Mano Erina – “10 Karat no Kirameki” Full Preview Released

30 06 2011

A full radio preview for Mano Erina’s 10th single’s B-side titled 10 Karat no Kirameki has been released.

In a general setting, the song really surprised me since it’s something new, fresh and nothing like Mano’s past releases since it’s a very energetic and upbeat song mixed with wonderful instrumental effects such as music slowing down or up, fast lyrics in the verses, and many more which only add to the cool feeling of the single.

While the A-side is a typical Mano ballad, the B-side is something more special that complements the single really well: the verses are a bit calmer than the chorus and they start off with many La La La La‘s followed by some cute beats where Mano sings, and the instrumental in this part is based mostly on the guitar and piano to make the lyrics pop, as for the chorus, it’s really impressive since it starts after a quick drum beat, and it’s composed of fast-lyrics sung by Mano in a very entertaining way that really makes the song special with all the ups and downs in the rythm and lyrics.

Overall, I really like this B-side specially since it has many effects in the instrumental and is a new sound to hear from Mano, so I highly encourage everyone to listen to it and hopefully reserve a copy.

The release date is set for 6/29.

Video uploaded by: rule8pm

DVD Covers for Morning Musume’s “Morning Labo 2” and “Rival Survival DVD Solo Box” Released

30 06 2011

The DVD covers for Morning Musume’s “Morning Labo 2” and “Rival Survival DVD Solo Box Set” has been released.

The Morning Labo 2 DVD is a from a Morning Musume fan club event and I’m glad that information about this was released since many fan club event releases are rarely announced. The cover is very simple and features a group picture of Morning Musume and although it’s a very LQ preview of the cover I like how “candid” the photo looks. There’s no fancy background or group formation so it has that natural look going on.

The next DVD is from Junjun, Linlin and Eri’s graduation last year. I’m really surprised that the DVD is being released now since it’s been awhile since the three graduated, I’m sure the reason it’s coming out now though because if they had released it after they graduated it would’ve taken a lot of attention away from 9th gen and the earthquake probably pushed the release back. Regardless of that I like the cover since it matches the military theme of the concert and the pictures of the members look amazing.

The release date is currently unknown but hopefully it will be released soon.

Tanaka Reina, Sudou Maasa, Shimizu Saki- “Taishou Roman Haikara Tantei Aoi Ruby Satsujinjiken” On Ustream

30 06 2011

“Taishou Roman Haikara Tantei Aoi Ruby Satsujinjiken”, the stage play featuring Tanaka Reina, Sudou Maasa, Shimisu Saki will be airing on Ustream.

The play will be streaming on the Ustream website however it is only available if you pay for it. It doesn’t say weather it is live or pre-recorded but by streaming it on the internet it let’s fans worldwide take a look at the play instead of waiting until the DVD comes out.

I’m also not too surprised by the announcement because they streamed C-ute concert on youtube and they did something similar to Morning Musume’s fall concert last year. Also the stage play featuring C-ute and Berryz Koubou will be using the ustream pay per view method so it might seem like UFA is trying to reach a out to fans worldwide with their streaming methods.

Hopefully all fans are available to check it out.

The play is to stream from 4-8pm on 7/2.

Ustream Page

Morning Musume 2011 Autumn Concert Tour Title Revealed

30 06 2011

The title for Morning Musume’s 2011 autumn concert tour has been revealed to be Morning Musume Concert Tour 2011 Aki Ai Believe ~Takahashi Ai Graduation Memory Special~ on H!P’s official site.

As expected, the concert tour’s title will have a special mention to Ai which is something really nice to see since Eri, JunJun and LinLin who left before her didn’t have their name mentionned in the concert tour even though they were 3 people leaving, so regarding Ai-chan’s popularity and her role in Momusu, I’m glad they picked out such a title to match the general theme.

It’s really nice to see how they always manage to put Ai’s name in front of any word to form a play-on-words (like her AiPhone) with the Ai Believe, and I have to say that I really like how the whole title sounds since it seems soft and simply has the basic information needed to know what the center of this concert tour will be.

Overall, I’m excited to see what setlist will be available during those concerts, and hopefully everyone can attend at least one performance while in the Area to say farewell to Ai-chan.

H!P official page about concert tour

New HANGRY&ANGRY Single Announced, Titled “Reconquista”

30 06 2011

It was announced today that HANGRY&ANGRY would release a new single titled Reconquista (Eng: Reconquest).

The single will be released under the Universal label instead of the Zetima label and according to fans it seems that HANGRY&ANGRY announced the news for themselves at the Nico Nico Douga booth at Japan Expo.

I’m really glad to see that a new single has been announced since it has been almost a year and a half since they last released their album Sadistic Dance, and with a pretty unique title in Spanish for their new single and a new label it seems that they will come back with a bang which will most likely make fans of the group really happy.

I love their songs so I’m looking forward to finding out how the song will sound since this group has a great theme that many fans love, and despite not having a release date it is great just knowing that they are planning a new release.

I will update with an official confirmation when it is released along with any other details of the single, although for now I’m glad that they will be releasing a new single.

The release date hasn’t been announced.


Tsunku Will Start A New Entertainment Show Titled “TsunTube”

30 06 2011

According to Musicman-net, Tsunku will start a new entertainment show titled TsunTube♂ which will air on MXTV and will focus on music, games, anime, idols, software, and manga.

Screenshot of the official site

Here are more details about the show from TokyoHive:

The show’s content will shine a spotlight on Japan’s core entertainment that has recently been gathering attention worldwide, and in keeping with the late night show tradition, will also feature appearances from many beautiful girls.

As the main personality, each week Tsunku♂ will touch upon different themes and focus on connecting to them along with the viewers. The show will also be organized into various mini corners introducing core information.

Moreover, keeping in line with the show’s title, a number of the back episodes will be uploaded to YouTube, and in accordance with today’s evolving lifestyles, fans will be able to watch a large number of the shows in their free time, outside of the normal broadcast.

The show will also have two mascots that will serve as the image of the show, the first of them being Otaku-shi who is a symbol “capturing the feel of today’s cool otaku“:

As well as Tsunkuma who, as the name suggests, is a bear made to resemble Tsunku:

Tsunku surprises me each day since he manages to do things that not many of us would expect to see, and I have to admit that I am really surprised since I never expected him to have his own late night show and while we have no clear idea about how the show will be presented I am looking forward to finding out since the theme of the show is really interesting.

It’s not clear whether Tsunku himself will appear as host of the show or whether there will be other hosts, such as animated versions of the two mascots or one of the many “beautiful girls” who will be appearing but the idea of airing the show then adding the episodes on Youtube for fans to see them anytime they like is a really good idea since it gives fans a chance to sleep throughout the night knowing that they didn’t miss a show, not to mention that it makes it easier for fans who usually upload shows to Youtube.

As far the mascots go they are unique since I didn’t expect to see Tsunku represented by a cute white bear with a punk look, and while the bear might not exactly look like Tsunku (apart from the different colored bandana and hairstyle) he will probably be fairly popular among female viewers of the show since the bear is pretty cool and cute.

There aren’t that many details about how the episodes will look but we will most likely find out once the first episode is released (in about 16 hours or so), and while the articles don’t mention the Youtube account where the episodes will be uploaded it seems that they will use the official TNX Youtube channel since the site features a link to that channel.

I look forward to seeing the show when it is released so hopefully many fans can check out the first episode when it airs.

The show will air every Friday starting 7/1 on MXTV at 26:00 ~ 26:30 (2:00~2:30 AM).

MusicMan Article About Tsunku’s Show

TokyoHive Article

Official TsunTube Twitter

Official Tsuntube Site

S/mileage To Appear On Music Japan

30 06 2011

According to their official site, S/mileage will have a taping for the show Music Japan in August.

There are quite a lot of other popular groups that will appear alongside S/mileage on the day of the taping, such as SKE48, SDN48, Koda Kumi, SHINee, SPEED, and Nana Mizuki, and I’m really glad to see that they will since they can show off their new single while showing off their bright personalities against the other groups.

Their new single is among my favorites from the group so it will be interesting to see just how the audience will receive the song since it is a bit different compared to their previous releases, but I am confident that the song will be received well since it has a catchy sound with great vocals and even though the show will air after the single is released it should help with sales quite a bit since the show is pretty popular.

Right now there is no verified date when the show will air but it will most likely air on one of the three dates mentioned below, so hopefully fans are looking forward to their appearance.

The taping will be on 8/1 and it will air either on 8/7, 8/14, or 8/21.

S/mileage Official Site Article

NHK Site For Music Japan

Up Up Girls To Appear Regularly At MAP Theater

30 06 2011

The electronics store Sofmap will collaborate with the digital TV channel PigooHD to open up an idol theater in Akihabara on mid-July called MAP Theater.

The theater will feature special performances during the weekend with five regular groups performing each weekday:

  • Monday: Tokyo Girls’ Style
  • Tuesday: Nakano Fujo Sisters & Fudanjuku
  • Wednesday: Tokyo Cheer Party
  • Thursday: Up Up Girls
  • Friday: Idol Street

I’m really happy to see that the Up Up Girls have a place where they can regularly perform since it’s a great sign that they are becoming more and more popular, and since the theater is located in Akihabara it should be a really good way of gaining new fans while promoting the group for any future activities.

So far there have been quite a lot of signs that the group is doing a really good job with promotion, most recently their Superstar K auditions and I’m glad for them since they are a group with a lot of talent that seriously needs a debut as a group, and even though there was a mention about their debut a few months ago there is still no mention of any release by them.

Despite that, fans will most likely love attending weekly performances from the group since they can check out their covers of songs and their dances, and while we find out more from their Superstar auditions until next month this should be a good way for fans to show their support.

Hopefully fans who are in the area can check out their performances every Thursday after the theater opens since this is really good news (“weekly performances in Akihabara” are always good news for any group).

The theater will open on 7/16.

MAP Theater Site

Nakajima Saki – “W Saki” Cover And Details Released

30 06 2011

The cover and more details concerning Nakajima Saki’s 2nd PB titled W Saki have been released.

As you might have already seen on the post about the announcement of the PB, the cover of this special release from Nakky features her in a very cute and little white dress while her hair is tied in low pigtails, and we can now see clearly the details like the title which is written mainly in black, and has it’s reflect underneath in white (to accentuate the PB’s theme), as well as her name written diagonally in black, while the background seems to be a room with a bed and a pink pool accessory.


Back cover ; Promotional photo

Along with this HQ cover, we got to see the back cover of the PB posted by Nakky on her blog, which seems a little like the things are being rushed, but since her PB will be released soon (in 15 days), it’s nice to see those hints that she is giving us since the back cover seems to be the “black” side of the PB, while the front cover is the “white” one, which is a really nice touch since it only makes the theme more present, and her expression and pose on the back cover look really gorgeous.

Some more details are also out from the FC announcement about the PB: it will contain scenes of Nakky in angel/devil costumes, scenes of her in the kitchen, another scene around the theme of “see through black shirt” (although I have no idea what this could be about…). Those many various scenes really reflect the main focuz of the PB which is the contrast, specially through the devil and angel costumes that I can’t wait to see her in.

Overall, I’m really excited about this release since it’s something really special that not many H!P members get to experience in their PBs, so hopefully all Nakky fans can reserve a copy and support her.

The release date is set for 7/15.

FC page about news

Buono! – “Ice Mermaid” Preview Released

30 06 2011

A very shot preview for Buono!’s 12th single’s B-side titled Ice Mermaid has been released.

The preview is only 35 seconds short which is almost nothing, but surprisingly enough, we get to hear the chorus of the song and I have to say that with this preview, I’m sure that this single is full of win.

The song is somewhat very complex, not in the instrumental or the lyrics, but in it’s theme and rythm since it mixes a calm beat with a very rock beat on the other hand which results in a very unique rythm that the song has, and associated with the many other effects like the elongated syllables sung or the funky instrumental added at the end of the preview, it definitely results in one of the best B-sides I have heard from Buono!

Even though the preview is really short, I think that what we got to hear is quite enough to encourage everyone into ordering their copy of the single now since the B-side complements wonderfully the main song.

Hopefully everyone can reserve a copy to enjoy this awesome Buono! release.

The release date is set for 7/20.

Video uploaded by: ky9033