Hello! Project 2010 Winter Concert Tour ~Mobekimasu!~ & ~Shuffle Deeto!~ Blu-Ray Covers Released

9 07 2010

The covers for Hello! Project’s first Blu-ray releases for Hello! Project 2010 Winter Concert Tour ~Mobekimasu!~ & ~Shuffle Deeto!~ have been released on the official site.

As you can tell they are basically just slightly more square versions of the DVD and I am not really not that surprised about it since they are re-releases of concerts that are already available, but I have to admit that I still like how the covers look even though they seem to just have been pushed together.

Despite that the covers look ready for the release, and while I don’t expect to see previews from the UFA Youtube channel I do expect to see some uploads of the concert soon when it is released, so hopefully that is the case and everyone gets a chance to check it out and buy the Blu-rays to encourage UFA to release more in the future.

The release date is set for 8/4.

Official Page For H!P’s Shuffle Deeto Blu-ray

Official H!P Page For H!P’s Mobekimasu Blu-ray

Hello! Project – Pucchi Best 10 Full Tracklist Released

12 11 2009

Pucchi Best Vol 10 CD 3252

1 Morning Musume – Shouganai Yume Oibito (5:04)
2 Berryz Koubou – Seishun Bus Guide (3:25)
3 C-ute – EVERYDAY Zekkouchou!!(4:19)
4 Pucchimoni V – Pirai! Otome no Negai (3:51)
5 Tanpopo # – Umbrella (4:33)
6 Buono! – MY BOY (4:12)
7 Mano Erina – Otome no Inori (4:51)
8 Aa! – Yume to Genjitsu (4:17)
9 Shin Minimoni – Pen Pen Kyoudai (3:26)
10 High-King – DESTINY LOVE (4:12)
11 Guardians 4 – Omakase♪Guardian (3:20)
12 Shugo Chara Egg! – Shugo Shugo! (3:18)
13 Tsukushima Kirari starring Kusumi Koharu (Morning Musume) – Happy☆Happy Sunday! (3:41)
14 S/mileage – aMa no Jaku (4:46)
15 Abe Natsumi – Screen (4:49)
16 Matsuura Aya – Chocolate Damashii (4:54)
17 Yaguchi Mari – Seishun Boku (4:09)
18 Satoda Mai with Gouda Kyoudai – Bye Bye (3:39)

Total Album Length (according to J-Books): 1:15:10

The full tracklist for Hello! Project’s Pucchi Best 10 album has been released. The new tracklist features new songs for most of the shuffle groups, including High-King and Shin Minimoni.

The two new songs from Shin Minimoni (Pen Pen Kyoudai) and High King (DESTINY LOVE) sound like they fit the image of their respective groups perfectly, especially Shin Minimoni’s. The only shuffle group that is missing a song is ZYX-a, which is most likely due to the graduation of two of their members (Kusumi and Erika).

Overall the tracklist looks great since it includes something for everyone because of the variety of songs included (Elder Club, Hello! Project, Hello! Pro Egg, etc).

The release date is set for 12/2.

J-Book Site For Pucchi Best 10

H!P Releases November 4

4 11 2009

Hello! Project Summer 2009 Concert Hello Chanpuru DVD Cover 2664Mano Erina - Koisuru Seiza Web Drama Cover 2623Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess Single V Cover 1512

Three releases today, a DVD of H!P’s latest concert, a DVD of Mano Erina’s drama and the Single V for Morning Musume’s 41st single:

Hello! Project 2009 Kakumei Gannen ~Hello! Chanpuru~: Hello! Project’s new concert tour featuring Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, C-ute, Mano Erina, S/mileage, Ice Creamusume and the new shuffle groups Aa!, High-King, Pucchimoni V, Tanpopo #, Zoku Biyuuden, Shin Minimoni and ZYX-Alpha.

The concert consists mainly of the many groups performing their latest singles, for example Berryz Koubou singing “Seishun Bus Guide” and C-ute singing “EVERYDAY Zekkouchou!”. Since the highlights of the concert were the new songs of the shuffle groups I will concentrate on them more.

This concert was the first performance of the three new shuffle songs: “Pira! Otome no Negai” (Pucchimoni V),” Umbrella” (Tanpopo #), and “Yume to Genjitsu” (Aa!). “Yume to Genjistu” has a familiar Aa! sound to it, so fans of the group won’t be disappointed. Saho Akari did an incredible job of performing as part of Aa! and I hope we get to see another performance of the song on the next H!P tour.

“Umbrella”, like “Yume to Genjitsu”, has the group feeling to it since it is somewhat of an upbeat ballad. Kamei, Kumai, Mitsui and Chisato did a great job of singing the songs, and they really keep the spirit of Tanpopo alive with the song.

The new Pucchimoni V song “Pira! Otome no Negai” was one of the best songs I heard from the shuffle groups, and I have to admit that even though the song sounds extremely hard to perform well Mano and Nakajima did an excellent job (Maimai was sick on the last day and wasn’t present). The dance is active and the song is upbeat and easy to remember (The “Para-Para-Pi” and the “Para-Para-Po’s” are still stuck in my head), and the performance stands out among the others because of that.

Overall I was impressed with the amount of groups that performed, there is certainly something there for all fans since their was a mix of upbeat happy songs and slow ballads which help to make the concert stand out. Even though the cover isn’t the best I recommend the DVD for anyone who can get it since the performances are great and the girls gave it their best.

Mano Erina – Koisuru Seiza Web Drama (DVD): Mano Erina’s DVD for her internet drama which features small stories about a girl (usually different in each episode) played by Mano in some sort of love situation (basically a normal drama).

I have only seen one episode of the series and even though my view of the drama isn’t that complete I have to admit that the series turned out great. Mano is a great actress and even though the stories are short she manages to give the viewer an incredible performance.

Overall a great start for Mano to practice her acting, and highly recommendable to Mano fans who wish to see her act.

Morning Musume – Kimagure Princess (Single V): Morning Musume’s Single V for their 41st single “Kimagure Princess”. The Single V features the normal PV, a “Green Dance” Ver and the Making Of (since I haven’t seen the Making Of I won’t review it since I don’t have a good idea of what is in it).

The normal PV is among the best made I have seen in a while, mostly because of the different shots and the location which fit the song’s mood. All of the members who usually don’t appear that much (Lin Lin, Jun Jun, and Mitsui) get more chances to be on screen, and Kamei got almost as much time as Ai-chan which is great news for her fans.

The location of the PV is in a church called “La Foresta di Magnifica” which is dimly lit and has the girls dancing in the middle of a hallway. Most of the close-up’s feature the girls in front of a silk fabric which fits the feeling of the song well, and for the most part the shots fit in well with the song (the only one that didn’t was the one where the girls drew a circle of fire around themselves). For the most part the PV was great because it features decent screen time for all of the girls and great shots.

Morning Musume – Kimagure Princess (Green Dance version)

The “Green Dance” version is basically the girls dancing individually in front of a green screen where the shots are rapidly changed so as to make the girls seem like they are dancing the same moves. For the most part the PV was great since it lets us see the entire dance with only one girl at a time, and I really liked the way they tried to make the girls look like they were dancing the same way, the main word being tried because the girls dance on opposite sides on some parts and it doesn’t match that well with some parts (Sayu’s bunny hop to the center around 2:26 was really cute but sort of distracted from the center shots).

Overall the Single V turned out great, it includes the normal PV which is fantastic on its own and it also includes a “Green Dance” version and a Making Of which make for a complete DVD for fans who liked the single. Even though the normal and the Green Dance versions of the PV might have their small faults (difference in choreography position when trying to make it look like they are dancing the same moves in the same place, somewhat bad fire effects, etc) the they turned out great and I highly recommend them to fans who liked the single.

The next release date is set for 11/11 with Berryz Koubou’s latest single “Ryuusei Boy/ Watashi no Mirai no Danna-Sama”, Abe Natsumi’s DVD for her latest tour and HANGRY&ANGRY’s latest album “Sadistic Dance”.

Hello! Project – Hello! Project Summer 2009 Kakumei Gannen ~Hello Chanpuru~ DVD Cover Released

16 10 2009

Hello! Project Summer 2009 Concert Hello Chanpuru DVD Cover 2664

The cover for Hello! Project’s Summer 2009 Kakumei Gannen ~Hello Chanpuru~ has been released on Neowing. It features Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, C-ute, Mano Erina, the shuffle units, Buono, Guardians 4, S/mileage, and Ice Creamusume.

I have to admit that the cover doesn’t look that great, especially the yellow background which doesn’t match anything at all (the only thing that looks like it combines is the “Hello!” and the “ru” in “Chanpuru”). Ignoring the bad background I really like the pictures they used for the groups, and how they all managed to appear, including Ice Creamusume and S/mileage.

Hopefully they try harder next time, but for now I think they could have done a bit better.

The release date is set for 11/4.

Neowing Page For Hello! Projects Concert 2009 DVD Hello Chanpuru

Hello! Project 2010 Winter Concert Uta Chou Fuugetsu ~Shuffle Deeto~ Details Released

4 10 2009

Hello! Project 2010 Winter Uta Chou Fuugetsu ~Shuffle Deeto~ Short 1512

Some more information about Hello! Project’s 2010 Winter Uta Chou Fuugetsu ~Shuffle Deeto~ has been released (Info Source: Nayok-Kihara@H!O). Among the details the singer list has been revealed to include:

  • High-King
  • Aa!
  • ZYX-α
  • Tanpopo♯
  • Zoku•Biyuuden
  • PucchimoniⅤ
  • Shin Minimoni。
  • Buono!
  • Guardians 4
  • Hello! Pro Egg selection
  • Other

This means that all of the shuffle groups will appear once again during the “Uta Chou Fuugetsu ~Shuffle Deeto~” concerts. The also interesting thing is at the end of the list, “Hoka” (or in English: Other), which means that there are other groups that will perform at the concerts but there is no information if they are the normal H!P groups such as Morning Musume, Berryz, or C-ute yet.

Hello! Project 2010 Winter Uta Chou Fuugetsu ~Shuffle Deeto~ Original 1513

Original Scan (Click for Bigger Picture)

The dates have also been revealed although I am not sure if they are specifically for the Uta Chou Fuugetsu ~Shuffle Deeto~ concerts, or if they are additional dates for the two concerts. They include (Thanks to Murr for the Romaji):

  • 1/5 (Nakano Sun Plaza) 中野サンプラザ 18:00-19:00
  • 1/6 (Nakano Sun Plaza) 中野サンプラザ 18:00-19:00
  • 1/7 (Nakano Sun Plaza) 中野サンプラザ 18:00-19:00
  • 1/8 (Nakano Sun Plaza) 中野サンプラザ 18:00-19:00
  • 1/17 (Osaka Kouseinen Kinkaikan) 大阪厚生年金会館 大ホール 14:00-15:00 and 17:30-18:30
  • 1/24 (Nagoya Shimin Kaikan) 中京大学文化市民会館 オーロラホール 14:00-15:00 and 17:30-18:30

Until now it seems that they are having “Mobekimasu” during some time then switching to “Shuffle Deeto” which will be somewhat hard on some of the girls especially Buono who have a concert tour of their own from 12/19 – 12/28, since they have to practice for three different concerts in a short span of time and have virtually no rest days between them.

It will be interesting to see what ZYX-α will do without two members (Umeda Erika and Kusumi Koharu) since the song “Iku ZYX! FLY HIGH” has choreography in the beginning which needs 6 members (the spelling out of ZYX). Thanks Murr for the explanation (I forgot about the extra two members), so it seems that ZYX-a will still be able to do their song like always.

UFA might have a reason for doing two different concerts (perhaps the release of new shuffle group singles?), but we will have to wait and see what happens. I’m looking forward to these concerts, and hopefully we get to see who the “Other” groups/artists are soon.

Hello! Project Concert 2009 Summer Kakumei Gannen ~Hello! Chanpuru~ Setlist Released

19 07 2009

Hello! Project Chanpuru

1. Guru Guru Jump! – All
2. Piriri to Yukou! – All but S/mileage
Opening VTR
MC intro by Inaba Atsuko and Makoto
3. Ama no Jaku – S/mileage
4. Omakase ♪ Guardian – Guardians 4
5. MiniMoni Jankenpyon! – New MiniMoni
MC – Makoto, Mano, Linlin, Takeuchi, Miyamoto
6. Sekai Wa Summer Party – Mano Erina, S/mileage backdancers
7. Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu – C-ute
8. Seishun Bus Guide – Berryz Kobo
MC – Makoto, Shimizu, Miyabi
9. Nanchatte Renai – Morning Musume
10. Shouganai Yume Oibito – Morning Musume
MC – Inaba, Makoto
11. Yume to Genjitsu (new song) – Aa!
12. Pira! Otome no Onegai (new song) – Pucchimoni V
MC – Makoto, S/mileage
13. Heya to Y shirts to Watashi – Tanaka Reina
14. Umbrella (new song) – Tanpopo#
15. My Boy – Buono!
16. JUMP – All
MC – Makoto, Okai, Nakky, Maimi
17. Cosmos – Takahashi Ai
18. Only You – Zoku Biyuden
19. Iku ZYX FLY HIGH! – ZYX-α
20. Diamonds – High-King
21. C/C – High-King
MC – Makoto, Aichan, Koharu, Sayumi
22. Special Generation – Berryz Kobo
23. Tokaikko Junjou – C-ute
MC – C-ute
24. Resonant Blue – Morning Musume
25. Sono Bamen de Bibiccha Ikenai jan! – All
26. Koko ni Iruzee w/ call and response corner – All
MC – Members intro
27. Aozora ga itsumademo tsuzuku youna mirai de are! – All

Linlin’s solo and Rival were anticipated, but were missing.

Source: Amped-Echoz @ H!O

The setlist for the Hello! Project Concert 2009 Summer Kakumei Gannen ~Hello! Chanpuru~ has been revealed. Just as promised by Tsunku there are some new songs for the new groups:

  • Aa! – Yume to Genjitsu
  • Pucchimoni V – Pira! Otome no Onegai
  • Tanpopo # – Umbrella

The new songs sound interesting, and hopefully we will be able to get a chance to hear them soon (most likely on concert rips). It’s also interesting that the new groups are performing the old songs, although it would have been nice to hear Pucchimoni V and ZYX-α’s new songs though.

All of the groups -new and old- got to perform songs, for example Morning Musume performing two of their latest singles, Berryz Koubou performing “Seishun Bus Guide”, and C-ute performing “Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu”, even Mano got to perform her latest single “Sekai wa Summer Party”.

The concert tour doesn’t end until early August, so if you have a chance to go it would be a great opportunity since it’s the first concert tour for the new groups and you would get a chance to hear the latest singles by every main group in H!P.

This is the afternoon setlist for one day, there might be some small differences for some other performances (not likely), but I will update if there are any.

Full Singer List Revealed For Chanpuru ~ Happy Marriage Song Cover Shuu~

11 07 2009

Chanpuru 1 ~Happy Marriage Song Cover Shuu~ Cover 1473

1.DIAMONDS <ダイアモンド>/High-King(高橋・田中・清水・矢島・前田) (Takahashi Ai, Tanaka Reina, Shimizu Saki, Yajima Maimi, Maeda Yuuka)
(C-ute, Mano Erina)
(Natsuyaki Miyabi, Suzuki Airi, Saho Akari)
(Linlin, Fukuda Kanon, Takeuchi Akari, Miyamoto Karin)
(Nakajima Saki, Hagiwara Mai, Mano Erina)
(Tanaka Reina)
(Niigaki Risa, Kamei Eri)
8.秋桜/高橋 愛(モーニング娘。)
(Takahashi Ai)
(Niigaki Risa, Kusumi Koharu, Tsugunaga Momoko, Tokunaga Chinami, Sudou Maasa, Umeda Erika, Wada Ayaka, Ogawa Saki)
10.ONLY YOU/続・美勇伝(道重・ジュンジュン・菅谷)
(Michishige Sayumi, JunJun, Sugaya Risako)
(Kamei Eri, Mitsui Aika, Kumai Yurina, Okai Chisato)
12.for you・・・/リンリン(モーニング娘。)
(Berryz Koubou, Mano Erina)
(Michishige Sayumi, Koharu Kusumi, Mitsui Aika, Junjun)

Source: Ayabie @ JPHIP

Apparently this is the final singer list for Chanpuru ~Happy Marriage Song Cover Shuu~. I was kind of surprised that Aa! (Natsuyaki Miyabi, Suzuki Airi, Saho Akari) doesn’t have Reina, she is an original member of the group but she was replaced with Saho for some reason.

Zoku Biyuuden (Michishige Sayumi, Junjun, and Risako): I was expecting Sayu to be in the group, but I never thought Risako would be in it, it might be interesting to see what image they go for. Tanpopo #, (Kami Eri, Mitsui Aika, Kumai Yurina, Okai Chisato): all of the members have the “井” Kanji in their name (most likely that is where they got the #).

ZYX-α (Niigaki, Kusumi,Momoko, Chinami, Maasa, Umeda Erika, Wada Ayaka, Ogawa Saki): has some of the original members plus Niigaki and Koharu who are full of energy, it’s good that they included 2 senpai’s, 4 H!P Kids, and 2 Eggs since it has a sort of variety.

Pucchi Moni V (Nakajima, Hagiwara, Mano): I didn’t expect Nakajima in the group, but hopefully they do good. And Shin Minimoni (Linlin, Fukuda, Takeuchi, Miyamoto): there were rumors going around of Takeuchi and Miyamoto being in the group, but I would like to see how this might turn out, since Takeuchi and Miyamoto are among the youngest eggs, but so far it seems like a good combination.

Other than that High King has all of it’s original members and the rest are just members singing together with no group name or solo. The absence of original members is probably because each member got into one group only, so I guess Tsunku is probably planning on making this semi-permanent for some time, although this is only a guess.

The album is set for release on 7/15.

EDIT 7/11: The list has been confirmed by photos of the booklet, High King has all of it’s original members, and everyone in the album is in only one group, Tsunku is probably planning on keeping them for a bit more (possibility):

Aa!Tanpopo #

Aa! (Natsuyaki Miyabi, Suzuki Airi, Saho Akari)

Tanpopo # (Mitsui Aika, Okai Chisato, Kamei Eri, Kumai Yurina)

ZYX-AlphaZoku Biyuuden

ZYX-α (Niigaki Risa, Kusumi Koharu, Tsugunaga Momoko, Sudou Maasa, Tokunaga Chinami, Umeda Erika, Wada Ayaka, Ogawa Saki)

Zoku Biyuuden (Junjun, Sugaya Risako, Michishige Sayumi)

Shin MinimoniPucchimoni V

Shin Minimoni (Linlin, Fukuda Kanon, Takeuchi Akari, Miyamoto Karin)

Pucchimoni V (Mano Erina, Nakajima Saki, Hagiwara Mai)