Berryz Koubou’s Serend Mini Blogs Will Be Restarted

31 01 2011

Berryz Koubou’s Serend blogs will be reopened on Valentines day.

Many fans followed Berryz Koubou’s Serend blogs during the last concert tour, so I’m glad to see that they decided to restart them again since it gives fans a place where they can follow and find out more about each member’s day as well as what they are doing at the time.

The blogs will start in mid-February which will be a few weeks before the start of their next concert tour Berryz Koubou Kessei 7 Shuunen Kinen Concert Tour 2011 Haru ~Shuukan Berryz Times~, this gives them a chance to blog during the rehearsals and during the tour so that fans get a better idea of what they do before and during a tour.

Hopefully we get to see other groups do the same during their tours (Morning Musume would be interesting since we would get a chance to see what the 9th generation members think of the rehearsals), but for now I look forward to reading the entries that each member will post in a few weeks.

The Serend blog links should be the same so here are the links:

Berryz Koubou Serend Page

Shimizu Saki Serend Blog

Tsugunaga Momoko Serend Blog

Tokunaga Chiinami Serend Blog

Sudou Maasa Serend Blog

Natsuyaki Miyabi Serend Blog

Kumai Yurina Serend Blog

Sugaya Risako Serend Blog

The blogs will restart on 2/14.

Serend Notice About Berryz Koubou’s Blogs

Matsuura Aya Attending “Hibari 7 Days”

31 01 2011

Matsuura Aya will be attending “Hibari 7 Days” on their closing day.

I’m unsure what Hibari 7 Days is but looking at their page it says “Film Talk & Live” so I’m assuming it is what it says and that will mean Matsuura Aya will be performing. I’m not sure what she’ll be performing or what she’ll be talking about but it should be interesting since she will be a guest on their closing day and they may do something extra special since it’s closing.

Hopefully all fans can attend this event.

Matsuura Aya will be attending on 2/27.

Hibari 7 Days Page

Furukawa Konatsu Has Completed Her H!P Egg Traning

31 01 2011

It was announced on H!P official FC website that Furukawa Konatsu has officially completed her H!P Egg training.

The news of H!P Egg trainings ending are being a little bit too repetitive and each announcement is closer to the other, so I’m starting to wonder what H!P is really planning for all those accomplished Eggs… Many speculations about a new unit or even a group are being said, but until an official announcement, we cannot assure it.

Apart from that, tis is really a great news for Konatsu, and even though I don’t follow her that much, I’m sure that she is very talented for being in the firsts to complete her training.

Her next activity is same to Minami and Saki’s which is starring in a stage play, and even though I am happy for her to see that she is having something to do, I’m kind of disappointed to see that every girl gets the same activity after her completed training.

Until now, 5 girls have officially completed their training with only Kikka and Mizuki starting official careers, so hopefully Konatsu, Saki and Minami will have an official career started soon.

The stage play will be held from 3/9 ~ 4/10 and it will be titled Worsal Theater Produce Jikan Souzoubu~Super Time Management~.

H!P FC site’s official announcement

Omedetou Gozaimasu Konatsu!

Buono’s Official Ameba Blog Opened

31 01 2011

Buono has opened their official blog on Ameba.

There is only one entry as of now, it’s a blog by the staff that introduces the blog and talks about Buono X Ipress Cafe Collaboration.

Even though there’s not much written and the page is black to match their 11th single I love the banner they made. The banner seems to have taken on a spooky kind of feel. The edges of the background and font for Buono seems to have been taken from a scary movie but I still love it. Also the red background is about the only color on the page so it really makes Buono stand out.

Buono’s Official Ameba Blog


Morning Musume Concert Tour 2010 Autumn ~Rival Survival!~ DVD Cover Released

29 01 2011

The cover for Morning Musume’s Concert Tour 2010 Autumn ~Rival Survival!~ DVD has been released.

The cover features a large picture of Jun Jun, Kamei, and Lin Lin holding flowers during their graduation ceremony on top of a picture of Morning Musume performing in concert with the logo for the tour in the middle, and for the most part I really liked how the cover turned out since we get to see a small preview of what the concert looked like as well as a great picture of the three graduates.

The yellow chalk border around the picture of Jun Jun, Kamei, and Lin Lin is interesting since it’s the same border used for the concert tour logo, and even though I would have liked to see a slightly different border I have to admit that it looks great.

Apart from the cover a preview for the DVD was released recently on the Momusu Youtube channel, so I decided to add it into the post so that fans get a preview of both the cover and the actual DVD:

Video uploaded by: morningmusumechannel

The performance for Hand made City is the perfect example of the amount of energy the fans and Morning Musume have as the performance happens since we see all of the members performing with an impressing amount of energy, and since it will be in the DVD it gives fans a chance to check it out before ordering a copy.

Overall the cover looks great since it has a picture of Jun Jun, Kamei, and Lin Lin with a small picture of Momusu performing in concert and along with the amazing preview of Hand made City it seems to get better and better making this DVD a must have for fans.

Hopefully fans have already reserved their copy of this amazing tour since the cover and the preview of the DVD are both some of the best I have seen.

The release date is set for 2/23.

Official H!P Page For Momusu’s Rival Survival DVD

C-ute – “Hatachimae no Onna no Ko” Radio Preview Released

29 01 2011

A full radio preview for C-ute’s 15th single B-side titled Hatachimae no Onna no Ko (Eng: A woman before 20) has been released.

The instrumental of the whole song is really impressive since it is a mix of cute music that has a video-game feeling to it, interrupted by some pauses with traditional Japanese music beats at 0:47 and 1:59 with great vocals from Mai, Nakky then Chisato in this part, and the song is impressive by the very fair line distribution since members got to sing many different parts in the song.

All of the group lines are really impressive since we get to hear each member specifically, and the happy spirit of the song in general is a great addition to this single, and I can’t help but associate the cover’s outfits to this song, and the gold and purple ones to the A-side. The music break from 2:32 to 2:47 and the many shout-outs that the chorus does in-between lines are really cute and add to the special feeling of the song.

Overall, this single for me has an awesome A-side as well as a very well designed B-side which will result in a really impressive single that hopefully anyone can purchase and I recommend that everyone listens to this preview.

The release date is set for 2/23.

Video uploaded by: 23iyi83

Dream Morning Musume’s “Dream 1” Tracklist Released

29 01 2011


Disk 1

01 Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari (Dream Morning Musume。 Ver)
02 Morning Coffee (2011 Ver)
03 Roman 〜My Dear Boy〜
04 Mikan
05 Aozora ga Itsumademo Tsuzuku You na Mirai de Are!
06 Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou?
07 SEXY BOY ~Soyokaze ni Yorisotte~
08 Afternoon Coffee (Afternoon Musume。)
09 New Song
10 New Song

Disk 2

01 Summer Night Town
02 Daite HOLD ON ME!
03 Memory Seishun no Hikari
04 LOVE Machine
05 Koi no Dance Site
06 Happy Summer Wedding
08 Renai Revolution 21
09 The☆Peace!
10 Souda! WE’RE ALIVE

Dream Morning Musume’s “Dream 1” album tracklist has been released.

I’m very surprised at how fast everything is moving with Dream Morning Musume. Within a few days a concert, album and now the album’s tracklist have all been announced. Even with everything moving fast I hope UFA doesn’t miss other details such as the DVD/CD cover.

Regardless of that I’m a little bit disappointed in the tracklist. I was hoping that they wouldn’t do the “classic” Morning Musume songs, which are the songs everyone knows about and loves from Morning Musume. (Like Love Machine and Renai Revolution 21) I love these songs and all too but every has heard it being performed with this line up before so there’s really nothing new, plus if they go with how the line distribution was before some members will be left out. Mainly it’s Disk 2 I’m not too happy with.

Disk 1 on the other hand I’m really loving it. I wasn’t such a big fan on Mikan but with the current lineup Koharu Kusumi is the only member to have performed this song so I’m looking forward to seeing how the other members perform it. Also the  1st and 2nd song the that disk is something new so I’m looking forward to it. There is also 2 new songs on Disk 1 so I’m very excited to get a preview and title of that.

Hopefully all fans buy a copy of this special album when it’s released.

The release date is set for 4/20.

Shinseido Album Info Page

Tanaka Reina’s e-Hello! DVD Announced

28 01 2011

Tanaka Reina’s e-Hello! DVD, currently untitled, has been announced.

For now there isn’t much information since the DVD has just been announced, but we should get a chance to see the title in about a day along with a preview at the Morning Musume Youtube channel in a few days as well which should give us a clearer idea about the theme for the DVD and what to expect.

The description is somewhat vague since there is only a short sentence describing the content, but from what I can understand the DVD will feature a college student theme where we will get a chance to see Reina use makeup and dress like an average college student, and from the picture above we can see that the description is somewhat true since Reina seems to be wearing a light outfit with a few badges.

The picture above is the only preview available for now so we know at least that Reina will wear a light colored sweater with a few badges and a white shirt along with her brown colored hair in a cute style, and while we can’t see the complete outfit I love what we can see so far since Reina looks gorgeous.

Hopefully we get the title of the DVD soon so we can find out a bit more about the theme, but all of our questions should be answered in a few days when the preview is released on the Momusu Youtube channel.

The DVD will be up for preorder from now until 2/6.

e-Lineup Page For Reina’s DVD

Official H!P Announcement About Reina’s DVD

Shuukan Yoro! Vol 76

28 01 2011

Site News: Great news! Last week I mentioned I recently had eye surgery and as a result I couldn’t use the computer that much since my eyes got tired easily, but during the past few days my sight has gotten a lot better and I can use the computer a bit more than before, which means that I will be able to work on the site normally during this weekend.

So I will begin work by working on the banner while updating the sections of the site as well as working on the Discography section right after I finish the long overdue H!P Poll results for 2010 post (sorry for the long wait), but for the most part I will try and finish as much as I can before Monday.

I just released the first H!P Releases post yesterday and I liked how it came out since it had a lot of information about the goods that were released, so I will try my best to release it regularly when the items released have a preview or some other thing that can be reviewed (I skipped Kanna’s DVD release since I hadn’t released the post for Mano’s single and because I couldn’t find a preview for the DVD apart from the cover).

I don’t think I could post about every single release since there might be a situation where it might conflict with some school work I might have, but I will do my best to do an H!P releases post for singles and albums at least so that fans remember about the releases and get a chance to listen to a few previews before buying a copy.

So I have the work set out for me for this weekend and I will do as much as I can so that the site is up to date completely, and since I can use the computer a bit more normally now I will go back and thank everyone for their good wishes on the 2nd anniversary post personally as well as finishing the 2010 poll post (I will work on it first thing tomorrow and make sure to have it done before the weekend is over).

Polls: The winner for this poll was Niigaki Risa with 469 votes (48%), congratulations Gaki! Okai Chisato came in second with 378 votes (38%) and Wada Ayaka came in third place with 135 votes (14%).

There was a total of 982 votes for this poll.

Congratulations Gaki!

The poll results for 2010 post will be up by this weekend, I will work on it first thing tomorrow after I wake up so it should be up by tomorrow night or by Sunday if I have to add a few more images, but I will make sure to add the poll results for Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, C-ute, S/mileage, and for everyone overall (including Mano and all other members, including those who graduated during the past year).

That being said the results for the poll were surprising since I expected to see Chisato get a few more votes than Gaki, but compared to her previous polls she has improved quite a lot getting about 40% of the votes, although Gaki did get quite a bit more (about a hundred votes more).

Ayaka didn’t get that many votes compared to Chisa and Gaki, which was somewhat expected although I would have liked to see her with a few more votes, so hopefully next time she can get a few more votes to balance out the results, although for now congratulations to Gaki for winning this weeks poll!

Next poll will feature Tokunaga Chinami, Mano Erina, and Fukuda Kanon, and it seems like the results could be very interesting since they all seem to have a similar fanbase, although Kanon might have a small advantage since she is among the most popular members in her group.

Just a reminder for those who don’t vote: If you do have a chance please vote since it only takes two clicks and you help your favorite member appear as member of the week!

Next poll will feature Tokunaga Chinami, Mano Erina, and Fukuda Kanon so everyone please vote for the next H!P member of the week!

To make it easier for fans I will provide the direct link to the poll HERE.

Please vote!

Reviews: I will focus on updating the site tomorrow but I will try my best to work on the review a bit more during Sunday, and even though I haven’t finished that much of the review I should be able to work on it from time to time and release it in a few weeks if everything goes according to plan.

Sorry for the lack of reviews but I will do my best to finish them as soon as possible so that everyone can read them.

I will update the Twitter when the review is released so please look forward to it!

Shuukan Yoro: It’s the 2nd day of Okai Chisato’s week about “Sport Competitions”.

Today’s class features the other half of the 1m competition where we get to see Nakky, Erika, Sayu, Maimi, and Chisa’s rapid reflexes, and as expected Sayu shines with her brilliant sports talent (her running was interesting) and we get to find out who wins in the Maimi vs Chisa competition.

The episode is funny since we get to see the end of the 1m competition, so hopefully everyone can watch it since it’s really interesting:

Dream Morning Musume Announces Fall Concert Currently “Untitled”

28 01 2011

Dream Morning Musume announced that they will be holding a Fall concert currently “Untitled

The news is on their official site and the concerts will start somewhere in September 2011.

Other than that announcement nothing else is known. I’m really surprised to hear that they’ve announced another concert before the 1st one even began! Hearing about another concert I’m also excited because the Fall concert could be used to promote the album, so if there are any new songs we’ll be able to hear it performed live, which I find more better than the studio version.

Pre-sale tickets for the concert is currently available and the concert is planned for 9/2011.

Dream Morning Musume’s Official Site