Murakami Megumi Is In A New Entertainment Agency Called “WANTS”

3 04 2011

Former C-ute member Murakami Megumi is in a new entertainment agency called WANTS.

Here is a brief description of the agency:

WANTS is a dance company. … ut_us.html

“WANTS” is produced by S-Company, it’s a Dance-Company.
Introducing the production method, it’s not just directed public performances, we also go and promote/cultivate dancer and choreographers.

In WANTS, you’re not able to learn just lessons, we offer learning about the neccessary things of stage expression, tips to intensify approach, we aim for a high level of dance and body expression.

since 2010-02-16 / Copyright 2009 S-Company. All Rights Reserved.

It has been quite a while since we last heard from Megumi so I was surprised when I read that she was finally making a comeback to the entertainment world by signing up with a new agency that specializes in dancing, which is going to be an interesting change.

I wasn’t an H!P fan when she was around but from what I can see in pictures she has changed quite a bit from her (small) profile picture at the site, and it might have something to do with her hair color change, although for the most part fans will probably recognize her easily.

Her latest performance was this weekend at the Sunshine Theatre, which is great news for fans since they can check out and support her future activities from now on, and while we haven’t seen any news about her next performance I look forward to reading about any fan reports from her performances.

Official WANTS Site Profile

Sunshine Theatre Site