Various Solos Released For Hello Cover Series

29 03 2011

Natsuyaki Miyabi, Takahashi Ai, Okai Chisato, Suzuki Airi, Tsugunaga Momoko, Sugaya Risako released solos for the Hello Cover Series. Here’s what they all released:

Miyabi: LOVE Namida Iro, Koi wo Shichaimashita
Aichan: Dearest, Akai Nikkichou, Furusato
Chisato: Furusato
Airi: Akai Nikkichou
Momoko: Kousui, Koi wo Shichaimashita, Egao ni Namida
Risako: Egao ni Namida, LOVE Namida Iro, Akai Nikkichou

It’s almost the same as the other Hello Cover, a majority of them performed the same song as everyone else. It is getting old seeing the same songs over again but I’m glad that they’re letting different members release the covers instead of the same members doing the covers.

For all fans that can do so please support the artists and download the song.

Risako Itunes

Momoko Itunes

Airi Itunes

Chisato Itunes

Ai Itunes

Miyabi Itunes

Takahashi Ai, Tanaka Reina, Natsuyaki Miyabi and Yajima Maimi To Release Songs On iTunes

2 03 2011


The recent members to release songs from the Hello!Cover series are Takahashi Ai, Tanaka Reina, Natsuyaki Miyabi and Yajima Maimi.

Ai-chan, Reina and Maimi have already released previous songs but it’s still great to see their versions of some of the most popular H!P songs, and it’s also great to see that they included Miyabi into the series with an amazing song which is Furusato which I’m excited to hear her sing.

The songs that each member is covering are: for Ai-chan, LOVE Namida Iro, Reina has 2 songs, Onegai Miwaku no Target and Kousui, Miya is covering Furusato and Maimi, Egao ni Namida〜THANK YOU! DEAR MY FRIENDS〜.

It’s always great to hear such talented members sing famous songs and I’m sure that each fan will find it interesting to hear the version of those members to the songs they already know.

Hopefully more members like Miya will soon be added as well as a new variety of song.

iTunes page for Takahashi Ai’s LOVE Namida Iro

iTunes page for Tanaka Reina’s Onegai Miwaku no Target

iTunes page for Tanaka Reina’s Kousui

iTunes page for Natsuyaki Miyabi’s Furusato

iTunes page for Yajima Maimi’s Egao ni Namida〜THANK YOU! DEAR MY FRIENDS〜

Natsuyaki Miyabi – “NATURAL & COOL” e-Hello DVD Announced

17 01 2011

Natsuyaki Miyabi’s solo e-Hello DVD titled “NATURAL & COOL” has been announced.

Miya is the 3rd member to get an e-Hello DVD, being the 2nd Berryz Koubou member after Risako, and I have to say that I’m really excited about this news since the title is really interesting reflecting Miya’s personality, as well as the astonishing preview we got to see with the news announcement.

Although the preview for Miya’s DVD is shorter than usual (it doesn’t go over 1 minute), it still gives us a general view about what to expect in the DVD: we get to see her sitting in front of the camera while smiling peacefully and calmly with a fantastic close-up in a plaid skirt, in another scene where she is wearing a classy and elegant red dress while sitting on a little white sofa, then on a larger one, to a more casual outfit while saying goodbye to the camera.

I have to admit that Miyabi looks really incredible in all of the scenes and the many outfits, so I’m sure that it’ll be an amazing release for fans since it has been a while since her last solo release (we can clearly see how mature she is now since her 1st PB).

Hopefully everyone can reserve and buy a copy of the DVD to support Miya.

The release date is set for somewhere in February.

e-LineUp page about product

Ex-ceed! To Perform Again At The Shanghai Expo

13 10 2010

Ex-ceed will be traveling to China to perform again at the Shanghai Expo.

I’m glad to see that Ex-ceed! will perform again since it gives the many fans from Shanghai a chance to see them and hear them perform many H!P songs, and even though they will only appear 2 days it will be interesting to find out what songs they will perform during the three scheduled performances they have.

Not much information has been released but we should see reactions from the members who have blogs sometime soon (Jun Jun, Lin Lin, and Koharu), which should give us some idea about what to expect.

Hopefully many fans from the area go to the event since these performances will most likely be among the best they will have.

There will be three performances during two days:

10/27 – 18:30

10/28 – 13:30 / 18:30

Official H!P Announcement About Ex-ceed!

Jun Jun, Lin Lin, Miyabi, and Koharu Shanghai Unit Called “Ex-Ceed!”

22 06 2010

The name for Jun Jun, Lin Lin, Natsuyaki Miyabi, and Kusumi Koharu’s unit has been revealed to be Ex-Ceed!. An explanation of the name was revealed as well from the person who submitted it (translated by turbos86):

Exceed means to go beyond. Ex, stands for Expo. The Shanghai world expo is to exceed the boundary of race and country. Ceed, also sounds like “seed”. With their sweet voices and happy dances, I hope the four girls can give joy to everyone in China and the rest of the world with their happy “seed”. And from that seed, grow into a strong tree. “!” represents the ! in Hello! Project. Also, Ex-ceed! sounds cool.

I have to admit that the name of their unit might take some time to get used to but it is somewhat original and it does sound cool. I’m glad that they at least added a reference to H!P, even though it is only a “!” but I’m glad that the description of the unit name is complete and thorough (“happy seed” sounds a bit strange to me for some reason).

Overall Ex-Ceed! is a great way to include the Expo and H!P and even though the name might take a bit too get used to it does sound very interesting and cool so hopefully the girls from the unit like it and they have a great time performing.

EDIT: A fanvideo of Ex-Ceed! performing “Jasmine Flower” was released:

Youko Link To Fanvideo of Ex-Ceed! Performing “Jasmine Flower”

Jun Jun, Lin Lin, Miyabi and Koharu Arrive in Shanghai

21 06 2010

After flying in an airplane for 3 hours Jun Jun, Lin Lin, Natsuyaki Miyabi and Kusumi Koharu have arrived safely in Shanghai today for their two day performance as a special unit.

According to Lin Lin’s blog entry they had an interview and they also went to eat some dumplings together as a group:

Since it is about 4 am right now in Shanghai we will have to wait 12 hours more until their first performance where their unit name will be revealed (according to what says) so hopefully that is the case.

But meanwhile I’m glad to hear that everyone arrived safely and that they are all ready for their performance, and despite not knowing what kind of songs they will perform I do hope we get a preview soon so we can find out.

Good luck Jun Jun, Lin Lin, Miyabi and Koharu with your performance!

They will perform in Shanghai from 6/22 to 6/23.

Hello SG Fans Translation of Lin Lin’s Post

Jun Jun, Lin Lin, Miyabi and Koharu To Perform In Shanghai

16 05 2010

Jun Jun, Lin Lin, Miyabi and former Morning Musume member Koharu will perform in Shanghai during June as a special 4-nin unit.

Miyabi was personally chosen by Jun Jun and Lin Lin, and the three of them choose Koharu to be the fourth member. Their unit name hasn’t been revealed yet.

Screenshot of the announcement via “Music Story in Japan”

When I saw the news about this special unit I was really excited since not only are we going to see Jun Jun and Lin Lin shine, but we are also going to see them sing along with Koharu and Miyabi which will be an incredible treat for Koha fans as well as Miya fans since it’s not always that we get a chance to hear them sing together (I will of course be supporting them all but Lin Lin will be my favorite from the unit).

The video on Music Story in Japan shows how Jun Jun and Lin Lin choose the other members of their unit and it seems that they went over it very carefully since they had some photos from all of the H!P members as well as a ~Mobekimasu~ visual book, and in the end they decided to choose Miyabi which was a great choice since she is very talented.

After choosing Miyabi they choose Koharu as the fourth member, and they meet up with her in a room nearby (what a coincidence) where they tell her about the unit and discuss the unit name where Jun Jun says MBK (Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, Kusumi Koharu) while Koharu says KBM (Kusumi Koharu, Berryz Koubou, Morning Musume).

In the end the unit name wasn’t decided but we did get a chance to see the new unit together, and while it will most likely be a temporary unit only (during those two days, unless UFA decides to keep it for a while) it will definitely be a great way to hear all of them singing together while representing H!P in Shanghai.

Hopefully we find out the name of the unit soon as well as any more news about them (I hope we get to see a new song, although we will probably only see them perform already released H!P songs).

They will perform in Shanghai in 6/22 – 23.

ICS Music Story In Japan Video About The Special Unit (Skip to 5:30)

Edit: For those of you who were curious as to why Miyabi and Koharu were chosen here are the reasons from the video thanks to Amped-Echoz:

They chose Miyabi because Junjun and Linlin saw in a magazine that she wanted to go to China. They chose Koharu because the way she talks in chinese is very funny.

Also you can now suggest names for the unit via the Music Story in Japan site. So if you have a clever name that you feel would be great for the unit then suggest it by filling out the form at the site.

Here is a basic translation of what is on the form:

The stars signify that it is one of the selections from the drop-down list

I am not sure if the description has to be in Chinese or Japanese but if you are going to write in English try and explain it in as few words as possible and as basic as you can, for example (ignore the lame name):


ーニング娘。 (Morning Musume)
Berryz工房 (Berryz Koubou)
住小春 (Kusumi Koharu)

Music Story in Japan Site Form

Natsuyaki Miyabi Has The Flu

15 10 2009

Natsuyaki Miyabi 1236

Natsuyaki Miyabi, like Tsugunaga Momoko, has also been diagnosed with the flu and will miss the Melon Greeting event, which means that Suzuki Airi will perform alone. From what I can guess Miyabi must have gotten sick from Momo and it must have taken a while for the symptoms to appear.

The good news is that Miyabi will be able to participate in the Berryz Koubou concert this week, but it seems that the flu virus is really affecting Berryz Koubou members. I am surprised to see that they both got sick in such a short time, since this could mean that the other girls could get sick too, but hopefully that is not the case.

Hope you get well soon Miyabi!

Official H!P Announcement Regarding Miyabi’s Flu

New Berryz Koubou Radio Show: “Tsuukai! Berryz Oukoku”

30 06 2009

Miyabi Yurina Risako 178712

“Tsuukai! Berryz Oukoku” (Thrilling! Berryz Kingdom) starting 7/3/09, Sunday at 11 p.m. to 11:30, reruns on Fridays. It will broadcast on SKY PerfecTV! STAR digio 400ch.

Natsuyaki Miyabi and Kumai Yurina on the first episode. Quasi-regular is Sugaya Risako.

A new Berryz Koubou radio show has been announced titled “Tsuukai! Berryz Oukoku” which will start on 7/3 each Sunday at 11PM to 11:30 PM. There was some confusion about it being a radio or TV show, but a quick glance at the SKY PerfecTV channel list at Wikipedia has STAR Digio 400 as a radio show.

This radio show now gives everyone a part in a radio show: Beritsuu being made up of Shimizu, Maasa and Chinami, Momoko in Puri Puri Princess, and Tsuukai! Berryz Oukoku with Miyabi, Yurina and Risako.

Natsuyaki Miyabi Missed Todays Concert

16 05 2009


Miya could not make it on the night show on the concert today due to health reasons

05/16(土) 東京厚生年金会館 15:00/18:30 ※夏焼雅が体調不良により夜公演欠席

Source: metayero @ H!O

Miyabi missed the concert on 05/16 because of health reasons, hopefully she will get better and will be back in time for the next concert. A similar thing happened in March (specifically 3/21) where she and Risako got sick and that caused the cancellation of that days concert. Let’s hope she gets better!


Miyabi was present in the last concert, while she did seem a bit tired she did manage to make it through the concert, so what she had the day before wasn’t serious. Glad she is OK and hopefully she can get enough time to fully recover.