Matsuura Aya To Star In The TV Drama “Sakura to Satsuki”

17 03 2011

Matsuura Aya will star in a ABC TV special titled Sakura to Satsuki.

The story is about a female truck driver and it’s set in Ayaya’s hometown Himeji.

I’m surprised to see that Ayaya will once again star in a drama since it has been quite some time since we last heard from her (she was recently with Miki in the US though for vacation), and while the story description hasn’t been detailed as much, I am looking forward to seeing fan reactions to the drama since the characters and short description sound interesting.

So far the site does give us a look at what I think are the two main characters, and even though the puffy orange fur vest on Ayaya seems a bit out of place I am happy to see that she will be the star of the drama, although the other character (who seems to be Satsuki, since the green jacket matches the green on the title) seems to also be among the main characters.

Hopefully Ayaya fans get a chance to check out the drama since the site and the short description sound promising.

The special will air on 4/1.

Official Sakura to Satsuki Site

Sanspo Article




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