Ogawa Makoto Casted In Stage Play Titled “Black Camellia ~ Japanese Vampire~”

8 06 2011

According to her blog, Mako has been casted in the stage play titled “Black Camellia ~ Japanese Vampire~”

As you can tell by the title, the stage play is a vampire theme. A lot of you may wonder why so many of H!P members are doing works related to vampires. According to Sohee on JPCY, vampires are the “new thing” so we shouldn’t be too surprised that it’s another vampire theme.

Regardless of that though the summary of the show says it’s a “beautiful vampire fight in magnificent dance.” I’m assuming that means it’s a musical stage play and if that’s true I’m glad for Mako since her last musical stage play was awhile ago.

Also it hasn’t been revealed about what part Mako was casted in but I’m hoping she was casted as a main character, or at least she has an important role in the play.

Tickets are available for purchase through the Morning Musume Fan Club. Hopefully everyone can purchase a ticket in advance and support Mako.

The play will run from 7/16-7/24.

Mako’s Blog

JPCY Translation Page (Thanks to Resop2)

Official Ogawa Makoto Ameba Blog Opened

9 04 2011

Ogawa Makoto has opened up an Ameba Blog.

I was surprised to see that Makoto has finally opened up an Ameba blog since most fans might remember that she already had a mini blog that she has been using for quite a while, but I am glad that she has finally gotten an Ameba blog since it gives her a chance to post longer entries for fans to enjoy.

Instead of a short introduction post we get a short introduction sentence followed a long post about today’s Up Front charity event, and while this is a strange way of starting out a blog I am glad that she decided to encourage fans to check out the event before anything else, which might mean that she will post a bit more about herself in the next few days.

So far she has only done one post which is understandable since the blog has barely opened, but hopefully she updates regularly so that fans can check out her daily life and the activities she is doing.

Official Ogawa Makoto Ameba Blog

Dream Morning Musume Announces Fall Concert Currently “Untitled”

28 01 2011

Dream Morning Musume announced that they will be holding a Fall concert currently “Untitled

The news is on their official site and the concerts will start somewhere in September 2011.

Other than that announcement nothing else is known. I’m really surprised to hear that they’ve announced another concert before the 1st one even began! Hearing about another concert I’m also excited because the Fall concert could be used to promote the album, so if there are any new songs we’ll be able to hear it performed live, which I find more better than the studio version.

Pre-sale tickets for the concert is currently available and the concert is planned for 9/2011.

Dream Morning Musume’s Official Site

Dream Morning Musume Announces Album Titled “Dream 1”

28 01 2011

Dream Morning Musume announced at a press conference that they will be releasing their 1st album titled “Dream 1“.

There will be two versions, the limited and regular edition. The limited edition comes with a DVD while the regular comes with a postcard.

Hearing that they announced an album I’m really excited to hear what kind of songs they have on it, I’m hoping they’ll release some new songs but it’s also possible that they will be doing covers so we’ll see how that turns out.

Also originally Tsuji Nozomi had been listed as a member but after giving birth and all of course she wouldn’t have been included in the concerts but I’m wondering if she will be participating in the album. As for the recent graduates, they most likely won’t be participating in this album since Junjun and Linlin have returned to China and Kamei will probably still be recovering. But on their official site it says that the line up may change at the concert so it’s possible that they may change who participates on the album.

Overall I’m looking forward to seeing Dream Morning Musume continue their activity and I hope that their concert as well as their album is a success!

The album will be released on 4/20.

Up-Front Link (Blog)

Dream Morning Musume Official Page

Morning Musume OG Concert Tour 2011 Announced

24 12 2010

A concert tour for Morning Musume OG titled Dream Morning Musume Concert Tour 2011 Haru no Mai ~Sotsugyousei DE Saikessei~ has been announced.

Acording to the announcement Nakazawa Yuko, Iida Kaori, Abe Natsumi, Yasuda Kei, Yaguchi Mari, Ishikawa Rika, Yoshizawa Hitomi, Tsuji Nozomi, Ogawa Makoto, Fujimoto Miki, and Kusumi Koharu will be participating in the concert tour (basically everyone except Konno Asami).

I’m glad to see that they decided to do a Morning Musume OG tour since it has been a while since we last saw them perform together, and while Konno won’t be able to perform (most likely because she is busy at training for her TV Tokyo announcer job) it will most likely be a great tour for all OG fans since we will be able to see most of OG performing H!P classics.

We don’t know what the setlist may contain but it will most likely have many solo songs from each one of the solo artists (Nakazawa, Iida, Abe, Yaguchi, and Fujimoto) as well as some group performances, which should be very interesting to see since we will get a chance to hear many great songs being performed by OG members.

For now we don’t know what to expect from the tour, but hopefully OG fans buy their tickets to enjoy this unique and impressing concert tour when it starts in April.

The concert will feature the following dates:

Date Venue Concert starts
04/23 Chuukyou Daigaku Bunka Shimin Kaikan Aurora Hall 15:00 / 18:30
05/01 Amagasaki Shi Sougou Bunka Sentaru Kaikkunoru 14:30 / 18:00
05/04 Nakano Sun Plaza 15:00 / 18:30
05/05 Nakano Sun Plaza 14:00 / 18:00
05/07 NHK Osaka Hall 15:00 / 18:30
05/15 Yokosu ka Geijutsu Gekijou 15:00 / 18:30
05/21 Hiroshima ALSOK Hall 13:30 / 17:00
05/29 Beishia Bunka Hall (Gunba Kenmin Kaikan) Dai Hall 15:00 / 18:30

Official UFA Page For Momusu OG Concert Tour

New Promotional Unit “Afternoon Musume” Announced

7 09 2010

A new promotional unit for Georgia coffee drinks titled Afternoon Musume δ has been announced.

They will sing an original song titled Gouhoubi no Afternoon Coffee. The unit consists of:

  • Nakazawa Yuko
  • Iida Kaori
  • Abe Natsumi
  • Yasuda Kei
  • Yaguchi Mari
  • Fujimoto Miki
  • Ogawa Makoto

I’m glad to see that there are more promotional units being made within UFA for various popular products and since this one consists of OG members it is a bit more special since we haven’t seen them work together as a group in quite some time.

Since the promotion is for one of the most popular drinks in Japan (according to Wikipedia) it is without a doubt a great chance for them to promote themselves and their personalities to the public as a group.

The CM features Afternoon Musume members in a slightly old fashioned building where they provide Georgia Coffee drinks to some actors who are resting, and I have to admit that I liked it since it was calm and made me want to try some (which is the point of the CM).

As for the song it is basically just Morning Coffee in a slower Enka style (which might be the reason why the unit is called Afternoon Musume), and even though that may be the case I like how it sounds since it matches the theme of the CM.

Hopefully the promotional group releases the song in some way (either digitally or single) and even if they don’t I still love how the CM looks since all of the members fit right in with the theme.

Official Georgia Coffee Drink Site

Georgia Coffee CM

Georgia Coffee Special Video With Comments From OG Members

Morning Musume 5th Generation Event “Gokigen 4ever 2010 Summer” Setlist Released

16 08 2010

01. Shabondama
02. Popcorn Love
03. Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~
04. Otoko Tomodachi
05. Suki na Senpai

The second show featured a slightly different setlist where “Popcorn Love” was replaced with “Do It Now!”.

The setlist for Morning Musume’s 5th generation event titled Gokigen 4ever 2010 Summer has been released.

Outfits for Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~

It seems that all of the fans enjoyed the show since they got a chance to see the Gokkies perform many of Momusu’s classic songs as a group once again, and from fan reports it seems that the event was a great success since the Gokkies performed 5 songs as well as having MCs where they interacted with each other and fans.

The setlist seems a bit short but it features FC member voted songs such as Popcorn Love and Do It Now! as well as many songs that relate to the Gokkies such as their first single Mr. Moonlight or Shabondama which was the first single where they were Senpai’s to the Rokkies .

There is still another event planned so hopefully many Gokkies fans get a chance to attend since it seems like a great opportunity to hear them perform as a group again.

The next event will take place on:

  • 8/22 Nippon Seinen Kan (Tokyo)