Hello! Project – Hello! Project Summer 2009 Kakumei Gannen ~Hello Chanpuru~ DVD Cover Released

16 10 2009

Hello! Project Summer 2009 Concert Hello Chanpuru DVD Cover 2664

The cover for Hello! Project’s Summer 2009 Kakumei Gannen ~Hello Chanpuru~ has been released on Neowing. It features Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, C-ute, Mano Erina, the shuffle units, Buono, Guardians 4, S/mileage, and Ice Creamusume.

I have to admit that the cover doesn’t look that great, especially the yellow background which doesn’t match anything at all (the only thing that looks like it combines is the “Hello!” and the “ru” in “Chanpuru”). Ignoring the bad background I really like the pictures they used for the groups, and how they all managed to appear, including Ice Creamusume and S/mileage.

Hopefully they try harder next time, but for now I think they could have done a bit better.

The release date is set for 11/4.

Neowing Page For Hello! Projects Concert 2009 DVD Hello Chanpuru

Ice Creamusume To Perform In Hello! Project ~Hello! Chanpuru~ Concert Tour

28 07 2009

Ice Creamusume 2334

It has been announced through the official H!P website that Ice Creamusume will perform on the Hello! Project 2009 Summer Concert Tour ~Hello! Chanpuru~ on the Nakano and Osaka Dates (8/1 to 8/9, the rest of the schedule).

It’s great to see them finally get some exposure and be included in a Hello! Project concert tour since they are technically part of Hello! Project.

Dohhh-UP also released two of their PV’s (“Renai Revolution 21” and “Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou?”) along with the news of Ice Creamusume participating.

Ice Creamusume – Renai Revolution 21 PV On Dohhh-UP

– Great PV with a somewhat loose storyline (they go to an ice cream factory and get ice cream from a panda ice cream stand). The PV only has green screen but it looks impressing, and we get to see each members personality.

Ice Creamusume – Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou On Dohhh-UP

– A full outdoor PV with many solo lines and a chance to be on camera for everyone. I was impressed by this PV because they managed to make a PV with a loose storyline on an outside setting without excessive close-up shots or dance shots.

Hopefully we can find out what song they are going to perform on those days, but most likely we will have to wait and see on 8/1. Best of luck to Ice Creamusume!

H!P Site Announcement Regarding Ice Creamusume

Tour Schedule For Remaining Dates

Ice Creamusume’s Third PV – Ame no Furanai Hoshi De Wa Aisenai Darou?

10 02 2009

Well that was fast it seems that they haven’t even released the second PV, or at least provided a good ripping website, and now they have released the third PV. I put the title in Japanese because the Chinese title is too long, well for those brave enough try saying it in one breath…ok…ready…go! – “Zai Mei You Yu Shui Zi Run De Zing Qui Shang Shi Wu Fa Fu Chu Ai De Ba?” ….Now that is a mouthful.

Anyway, about the PV, you see the return of the boots, which are apparently superglued on, because they never take them off, come on UFA you took the snowcones and hoodies with a big cone on it away, at least change the boots. You gave them stars and other uncomfortable stuff to wear on their arms, at least give them sneakers or something. Oh and something else….a PV that is outside! That is a great improvement from the “janitor room like” setting PV’s that UFA likes to do.

The PV is primarily them doing stuff like spinning for hours under an umbrella in the same spot (bravo UFA, bravo), doing a relay race, and them just hanging out pondering over their Mano Erina-like speed in releasing stuff. I have to say one thing, Reirei looks gorgeous, she has the “I just got out of bed” look and she is slowly loosing that frozen look she gets when she looks at the camera, she even has it when she is drawing, she just stares at the camera while she draws something behind her. But at least she is gaining respect, she is the first one to sing and the first close-up, and she is also the one who wins the relay race against no one.

Enjoy the PV, which is a big improvement over normal UFA PV’s, it’s seems that with the Elder Club going Tsunku and UFA can now focus on them, and the rest of Hello! Project. PV…..Douzo~

Ice Cream Musume – Renai Revolution 21 PV

26 01 2009

Most of you know by now that Ice Cream Musume is going to be Morning Musume’s “equivalent” in Taiwan, and it seems they are quite busy releasing PV’s like crazy, the newest being a cover in Chinese (I don’t remember if they are Chinese or from Taiwan, or even if China and Taiwan are the same, didn’t put attention in Geography class) of Morning Musume’s mega hit Renai Revolution 21. (Funny how the only Japanese part is the “Cho Cho Ii Kanji” part, and yes put “Cho” not “Chou” on the chinese subtitles)

As you may also now Tsunku declared that he wanted to expand through asia (evil plan to conquer the world through upbeat songs?), and it seems he is doing just that. The PV is of higher quality than other Resonant Blue – type videos, why? Judge for yourself, they even get a panda (which seems to be the Jpop symbol for Chinese singers, ex – JunJun & LinLin) while Hello! Project in Japan has a pink rabbit (Hello! Morning) and a cabbage man (Haromoni@)….that’s kind of depressing.

Anyway I like the PV, it puts more attention on each member and now they are doing more than dancing and singing into the camera. The dance is different from the original, and in my opinion it’s kind of boring, but we actually see more of the girls, especially scary Anchii (she looks like she is about to kill). They also dance in an ice cream factory, which seems dangerous to me.

I am officially a ReiRei (0:19-0:20) fan, she is getting used to having a camera on her during the PV, she’s cute, and she sings well. I advise you pick your favorite because they are here to stay, their album is on the 11th place on the Taiwan charts, last time I checked, so they are doing extremely well.

Next PV, Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou (I actually know that by memory), I hope they relax a bit on the ice cream theme…anyway here is the PV:

Ice Cream Musume – Debut ~Koi Suru Kado ni wa Fuku Kitaru~ Impression

16 01 2009


As you all know Ice Creamusume (official name) is made up of the girls that won the Taiwan auditions, and for the most part they have a great voice as a whole, I can’t wait to hear a song that is not a cover that actually focuses on their different Japanese voice talent. The Chinese covers (or Mandarin I’m not sure) are great, it’s interesting (in a good way) to listen to Go Girl ~Koi no Vitory~ in Mandarin, but the song is somewhat “adapted” to fit the lyrics and it makes the sound feel somewhat different, but overall they are really well made.

As for the new song they are promoting (and will be sold at the Elder Club concert near the end of the month) I think it is entertaining and has a Hello! Project sound. That is to say that they will be popular, at least for sometime, as soon as they develop their character, which at the moment only includes Shen Shen. She seems to act naturally for the most part and seems to have fun, but I still have hope for Rei Rei, she seemed to be frozen-stiff nervous for all of the PV, but she has the potential to become a Taiwanese Kago Ai+Tsuji Nozomi pair, in some sense, with Guuchan.

The PV is your normal 200 dollar budget Hello! Project PV, most of the PV is a dance-shot plus close-ups of the girls with their names in Japanese and later in Chinese. And your basic give-the-girls-a-box-of-props-and-have-them-play-with-it parts are still there, though it doesn’t make up the entire PV, it’s just basically for filling and not boring the viewer, in my opinion. Well, without a moment to spare here is the PV, if you like the song please buy the Album, called 1st Best, in your favorite online store, such as Yesasia and CDJapan, see the video on the right, enjoy!

Release Date: January 16, 2009