Murakami Megumi Is In A New Entertainment Agency Called “WANTS”

3 04 2011

Former C-ute member Murakami Megumi is in a new entertainment agency called WANTS.

Here is a brief description of the agency:

WANTS is a dance company. … ut_us.html

“WANTS” is produced by S-Company, it’s a Dance-Company.
Introducing the production method, it’s not just directed public performances, we also go and promote/cultivate dancer and choreographers.

In WANTS, you’re not able to learn just lessons, we offer learning about the neccessary things of stage expression, tips to intensify approach, we aim for a high level of dance and body expression.

since 2010-02-16 / Copyright 2009 S-Company. All Rights Reserved.

It has been quite a while since we last heard from Megumi so I was surprised when I read that she was finally making a comeback to the entertainment world by signing up with a new agency that specializes in dancing, which is going to be an interesting change.

I wasn’t an H!P fan when she was around but from what I can see in pictures she has changed quite a bit from her (small) profile picture at the site, and it might have something to do with her hair color change, although for the most part fans will probably recognize her easily.

Her latest performance was this weekend at the Sunshine Theatre, which is great news for fans since they can check out and support her future activities from now on, and while we haven’t seen any news about her next performance I look forward to reading about any fan reports from her performances.

Official WANTS Site Profile

Sunshine Theatre Site




18 responses

3 04 2011

i’m so excited!! Megumi and Airi are the ones that really caught my attention when i first began listening to C-ute! i became a fan long after she left but still!

3 04 2011
Mariane ラン❤海飛 Cryssa

WOW! she’s back! I can’t believe she’s back.. but.. uhhmmm.. only dancing?? Is she going to sing as well?? because dancing and singing at the same time is her top charm.. anyway, she changed.. I miss her

4 04 2011

YAY I’M SO HAPPY!!! Megumi is my fav C-ute member of all time. Even though she’s not singing I’m glad she’s back in the entertainment world. GOOD LUCK MEGUMI!!!! XD

4 04 2011

Haha, you posted on it! I know you said in your reply to my comment that you were going to post on it anyways, but I feel like I at least helped a little bit in reminding you. XDD I’m so full of myself! XP

4 04 2011

I’m so happy that she’s back!!! She was my favorite member in Cute ^^ and she’s very good at dancing.

4 04 2011

I can’t believe this is Megumi now :O She is all blonded!!!!!!!!! She’s still one of my Fav though XD

4 04 2011

She has changed a lot!!!
I’m so happy to see that she is back in the entrrtainrment industry because her talent shouldn’t go to waste!!!

4 04 2011

I sure would love to here her sing again she had one of the best voices in H!P kids.

4 04 2011


4 04 2011

God I havent seen her in FOREVER!!!
I wish she was back in h!p D;

I kinda wanna know how Maiha (i think that is her name) is now…

4 04 2011

ehhhh this is such a huge shock!!I’d never thought she would be coming back to the entertainment buisness

4 04 2011

Now to find out where Maiha is!!!

4 04 2011

Her wota/stalkers are probably ecstatic right now XD
(my initial thought when reading the title)

Though this is only a dancing company, it’s all good. If she ever wants to get back into a singing career, it’ll be better if she has experience. But I won’t say she’s planning on becoming a singer again; she’ll probably stay a dancer.
(Since this is her comeback after so long, this is what I’ll assume.)
She indeed looks very different. She has the same cheeks as before, but her adult-face is coming in and her hair is dyed. She looks very pretty <3

5 04 2011

Woa!!!! After her leaving no one thought that she would enter the entertainment worldagain! As for mains I heard rumors that she would re enter after high school because she left to enter an elite school

5 04 2011

Ack! Ment to say maiha

5 04 2011

I did a double take when I saw Megumi’s name. My mind skips straight to Murata Megumi when I see the name associated with H!P nowadays, because of Murakami’s graduation so long ago. I almost passed on by but then I was like OMG NO WAY IT’S HER!!!! I’m so excited I could cry (;w;) I ADORE Megumi. I’m so happy she’s back!

6 04 2011

my heart skipped a beat when i saw this…when i saw murakami i was like “NO WAY” :P i had to read the title like 5 times before it sank in
anywayss….. WOW. that’s all i can say. i never thought she would come back… well….great to see that she’s back into the entertainment industry…but only dancing? she has an awesome voice
and for the pic….i liked the old her better…but she probably changed her looks to avoid stalker wotas ._. haha jkjk

27 06 2011


OMG, she very changed by these six years… OH MY GOSH, it’s now six years!!!!!!

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