Kikkawa Yuu – “Hapirapi~Sunrise~” Short Ver. PV Released

31 08 2011

The short version of Kikkawa Yuu’s PV for her 2nd single titled Hapirapi~Sunrise~ has been released.

As the title suggests we only get to see a short version of the PV, in this case about 2 minutes, but it’s still a great chance to check out a few of the shots and find out what the PV will look like. For the most part the PV exceeds my expectations since there are many shots in the PV, many of which don’t look like the average dance or close-up shots but instead feature Kikka in settings which relate to the song more.

From what I can tell there are about 6 different shots in the PV (probably more): the shot of Kikka singing in front of a tree in a colorful flower dress, Kikka in a kitchen looking out the window, Kikka having lunch with a dog, dancing in front of a white wooden wall, singing while sitting in the back of a truck, and the close-up which seems to be part of the dance shot as well, and while most of the shots are just to add variety to the PV I have to admit that I really loved the way they looked since they gave the PV a more casual and cozy feeling, matching the song perfectly.

While this is only the first half of the PV there is already quite a lot of content so fans who prefer PVs that stray away from the usual “dance+close-up” PVs will love this release since every few seconds we get to see a different shot, and while the song isn’t exactly the most impressive release you will hear it is still a pretty good release for Kikka since it has a casual and cute sound to it.

Overall the PV looks amazing so far, and while we haven’t seen the other half of this release I am already impressed with it since there are many shots for fans to enjoy, and while most of them might be used only to fill up the PV I still enjoyed it quite a bit since it matches the song perfectly.

Hopefully the full PV is only a few days or weeks away from being released since I am really looking forward to seeing the full PV soon.

The release date is set for 9/21.

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Serend Blog Permanately Closed

31 08 2011!/Serendnet/status/108768567650037760

The Serend Blog will permanately be closed.

This doesn’t relate to H!P too much but each Berryz Koubou member had a mini-blog here, C-ute had a temporary blogs here and I believe Tsunku had a blog here too.

From my understanding the site has closed down, so it wasn’t a decision that H!P had a say in. It’s a shame that the site has closed down since the blogs provided a means of communication with the fans.

Hopefully H!P can find a replacement site for the Berryz Koubou blogs and maybe Tsunku can even “relocate” his blog too.

The site will close on 9/20.

Mobekimasu – “Busu ni Narinai Tetsugaku” Preview Released

31 08 2011

A preview of the song and of the shooting for Mobekimasu’s PV for their single titled Busu ni Narinai Tetsugaku has been released.

For the most part we get to see only a black setting with all of the members dancing, and while it might not be that much of a preview for the PV it is for the song since we get to hear about a minute of it, and to say it simply I’m really impressed with the song.

It’s not cute or too mature, it somewhat aims for the middle and has a pretty catchy beat to it that seems to match a common theme for all of the members, which is a relief since it’s a mix of everyone’s images and gives us a chance to listen to a pretty unique song that will most likely be an impressive release.

As mentioned before the release date will be in November so Ai-chan was naturally not in the shot with Risa taking over as leader (Mitsui isn’t either, but she’s probably not in it since it’s the dance shot), and while she is still part of the group I have to say that it’s really weird to see a group shot with only Sayu, Gaki, and Reina in the front, as well as S/mileage without Ogawa, but like always the show must go on and it seems that this group will do a really good job since they have 8 Momusu members, 7 Berryz members, 5 C-ute members, Mano, and 8 S/mileage members for a total of 29 members.

I really encourage everyone to listen to the song since it’s an amazing release for this group, and while it will probably be a temporary group I am glad to see that we get another H!P group release since having a single with all of the members in H!P is simply the best way for everyone to enjoy a single, even more when there will be 7 versions of the single.

Hopefully a full song or PV preview is release since this song sounds simply incredible so far.

The release date is set for 11/16.

Video uploaded by: DARC423

EDIT: For those curious about the group pictures they included in the video, PON! did in fact add Morning Musume’s group picture twice when they explained the Mobekimasu name:.

S/mileage – “Tachiagaaru” Tracklists Released

31 08 2011

2. Smile on-don (Limited A,B, Regular)
2. Boogie Train ’11 (Limited C)
2. S/mileage Singles ultra crush remix (Limited D)
3. Tachiagaaru (Instrumental)

Source: Sohee @ JPLOP

The tracklists for S/mileage’s 7th single titled Tachiagaaru have been released.

As you can tell the tracklists all follow the same layout: a-side, b-side, instrumental of a-side, so apart from the b-sides there isn’t that much difference, although I’m really happy to see that they are including three different tracks for this release since it gives a bit more variety to this single and encourages fans to get more than one copy, as well as giving the general buyer a chance of choosing the one they like most.

As far as I can tell they will release one original song, a cover, and a remix, which is a good mix of songs since some fans prefer remixes, some prefer an original song, while others might prefer hearing S/mileage’s version of Boogie Train, so this single looks really good so far for everyone since they can choose whichever song they like.

Smile on-don sounds pretty cute since it has the word smile in it, while the S/mileage Singles ultra crush remix song sounds really interesting due to the very powerful title it has. Boogie Train on the Limited C version is an interesting addition since S/mileage have been covering a lot of songs lately, and while I would prefer another original song it’s great to see that fans of the older songs can listen to a new arrangement with S/mileage’s voices.

The tracklist looks amazing so I’m really looking forward to listening to all of them, and while some fans might be discouraged at the lack of original songs, this seems like a pretty good way of making sure all fans are satisfied, so hopefully everyone gets a copy with their preferred b-side once it is released.

The release date for the single is set for 9/28.

S/mileage Discography Site

Morning Musume 9th Gen First FC Bus Tour Announced

31 08 2011

Morning Musume’s 9th Gen is having their first FC bus tour.

This news isn’t too surprising since we were eventually going to get a FC tour of with just the 9th gen. Regardless, this is a great chance for the 9th gen members to show off their personalities and to spend some time with their fans. This bus tour will probably be a very interesting one since the members of 9th gen are still pretty young and energetic so there will be a lot of things going on.

Since not much has been announced regarding the FC event I wanted to comment on the promotional poster. I personally think this is one of the best pictures of the 9th gen members. They all look equally amazing and their smiles look a bit more softer, in some of the earlier pictures of 9th gen they looked a little awkward.

Hopefully all fan club members are able to attend and for those that aren’t able to attend there will still be plenty of other opportunities to do so.

The fan club is set for 11/5-11/6 and will be taking place at Yamanashi.

EDIT: A clearer picture of the flyer for the tour has been released:

Kikkawa Yuu – “Hapi Rapi~Sunrise~” Boxsets Announced

31 08 2011

The Universal store will be releasing boxsets for Kikkawa Yuu’s 2nd single titled Hapi Rapi~Sunrise~.

They will contain all four editions of her single plus a ticket to an event in Tokyo or Osaka. There will be twelve boxsets, each with a different event ticket.

I’m very surprised to see that Universal is also going to release a boxed set since it is a great opportunity for fans to get all of the versions of a single in a convenient package along with a great bonus, and while it seems to be limited to Japan I highly encourage anyone in the area to get a boxed set and reserve their seat for these interesting promotional events.

From what I can tell each event will feature a different bonus, whether it be an autograph session or a handshake, so fans will most likely be very happy about this announcement. A similar promotion was done with S/mileage a while ago, but it seems that Kikka is getting a bit more of a push with three days of events, with a total of twelve different events she has to do, so it’s safe to say that so far promotion for this single is going along really well.

The cover for the boxsets are pretty normal, with a smiling Kikka in front of a wall and a plant making a sign with her fingers, but while it might be a bit simple, in comparison to the covers for the single it is a very welcome change since it has her name on the top, the title of the single in a ribbon styled line that runs from the bottom to the side, as well as a red sign that says something along the lines of “premium box”.

Hopefully everyone who is able to attend the events will do so since this seems like a great way for fans to enjoy Kikka’s 2nd single, and while the twelve events might be a bit too much for only three days I hope everyone is looking forward to this pretty nice change in promotion since many fans would love to have a boxset.

The events will take place on 10/9~10 in Tokyo and 10/15 in Osaka.

Kikkawa Yuu Discography Site

Kikkawa Yuu Site Announcement

S/mileage Sub-Members Open Official Ameblo Blog

31 08 2011

The official blog of the S/mileage Sub-Members have been opened!

So far nothing has been posted and the blog has been opened for a few hours now so hopefully we’ll get some sort of introduction from the members. I’m happy that the sub-members got a blog since it provides as a communication channel for the fans to get to know them and see what they’re doing from day to day. They probably won’t be able to post much since looking at their schedule they’re quite busy but hopefully they’re able to post once in awhile to let fans know what’s going on.

The blog itself is decorated with a very simple header of the members. It has the “S/mileage elegant feel” to it by the font and the border design on the top sides. The header is mainly white with some pink added in and there’s a picture of each sub-member with their name placed underneath it.

Hopefully we get some posts from them soon, and I hope that fans support them while they work towards becoming S/mileage members.

Blog Page


Berryz Koubou First Concert in the USA Sakura Con FC DVD Cover Released

30 08 2011

The FC DVD cover and back cover of “Berryz Koubou First Concert in the USA Sakura Con”  has been released.

The cover features a cropped photo of each Berryz Koubou member on a black background that is outlined by yellow dots. It’s somewhat hard to make out what’s behind these pictures but it looks like it’s something related to cherry blossoms, which are also featured all over the cover. The center has a pirate’s skull that has a lot of “Berryz Koubou twists” on it and the title is placed at the center which matches the skull.

I really like the pirate’s skull here however I don’t see how it’s related to Sakura Con. Regardless though I think the Berryz Koubou influence on the skull is really cute, especially since the eye patch has BK written on it and the other eye is heart shaped.

The yellow outline around each picture really makes the member pictures shine a bit more and the cherry blossoms all over really does remind you that this was from the Sakura Con. (Sakura is Japanese for cherry blossoms.)

The back is very similar to the front however there are 2 group shots located on the back and there are more digital cherry blossoms. It’s somewhat faded into the background but there are a few dots on the back that make the shape of the cherry blossoms and that’s a nice touch to things since they added cherry blossoms without using the same effect on the back.

On the back DVD cover you may have also noticed the setlist, the setlist for the concert is the same as before since they only performed at Sakura Con for one day. The last three titles listed on the back however I believe is not footage from the concert, since the concert setlist from this post ends with All for one and one for all. I can’t read Japanese but I’m certain that it’s footage from the other days or even some commentary from the members.

Overall this is a great release for all Berryz Koubou fans. For fans that couldn’t attend they can see it on DVD and hopefully feel the experience for themselves and for the fans that did attend, this release will be a wonderful reminder of the event.

Unfortunately the DVD was only available for FC members so fans who would like a copy will have to buy one from Ebay or Yahoo auctions, but there should be a few since there are always a few fans who get some more and sell them through those sites.

Tanaka Reina To Replace Mitsui Aika In “Reborn ~Inochi no Audition~”

30 08 2011

Due to Mitsui Aika’s condition, Tanaka Reina will replace her in the upcoming stage play titled Reborn ~Inochi no Audition~.

This was confirmed by a flyer which was released recently on the stage play’s site.

It’s unfortunate that Mitsui Aika won’t be able to participate in the stage play but due to her condition it’s best for her to rest up so she can hopefully soon recover, and while it might be disappointing, it’s good to see that Reina will be able to join the cast since she has done quite a good job with her past performances.

From what I can tell there is quite a lot of variety from the cast for the show, and surprisingly it appears that this cast will be mostly female (if not completely), which should be interesting to see since there might be a few members who play the male roles, for example Gaki who appears to be wearing armor with a sword.

Everyone looks really good in their outfit, especially Kanon and Mizuki who have an elegant look, although the flyer is still a bit too small to know for sure how everyone looks since it appears that most of the members are in the back with only Gaki and Reina clearly visible.

All that is left to see is a bigger flyer and the start of the play, so hopefully everyone who can attend the show will do so since it seems like it will be very interesting to watch.

The play will run from 10/8 ~ 10/17.

3rd Round of Morning Musume’s 10th Generation Audition To Air on Hello! Pro Time

30 08 2011

The 3rd round of the Morning Musume 10th generation audition will air on Hello! Pro time next week.

Airing a segment on the Hello! Pro Time show doesn’t compare to seeing it live on Ustream, but it’s the next best thing and better than nothing since so far much of the 10th gen auditions has occurred outside of the public eye, with only a few comments here and there on the site for the audition about the end of the rounds, and while we have absolutely no idea what kind of girls will appear it’s safe to say that there will probably be a few surprises.

Tsunku tweeted quite a while ago that the girls were high level, so I’m really looking forward to seeing just how talented they are, but the main thing I want to find out is what kind of procedure will Tsunku use for this generation: the usual method where the girls simply join the group or the new S/mileage method with him adding the girls as sub-members and then deciding whether to add them or not, since it could result in a fairly interesting result although like always we will have to wait and see.

I’m really excited about finally seeing a round of the Momusu 10th gen auditions but it seems that for now we will have to wait about one week to find out what kind of girls made it to the 3rd round, but there should hopefully be a few previews soon.

The 3rd round will air on 9/8.

Hello! Pro Time Site