Okada Yui To Leave Upfront Kansai

22 06 2010

A statement from UFA was released where they announced that Okada Yui’s contract with Upfront Kansai, a branch of UFA in Kansai, would end this month.

I have to admit that I wasn’t surprised at all when I saw this since Okada hasn’t had a chance to appear in the spotlight that much after Biyuuden ended, although she still performed with other UF Kansai members and appeared in plays and TV programs.

According to what I could make out from her statement she seems to want to try to pursue a career in beauty (stylist), and without a doubt I think she will do a great job.

I wish the best of luck to Okada Yui with her future activites and hopefully her dreams of pursuing a beauty career come true.

Okada Yui’s contract will end on 6/30.

UF Kansai Statement About Okada Yui

EDIT: Nouciel translated her statement:

This is Okada Yui.

I was active in Biyuuden for 3 years and 9 months, and after that I was active as Okada Yui. I learned lots of things. It was a time with lots of happiness.
At that time, the hair and make-up artists made me pretty with make-up, and I really liked that. I took a liking in doing hair and make-up, what those people do is fun. Stylists can give cute clothes for people to wear. I think it’s great that people can make others pretty and I would really like to study beauty in depth, this is what has become my conclusion/final thought.

This is a sudden announcement. Meeting everyone was something that made me really happy and proud.

I look forward to meeting you all again.

Official Okada Yui & Up Front Kansai Twitters Opened

6 02 2010

Hello! Project Kansai member Okada Yui has opened up a Twitter account. Her first tweet was about an hour ago:

She seems to be talking about the future of radio (basically asking if she was the future of radio)

Also joining Twitter is the staff from Up Front Kansai which only has two groups at the moment (SI*NA and Okada Yui), their first tweet was also done recently:

It basically says that they manage SI*NA and Okada Yui

I’m glad to see that more and more former H!P members are trying out Twitter since the list has now grown from HANGRY&ANGRY & Kago to now include Okada Yui and Up Front Kansai.

Hopefully we get a chance to see many more H!P groups and members join in as well since it would be great to see what kind of stuff they would post about (most likely 90% about food and 10% news about them).

I will update with better translations when I find them.

Official Okada Yui Twitter

Official Up Front Kansai Staff Twitter