Arihara Kanna Will Be In a Movie Titled “Joshikousei Tokumu Sousakan Nagi & Saya”

16 06 2011

Arihara Kanna will be featured in a low budget, straight to DVD movie titled Joshikousei Tokumo Sousakan Nagi & Saya (Eng: Schoolgirl Investigators Nagi & Saya).

I didn’t expect to see Kanna in a movie anytime soon but she has already released a PB, two solo DVDs, and been in a play so it seems like this is the most logical next step, and for the most part I am very happy to see that she will be among the main characters of this movie since it will give her a chance to show off her acting skills.

As you might notice from the scenes of the movie it is somewhat obvious that they didn’t seem to have that much of a budget but nonetheless Kanna fans will have a great opportunity to see her act in a DVD movie, and even though we don’t really have an idea of what the movie will be about (it seems that it might be a detective style action movie) I look forward to seeing it once it is released.

Hopefully we get a trailer or some other kind of preview soon since I want to find out what kind of character Kanna will be, but for now we can check out the movie screenshots that appear on the page for the movie to find out what the movie will look like (I added 6 that show off what it will basically look like but there are about 20 in the movie gallery link).

Here are a few pictures from the movie:

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The release date is set for 7/22.

Zen Pictures Page For DVD

Zen Pictures Page With Movie Gallery

Arihara Kanna – “Ano Toki” DVD Covers Released

7 06 2011

Front Cover

The front and back covers for Arihara Kanna’s solo DVD in Guam titled Ano Toki have been revealed.

The release is only about a week away so I’m happy to see that we finally get the covers for Kanna’s 2nd DVD since we can find out what kind of outfits she will wear and what kind of theme the DVD will have, and while there seems to be no clear theme I am glad to see that the previews and the covers both look very impressive.

The front cover features Kanna smiling at the camera while holding part of her outfit (which she most likely just took off) to show off a cute red bikini top and jean shorts, and while the cover isn’t that creative I have to admit that I liked it since we get to see Kanna clearly in front of a beach setting.

The title is in the corner but I have to admit that I really liked how it turned out since each line is in different colors with her name in Kanji and romanized letters, and the title for the DVD in Hiragana, which is quite a bit of variety and a great way to catch the viewers eye (after Kanna catches their eye).

Back Cover

The back cover features about 11 pictures of Kanna, ten small pictures framed alongside a bigger picture of her in a bathtub blowing a kiss to the camera (which turns out to be her name and a heart), and while the pictures are leaning a bit into the more mature side (mostly the picture in the top right and the picture of her coming out of the shower with a towel around her) I liked how they came out since fans will be able to enjoy Kanna in quite a lot of outfits, most of them bikinis.

Overall the covers are very interesting since we get to see Kanna wearing many different colored outfits (again, mostly bikinis) and while the previews on the back cover are mostly more mature than H!P releases (I doubt we would see Momo or another member with only a towel anytime soon) I liked how they came out since we get to see Kanna in many cute poses.

The front cover turned out great since we get to see her posing in front of a beach setting, and despite the small title I liked how great Kanna looks since we get to see her with a cute outfit with a great expression on her face.

Hopefully Kanna fans can reserve their copy of the DVD since it looks like this release will be among her best.

The release date is set for 6/22. Page For Kanna’s DVD

Arihara Kanna’s 2nd Solo DVD Titled “Ano Toki”

31 05 2011

The title for Arihara Kanna’s 2nd Solo DVD has been revealed to be Ano Toki (Eng: Back then).

I’m happy to see that we finally get some more details about Kanna’s DVD since it was announced quite some time ago (back in mid-April), and while we haven’t seen a cover or any other kind of preview I am glad that at least the title was revealed a few weeks before the release.

The title is pretty interesting since it seems to hint that we will see a theme with some kind of a back story, although most likely we will just see Kanna posing in a bikini and casual outfits like her previous DVD, but we don’t know for sure since details are not available.

Hopefully we get some kind of preview before the release, otherwise we will probably have to wait until mid-June to find out more about the content.

The DVD will be released on 6/22.

E-Net Page For Kanna’s DVD

Arihara Kanna 2nd Solo DVD Announced

21 04 2011

Arihara Kanna’s 2nd solo DVD, currently untitled, has been announced.

According to a recent blog post the DVD will take place in Guam.

After the release of her first PB and DVD I expected to hear the release for her second DVD sometime soon, but it seems that we will have to wait until June to find out what kind of pictures and settings we will see Kanna in, although the wait shouldn’t be that much of a problem since it’s somewhat near (only about 2 months).

During the next few weeks we should see the title along with a few possible previews and a cover, but since this is a DVD there is a slight chance we might see a PB released alongside it since most of the time they are usually released at the same time, so while we don’t have a confirmation I look forward to finding out soon.

Hopefully Kanna fans have a chance to reserve a copy of her DVD since her last release featured some great poses and outfits.

The release date is set for 6/22. Page For Kanna’s 2nd DVD

Kanna’s Blog Post About DVD

Arihara Kanna- “Smile Again” DVD Covers Released

15 01 2011

The cover for Arihara Kanna’s DVD  titled “Smile Again” has been released.

Just by the looks of the cover and the back it looks as if they’re trying to make the theme “Hawaii” or hint that Kanna was in Hawaii. First off on the back cover it shows Kanna eating some “shave ice” which is a popular treat here in Hawaii. Next the lei on the front cover gives it away since leis are normally worn by visitors to the islands. Finally all the bathing suit shots of her hints of the beach/ocean but I wouldn’t take that last hint as Hawaii since a lot of DVD/PB has them in a bathing suit just posing.

I’m not sure what the front cover header says but I think of it sort of distracting from Kanna. The yellow everywhere in the front is sort of an eye catch and the circle with “Smile Again” just catches your attention fast. But they put it by Kanna’s face so you eyes may drift to her afterwards. The back cover isn’t too bad since there’s more Kanna than words and nothing stands out too much.

As for the title itself I’m not sure what they mean by Smile Again but it could have something to do with the way she left H!P or maybe it could be hinting as a comeback for Kanna. Either way hopefully all fans will support her and buy a copy when the DVD releases.

The release date is set for 1/27.

Amazon Product Page

Arihara Kanna’s 1st PB “Kanna” Cover Released

8 12 2010

Left: Front Cover, Right: Back Cover

The cover for Arihara Kanna’s 1st PB titled Kanna has been released.

For the most part I am very impressed with the cover since it has a nice simple theme with bright colors, and along with a great shot of Kanna wearing a hoodie over a bikini in front of a beach it does seem like a great cover for her first release.

The title art is a bit distracting since it has many colors, but for the most part I really like the way they used the Kanji and the Hiragana for her name since it does look great in front of the sky.

The back cover features Kanna wearing a blue bikini while eating ice cream, and while it might be a bit simple I really like the way it looks since it shows of Kanna well (although there seems to be a lot of sunlight).

Hopefully Kanna fans get a chance to reserve their copy of the PB since it looks like a great release.

The release date is set for 12/18. Page For Kanna’s PB

Official Arihara Kanna Twitter Account Opened

26 11 2010

Arihara Kanna has opened up a Twitter account.

Her first tweet was:

i am kanna!!! ^^Follow me^3^

I’m not that surprised to see that Kanna has opened up a Twitter account since it was just of matter of time until she joined Twitter, and since Erika joined a few days ago it was most likely a small push for Kanna to join too.

She hasn’t had a chance to tweet that much but so far she has tweeted in English and Japanese, and since she is very good friends with Erika I’m not that surprised to see that the few tweets that she has done include two replies to Erika, which is great since that means that they both keep up with each other.

Hopefully all Kanna fans get a chance to follow her account since it looks like she will use it constantly in the future.

Official Arihara Kanna Twitter