Kikkawa Yuu, Furukawa Konatsu And Mori Saki To Appear In A Movie Titled “Cheerfu11y”

8 09 2011

Kikkawa Yuu and Up-Up Girl’s members Furukawa Konatsu and Mori Saki will be a part of the movie Cheerfu11y.

Lately, fans reported the absence of Mori Saki and Konatsu from Up-Up Girl’s performances at the MAP Thater, which seems to be explained by this upcoming movie featuring the 2 Up-Up Girls members as well as Kikka, and I have to say that I really like to see those 3 former Eggs in a movie together since it seems like a very interesting film.

From the image preview we get of the movie as the small trailer, it seems that the story of the film turns around 11 schoolgirls who are training to form a cheerleader squad (which explains the cute pun in the title “Cheerfu11y” replacing the Ls with 1s to form 11), and Kikka seems to have the main role of the girl with the mission to create the squad which is a great opportunity for her.

Even though the movie seems a low-budget one like most of the ones H!P girls participate in, it seems for me like a really nice change from the usual horror movies we got used to, and thanks to the many different characters and personalities in the film, it’s set to be a very fun release to enjoy with Kikka, Konatsu and Morisaki on screen, each having a unique character to play.

Hopefully we can get a longer preview once the movie is released since I’m quite interested by the story and concept of this movie, but enjoy the trailer below since the 3 girls get to appear at least once.

The movie will air on 10/22.

Video uploaded by: universalmusicjapan

Cinematoday info page about movie



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8 09 2011

The Nice Girl Project groups (The Possible and Canary Club) is also there.

8 09 2011

For those interested there’s also some non-H!P & NGP idols in the movie: Tamai Anna (Passpo☆)/ Anzai Naomi(Passpo☆)/Akiyama Yurika (THE Possible)/Hayami Akari (Former Momoiro Clover)
Niwa Mikiho (Canary Club) /Goto Yuki (THE Possible)/ Sakuma Kaho (Passpo☆)/ Mori Shiori (Passpo☆)

Just thought I’d mention it.

8 09 2011

I knew most of those girls look familiar! I’m so gladNGP Idols and Akari from Momoiro Clover are still active ^____^ Can’t wait to see this! Hopefully someone will translate this movie.

8 09 2011

It would be so cool if akari joined hello project

9 09 2011

Oh god yes….

8 09 2011

looks great !!

8 09 2011

lol it looks like a japanese version of Bring it On xD

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