Matsuura Aya Has Endometriosis

30 08 2011

Matsuura Aya has recently revealed that she has a medical condition called endometriosis.

According to the announcement she has had this condition for a couple of years now and just recently she decided to announce it.

Basically the condition involves cells from the uterus growing outside of the uterus, producing pain in the pelvis among other things, so from what I can understand it seems that this condition is somewhat serious since it affects the area involved with reproduction resulting in a possibility of infertility (not being able to have children), and while the symptoms aren’t life threatening the condition is still of concern since it’s a fairly uncommon condition (5-10% of women have it).

I’m not a professional so I have no clear idea about the pain and treatments available but this might be at least a small reason as to why Ayaya hasn’t been performing that much in the past few years since her graduation, although it’s understandable since the main area affected by the condition is the center of the body used while dancing, which would probably be really painful to do, especially for the length of an average concert.

The condition is unfortunately not curable (the symptoms are, but only after menopause) but I wish the best of luck to Ayaya and hopefully she takes the rest she needs.

UFA Announcement

Ayaway Announcement

Matsuura Aya’s “Futari Osaka” Will Be The Theme For “Sakura to Satsuki”

31 03 2011

Matsuura Aya will perform the title song for her movie Sakura to Satsuki which will be titled Futari Osaka.

The song is a ballad (like most of her previous releases) which is somewhat disappointing since most of the song seems to be the same, but I did like the way it sounded since we got a chance to check out her great voice as well as a somewhat catchy beat.

The preview features scenes from her movie as well, which is a great way to check out the movie while enjoying the song, and even though there are only a few scenes we also get a chance to check out the Making of for the movie which should give fans a chance to see how she acts during the short scenes we saw.

Hopefully fans can check out the song and the preview below since it gives us a great look at her upcoming movie, and while the song isn’t that memorable I am glad to see that she gets a chance to sing another song.

The song will only be available through iTunes.

Video uploaded by: upfronttunes

iTunes Link To Ayaya’s New Song

Matsuura Aya To Star In The TV Drama “Sakura to Satsuki”

17 03 2011

Matsuura Aya will star in a ABC TV special titled Sakura to Satsuki.

The story is about a female truck driver and it’s set in Ayaya’s hometown Himeji.

I’m surprised to see that Ayaya will once again star in a drama since it has been quite some time since we last heard from her (she was recently with Miki in the US though for vacation), and while the story description hasn’t been detailed as much, I am looking forward to seeing fan reactions to the drama since the characters and short description sound interesting.

So far the site does give us a look at what I think are the two main characters, and even though the puffy orange fur vest on Ayaya seems a bit out of place I am happy to see that she will be the star of the drama, although the other character (who seems to be Satsuki, since the green jacket matches the green on the title) seems to also be among the main characters.

Hopefully Ayaya fans get a chance to check out the drama since the site and the short description sound promising.

The special will air on 4/1.

Official Sakura to Satsuki Site

Sanspo Article

Matsuura Aya Attending “Hibari 7 Days”

31 01 2011

Matsuura Aya will be attending “Hibari 7 Days” on their closing day.

I’m unsure what Hibari 7 Days is but looking at their page it says “Film Talk & Live” so I’m assuming it is what it says and that will mean Matsuura Aya will be performing. I’m not sure what she’ll be performing or what she’ll be talking about but it should be interesting since she will be a guest on their closing day and they may do something extra special since it’s closing.

Hopefully all fans can attend this event.

Matsuura Aya will be attending on 2/27.

Hibari 7 Days Page

Matsuura Aya’s “Click You Link Me” Album To Be Released In LP

21 12 2010

Matsuura Aya’s latest album titled Click You Link Me will be release in LP.

For those who might not know, the LP is the ancestor of the CD we use nowadays, it was played on both sides and differed by it’s diameter.

I was very surprised to say the least by this announce since this is a one-of-a kind release for Ayaya, but since the cover of her album has a 70’s look to it, this exclusive idea will definitely promote the album and drag fans’ attention.

Along with the announcement, the tracklist was released and it features the songs on both sides A and B:

Side A
01. The Difference
02. Feel Your Groove
03. Suna wo Kamu You Ni…NAMIDA
04. Yokohama Rondo
05. Home Nite
06. Hitori
07. Click you Link me

Side B
01. Kataritsugu Koto
02. interlude~Okay~
03. Watarasebashi
04. dearest.
05. only one
06. Minna Hitori
07. Omoi Afurete

As you can see, each side contains 7 songs for a total of 14 (each side can play for as long as 45 minutes), although the album only contains 13 songs (the last one Omoi Afurete is added to the LP), and a special bonus is added for those who reserve this copy of the album, which will include a B5 sized signed portrait as a gift.

Apart from that, there isn’t much to say since the tracklist is almost the same but the news itself is already a pleasant surprise that will definitely help promote Aya and her album a lot more.

Hopefully everyone who have a Stylus that is used to read the LPs will be able to reserve it since it seems like a great release for everyone who liked the album, or for those who are interested by this type of release.

The release date is set for February.

E-Lineup page for Matsuura Aya’s LP album

Matsuura Aya – “only one” Preview Released

5 11 2010

A preview from Matsuura Aya’s 7th album titled only one has been released.

For the most part the song featured a slow steady ballad sound, and even though it wasn’t as exciting as the other previews I am glad that we get to listen to it since her vocal skills really shine in this track since there aren’t that many instruments in the background.

The song sounds the same throughout so if you listen for at least a minute you get an idea of what the song is about, which is somewhat dissapointing since I would have liked to listen to a slightly different beat during some parts, but since it is a ballad it was expected that it would have a common theme throughout.

Overall the song was a nice addition to the album since it shows off Ayaya’s impressive vocals, and even though the instrumental and beat wasn’t as impressive I liked the way that the song turned out.

The release date is set for 11/24.

Video uploaded by: upfronttunes

Matsuura Aya – “Yokohama Rondo” Preview Released

29 10 2010

A preview of a track from Matsuura Aya’s 7th album titled Yokohama Rondo has been released.

From the start of the song until the end I was very impressed with Ayaya’s vocals since they mixed perfectly with the song, and even though there wasn’t that many changes in the beat of the song I was amazed at how well it sounded since the slow beat of the instrumental plus the catchy piano and Ayaya’s impressing vocals all sounded amazing.

Like the previous video we get to see a video with some animations, such as rain during the start of the video as well as different pictures every 10 ~ 15 seconds and a karaoke on the left side of the screen, which are small but really helpful and nice touches to keep fans watching throughout the video.

I can’t really say much about the song since it is definitely a song that fans will want to hear to judge for themselves, but I at least have to say that I am very impressed with this song and the video since they showed of Ayaya’s impressing singing ability as well as an impressive theme for the song.

Hopefully everyone gets a chance to listen to the preview and buy the album.

The release date is set for 11/24.

Video uploaded by: upfronttunes