerning their last day together and their last events, so please check it out after the break!

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Ogawa Saki To Graduate From Hello! Project and S/mileage

23 08 2011

According to an announcement from the S/mileage site, Ogawa Saki will graduate from Hello! Project and S/mileage.

Here’s a translation of the post by Takamaruyo:

This is an important announcement concerning S/mileage.

Thanks for always supporting S/mileage.

We have an important announcement about S/mileage’s Ogawa Saki.

Following the Uchouten LOVE Live Event on August 27th at Higashi Betsuin Hall in Nagoya, Ogawa Saki will be graduating from S/mileage and Hello! Project.

Comment from Tsunku

Thank you gratefully for your continual support of Hello! Project and myself.

Let’s get right to the announcement I want to tell you.

From S/mileage, who has recently gain 5 sub-members, Ogawa Saki will be graduating from S/mileage and subsequently from Hello! Project.

Early in May this year

“Earlier, I have been contemplated and consolidated with staffs, about returning to being a normal middle school student. I feel very strongly about this, please let me quit.”

She has made this request.

Even being the youngest in the group, I have entrusted her with her singing skills.

However, now, from here on and out, as a group and each member individually, their strong desires to improve persist.

Even as a producer, it’s not in the best interest of the group and members to continue to force a member in doubt to endure more group activities, therefore Ogawa’s request has been accepted.

It was officially announced at first that this unit’s member might increase or decrease, it was due this is reason that an urgent S/mileage member audition was held in June this year.

Due to various conditions of the group, herself and other parties involved, as well as terms and conditions on contract, it was not until today that this information and her will can be reported, please accept my apologizes.

Also, she is still an immature student.

A working adult would understand that abandoning work half way is an inexcusable act, but please consider her straight and strong feelings, and watch over her with your warm and love.

Therefore, all fans, please take care of S/mileage which is still in its infant stage.

For this hasty written letter as a report, please excuse me


S/mileage Producer


Comment from Ogawa Saki

Thank you for always supporting me.

As of August 27th 2011 I, Ogawa Saki, will graduate from S/mileage as well as Hello! Project.

Since our major debut last year in May, I have enjoyed every single day as part of S/mileage.

However, somewhere down in my heart, I felt there was a gap between myself and the S/mileage me. I have talked it over with the staff many times and have been constantly worrying about it, and with everyone working their hardest to move forward and myself still uncertain of things, I decided that it was not in the best interest of S/mileage and I will return to being just a normal girl.

I apologize for the last minute announcement.

While there may be feelings of sadness, S/mileage will always be a group with it’s trademark smile!

I’ll be working my hardest to end with a smile until my last event on 8/27, I know there isn’t a lot of time left but I hope you can support me!

The new members will power up S/mileage after I graduate so I hope you’ll continue to support them.

Thank you very much for all your support up til now.


S/mileage Ogawa Saki

This came out of nowhere so I’m really shocked to hear about a graduation, especially from a S/mileage member since they seemed to be among the most stable groups due to their strong bonds, and since Saki is currently the youngest member it seems like she still had quite a bright future as part of the group.

According to the translation it seems that this has been talked about for many months, so much so that it appears that her graduation is also the reason why the audition for new members was announced, although it’s not confirmed since Tsunku only mentions that he said  the number of members in the group would go up or down, but one thing is for sure, Tsunku appears to be really disappointed in her decision.

The explanation for the sudden announcement is also mentioned and it seems that it’s due to her contract so hopefully that answers a few questions since some fans might be wondering why they waited until now, but from what I can tell it has been talked about for quite a while.

Her graduation date, like this announcement, will be sudden as well since it takes place at this weekend’s performance, which doesn’t leave much time for her as member and will most likely be a really fast and unexpected event since the audition for the 2nd generation just occurred a few weeks ago.

Like I mentioned before I’m really shocked since she was a really talented performer but it seems that this is based on her decision so hopefully everyone can support her until her graduation.

Ogawa Saki will graduate on 8/27.

S/mileage Site

Barks.jp Article

Hello! Project Site

Ogawa Saki Blog Entry

EDIT: Comments from Yuuka, Wada and Kanon from their blogs were translated by Takamaruyo, check them out after the break.

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Oha Girl maple – “My School March” PV Released

23 11 2010

The PV for Oha Girl maple’s first PV titled My School March has been released.

The PV features a very impressive marching band theme complete with a marching band, a group of cheerleaders, a dozen people holding signs that read Oha Girl Maple, S/mileage as back dancers, and the Oha Girls, and despite being a bit too calm I have to admit that I love the way the PV looked since it definitely fit the theme of the song.

The song for the most part isn’t that impressing since it doesn’t feature any upbeat parts and it follows the rhythmic pattern of a marching song (that is the point of the song), and despite it not being that impressive I really liked the way it helped the PV go along smoothly.

The PV is very impressive, mostly due to the amount of people in it and the amount of choreography that it features since the marching band appears during the intro of the song, in the background during the song, as well as in the bridge of the song, along with the group of cheerleaders which did a great job of following the beat of the music.

Apart from that the dance for the song was somewhat slow since it followed the beat, but despite that it was great to see that they all danced perfectly and did their best, including S/mileage who sang and danced during the song along with the Oha Girls.

Overall the theme of the PV was one of the best I have seen since it featured a complete marching band, cheerleaders, and S/mileage as back dancers, and even though the song was somewhat slow I really liked the way that the PV looked.

Hopefully all S/mileage fans buy a copy of the single.

The release date is set for 11/24.

Video uploaded by: 5961934649

Oha Girl maple with S/mileage “My School March” Covers Released

26 10 2010

Left – Regular, Right – Limited

The covers for Oha Girl maple with S/mileage’s 1st single titled My School March have been released.

Like the title suggests the Oha Girls are wearing marching outfits (I think S/mileage is as well) and even though the covers don’t feature a complicated theme or an outdoor setting I love how they look overall since the blue sky background in the Regular cover and the purple bubble background in the Limited version fit the happy theme of the song.

It appears that S/mileage (minus Ogawa) is just standing in the back holding blue flags while the Oha Girls are in front wearing golden outfits, and even though it might look a bit unfair it was somewhat expected since the main highlights of the single are the Oha Girls.

That being said I like how each one of the marching uniforms looks a bit different since they add a bit more of a unique touch to the covers, and since they are as colorful as the simple but interesting covers they match in perfectly.

Overall the covers are a bit simple but I am glad to see that they have a colorful, bright and happy theme that matches the mood of the songs included.

Hopefully S/mileage fans buy a copy of the single.

The release date is set for 11/24.

S/mileage Site With Covers For Oha Girl’s 1st Single

Oha Girl maple with S/mileage’s First Single Titled “My・School・March”

15 10 2010

The title for Oha Girl maple with S/mileage’s first single has been revealed to be My・School・March.

Since the title is for an Oha Girl release which features many songs with a marching theme and a dance with a baton it was somewhat expected that the title would be related, and I’m glad to see that it is since it fits the single perfectly.

Since we have only heard one of the songs from the single it will fun to see what the other songs sound like since the title of the single suggests that we will get songs with a catchy beat perfect for baton dances, although we will have to wait until a preview is released (either through the Oha Suta show or radio).

Hopefully we get to see covers for the single sometime soon since the title sounds very interesting.

The release date is set for 11/24.

Official H!P Profile Page For Oha Girl maple with S/mileage’s First Single

“Oha Girl maple with S/mileage” Single Announced

23 09 2010

A single featuring the special unit maple from Oha Suta and S/mileage has been announced. There will be two versions: Regular and Limited (+DVD).

The special unit maple features three Oha Girl’s: Saki, Erika, and Shiori and they will be accompanied in this single by the other 3 members of S/mileage (Yuuka, Wada, Kanon).

There will be 3 songs featured on the single: Baton Twirling, the opening for Oha Suta Morning Chime and a third song combining marching band, twirling and baton.

Here is a preview of Morning Chime from Oha Suta:

Since the unit was announced a while ago it was expected that they would release some kind of single since all songs eventually get released, but I am surprised to see that it will apparently be a S/mileage collaboration as well since most of the songs only feature maple members.

From the song we heard on the video above it seems to be just another happy and upbeat song aimed at kids, but hopefully we get to hear a radio preview of the song soon so that we can hear the song in better quality (and without any distractions, such as the lady in a boxing outfit chasing a bug).

I look forward to seeing more info about this release since a set tracklist plus more info about S/mileage’s appearance on the single would be great.

The release date is set for 11/24.

Maple and S/mileage Single – Regular

Maple and S/mileage Single – Limited

Ogawa Saki Is Officially An Ohasuta Girl

31 03 2010

It has just been revealed that Ogawa Saki will be an Ohasuta Girl, which means that she will appear regularly on the show. She appeared for the first time on the show as an Ohasuta Girl on 4/1 (today).

I’m glad to see that Saki finally has a regular appearance on a show since it means that all 4 members of S/mileage have some sort of regular TV appearance (Maeda, Wada and Kanon will voice characters in an anime). As an Ohasuta regular Saki will most likely meet up with Koharu when she appears on Tuesday, so hopefully we see some interaction between them.

Her official profile is also up at the Ohasuta site, and a mention appeared on the S/mileage website mentioning Ogawa’s new regular TV appearance (both links at the end of the post). There is also mention of a blog that the three Ohagirls (Saki, Erika, and Shiori) will share, so I hope we find out more about that soon.

Congratulations on being an Ohasuta Girl and good luck Saki!

She will appear regularly on the show from Monday to Friday (the specific days haven’t been revealed yet) at 6:45~7:30 (JST).

Official Ohasuta Profile Page

S/mileage Site News About Ogawa Being on Ohasuta

Official Maeda Yuuka and Ogawa Saki Ameblo Blogs Opened

26 02 2010

Maeda Yuuka and Ogawa Saki have opened up blogs on Ameblo.

I’m glad that now all of the members from S/mileage have some sort of public blog either on Gree or on Ameblo since it allows us fans to keep up with their daily lifes.

If I’m not wrong this is the first time that all of the members from an H!P group have had simultaneous public blogs, and after the opening of the S/mileage Twitter accounts they seem to have made a big step forward in reaching out to fans.

Hopefully Yuuka and Saki update their blogs constantly and inform us of interesting things going on in their daily lifes (other than food).

Official Maeda Yuuka Ameblo Blog

Official Ogawa Saki Ameblo Blog

Official S/mileage Twitter Accounts Opened

26 02 2010

5 accounts on Twitter were recently opened for Wada Ayaka, Maeda Yuuka, Fukuda Kanon, Ogawa Saki and the staff for S/mileage. The accounts are verified to be real since they are linked to from the official S/mileage site.

I’m somewhat surprised that UFA would go to such an extent by having an entire group get Twitter accounts, including the staff, but I’m glad that they are trying to appeal to a younger crowd.

For the most part the first entries are rather long but they all have the same greeting theme, here are the girls first tweets:

Wada Ayaka
初めまして(^-^★) 和田彩花デス♪♪ツィッター頑張りまーす(*^▽^)/★*☆♪ブログも1位になれるように頑張りまーす(^^)GREEさんでブログさせていただいてます〜★皆さんぜひブログ見てちょっ(^3^)バイバイ!

Maeda Yuuka
初めまして!スマイレージの前田憂佳です(^O^)/ これから皆さんにいっぱいお知らせしていこうと思います! 憂佳もこれからいっぱい見ていくので 皆さんも是非、チェックしてくださいね(^_-)-☆ 楽しみ〜〜〜〜( ^^)Y☆Y(^^ )

Fukuda Kanon
はじめまして♪スマイレージの福田花音です!ツイッターはじまりました! どんな風になってくか すごいたのしみです。 checkお願いします(^▽^*)

Ogawa Saki
改めまして、はじめまして♪私はハ ロー!プロジェクトの新人グループスマイレージの小川紗季です♪中学1年生です♪今日からTwitterで時報などやらせて頂けるようになりました (*^-‘)b スマイレージはもちろん小川紗季を知ってもらえるように頑張りますのでよろしくお願いします♪

The girls are also following another account which for the moment is not in use, and it seems to be the Twitter account for the group so we might get a chance to see more news from the group in that account as well although we will have to wait and see.

It seems we didn’t  have to wait long since they have just updated with their first tweet:

スマイレージオフィシャルホームページ 2/26オープンしました。このアカウントはスマイレージのオフィシャルサイトの更新情報をメインにスマイレージ最新情報を発信していく予定です。メンバー共々フォローよろしくお願いします。

Basically they are saying they have just updated the official site and all updates will be on there, they also thank everyone for their support of the S/mileage members.

Hopefully this opens the door for more current H!P members getting Twitter accounts since it would be interesting to find out what each one of the members would do.

Official Wada Ayaka Twitter

Official Maeda Yuuka Twitter

Official Fukuda Kanon Twitter

Official Ogawa Saki Twitter

Official S/mileage Staff Twitter

Official S/mileage Twitter

Ogawa Saki Will Appear Regularly on “Ohasuta”

3 01 2010

Starting today S/mileage member Ogawa Saki will regularly appear in Ohasuta (children’s TV show where Koharu also appears) as a Mushi Girl (English: Bug Girl).

The other members of S/mileage have somewhat of a solid fan base and exposure (Yuuka starred in her own play for Shugo Chara, Wada and Kanon have a blog) so it’s great to see that H!P are promoting each girl individually as they had promised and giving Saki a chance to be promoted apart from S/mileage.

As for what she will do in the show I have no idea, but it’s safe to say that it’s something aimed at children since it is a kid’s show after all.

Ohasuta Page With Information About “Mushi Girls”

Official H!P Announcement About Ogawa Saki