Inaba Atsuko’s Contract With UFA Has Ended

30 10 2009

Inaba Atsuko 2467

Thank you for always giving Inaba Atsuko your support.

From October 30, Inaba Atsuko’s contract with Up Front Agency has expired.

Since her debut in April 1999 in “Taiyo & Ciscomoon (later T&C Bomber)”, she has been busy working as a talent with our company, taking part in Hello Project activities, concerts, stage plays, and more, but now, after she consulted with management about her future direction, it has been decided to discontinue her contract for now.

We hope that all her fans can understand this decision that came from her.

[From Inaba Atsuko to the fans]

Thank you so much for all of your support.

I now have some information to give you all.

I’ve been active in show business for 16 years now, and I’ve now decided I want to change my viewpoint and see the world from a different angle.

So making use of all the experiences I’ve built up in the past, from November I’ll be moving on with the support of the company.

I want to work hard to make this new start, learn a lot, experience new think, and grow further.

So I hope you’ll all watch over me kindly from now on.

I know we’ll meet again, and I look forward to that time.

Inaba Atsuko
October 30

Source: Official H!P Announcement
Translation: SparklingMelrosePool and Kuno @ H!O

It was announced today, 10/30, that Inaba Atsuko’s contract with UFA has ended. According to the official announcement she want’s to see the world from another angle.

She was the last remaining member of Taiyou & Ciscomoon, so officially the entire group has graduated from UFA. It is sad to see a member of UFA leave, especially a founding member of H!P, but Inaba Atsuko rarely got to do any work apart from Taiyou & Ciscomoon so I’m glad to see that she is trying to do something else apart from MC’ing a concert.

Hopefully we get to hear some new from her someday in the future, but for now I guess she want’s a normal life or try another path in her career.

The best of luck Inaba Atsuko!

Official H!P Announcement About Inaba’s Contract