Dream Morning Musume Announces Fall Concert Currently “Untitled”

28 01 2011

Dream Morning Musume announced that they will be holding a Fall concert currently “Untitled

The news is on their official site and the concerts will start somewhere in September 2011.

Other than that announcement nothing else is known. I’m really surprised to hear that they’ve announced another concert before the 1st one even began! Hearing about another concert I’m also excited because the Fall concert could be used to promote the album, so if there are any new songs we’ll be able to hear it performed live, which I find more better than the studio version.

Pre-sale tickets for the concert is currently available and the concert is planned for 9/2011.

Dream Morning Musume’s Official Site

Dream Morning Musume Announces Album Titled “Dream 1”

28 01 2011

Dream Morning Musume announced at a press conference that they will be releasing their 1st album titled “Dream 1“.

There will be two versions, the limited and regular edition. The limited edition comes with a DVD while the regular comes with a postcard.

Hearing that they announced an album I’m really excited to hear what kind of songs they have on it, I’m hoping they’ll release some new songs but it’s also possible that they will be doing covers so we’ll see how that turns out.

Also originally Tsuji Nozomi had been listed as a member but after giving birth and all of course she wouldn’t have been included in the concerts but I’m wondering if she will be participating in the album. As for the recent graduates, they most likely won’t be participating in this album since Junjun and Linlin have returned to China and Kamei will probably still be recovering. But on their official site it says that the line up may change at the concert so it’s possible that they may change who participates on the album.

Overall I’m looking forward to seeing Dream Morning Musume continue their activity and I hope that their concert as well as their album is a success!

The album will be released on 4/20.

Up-Front Link (Blog)

Dream Morning Musume Official Page

Jun Jun, Lin Lin, Miyabi, and Koharu Shanghai Unit Called “Ex-Ceed!”

22 06 2010

The name for Jun Jun, Lin Lin, Natsuyaki Miyabi, and Kusumi Koharu’s unit has been revealed to be Ex-Ceed!. An explanation of the name was revealed as well from the person who submitted it (translated by turbos86):

Exceed means to go beyond. Ex, stands for Expo. The Shanghai world expo is to exceed the boundary of race and country. Ceed, also sounds like “seed”. With their sweet voices and happy dances, I hope the four girls can give joy to everyone in China and the rest of the world with their happy “seed”. And from that seed, grow into a strong tree. “!” represents the ! in Hello! Project. Also, Ex-ceed! sounds cool.

I have to admit that the name of their unit might take some time to get used to but it is somewhat original and it does sound cool. I’m glad that they at least added a reference to H!P, even though it is only a “!” but I’m glad that the description of the unit name is complete and thorough (“happy seed” sounds a bit strange to me for some reason).

Overall Ex-Ceed! is a great way to include the Expo and H!P and even though the name might take a bit too get used to it does sound very interesting and cool so hopefully the girls from the unit like it and they have a great time performing.

EDIT: A fanvideo of Ex-Ceed! performing “Jasmine Flower” was released:

Youko Link To Fanvideo of Ex-Ceed! Performing “Jasmine Flower”

Kirarin Revolution To End In March

26 02 2009


I couldn’t post these news yesterday because of lack of internet, anyway according to Strawberrie:

Kirarin Revolution will be ending on March 27. The show has been on on air since April 2006 (Manga since March 2004) and it has finally come to an end. And Hello! Project has a Kirarin Revolution Final Event with SHIPS, MilkyWay, and of course Tsukishima Kirari in the works.”

I’m not sure who SHIPS is, but apparently it is Kirarin related. Koharu must be extremely dissapointed because this is basically all of her solo career, this is what made her popular among shrieking 8-12 year old girls, and it is kind of a shame that they ended it, but I bet they will resurrect Koharu’s solo career and try to push her into the limelight.

I’ll post if she is given another anime, or if she goes back to something similar. I just hope they can make her sing right and not do the “cat giving birth” voice she does, she has the potential, but I guess they wanted her to seem like an annoying anime character. They might just forget about it and have her in Morning Musume, but I bet they won’t let Koharu fade into the darkness.

H!P Releases February 24

24 02 2009


Long time no see, right? Extremely slow H!P news lately so you can’t really blame me, and the Alo Hello! 2 review is going badly, so expect it around this Sunday, why? I had to fill an mp3 player with all of Morning Musume, C-ute, Berryz Koubou, Biyuuden, and most H!P singles, and that ain’t easy. Also please excuse the messy layout of the covers, I don’t know how to change that. Anyway here is the list of released products…:

  • Maeda Yuki – Kenchana (Single)
  • Maeda Yuki – Kenchana (Other)
  • Shugo Chara! Egg – Shugo! Shugo! (Regular Edition)
  • Shugo Chara! Egg – Shugo! Shugo! (Limited Edition)
  • Morning Musume – Nai Chau Kamo (Single V)
  • Matsuura Aya – Chocolate Damashi (Single V)
  • V/A – Kirarin Revolution Special Liv.
  • Berryz Kobo – Gekidan Gekihalo Dai 5 Kai Koen Berryz Kobo vs Berryz Kobo (DVD)

The only real interesting releases are the Nai Chau Kamo (Single V) and maybe the Berry Koubou DVD (In my opinion). Maeda Yuki’s single doesn’t reallpy appeal to me (I only put one cover because the “other” is just a cassete release), and Shugo! Shugo! is just cute…not much to build on that. Matsuura Aya’s latest single was her worst selling one for those that didn’t hear, somewhere around 17th place I heard, so I bet the single V isn’t going to sell well either.

The Kirarin Revolution DVD is just another DVD to reap the benefits of Koharu’s popularity, and one thing I’ve seen some parts of the anime and I don’t understand why they say she dubs well, half the character’s mouth movements were in silence, it was like watching a badly dubbed english to spanish western movie from the 70’s, although it had it’s parts. The Berryz Koubou DVD is from some concert (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space according to Hello! Online)…and I can’t build from that either.

Pick them up through the upcoming releases page, not sure if they are there, I plan to update the list tommorrow, but look for them there, if not search through YesAsia or Amazon, but they are probably there.

H!P Releases February 10

10 02 2009

product20090201113908single buionno22 matsuuraayachocwe0 product20090127211105 product20090107225724singlev

– Buono! – Buono!2  (Album)

– Buono! – Buono!2 (Album+DVD)

– Matsuura Aya – Chocolate Damishii

– Ishikawa Rika – Most Crisis! in Hawaii (DVD)

– Koharu Kusumi – Happy Happy Sunday! (Single V)

Wow a lot of releases today, Buono!’s new album is out, that is always worth a look, and from what I hear it is really good, haven’t actually listened to it, but the folder with the songs are waiting on the desktop, I’ll give it a listen and give a review sometime tommorrow or sometime, (still working on the reviews for Niigaki’s Alo Hello! 2 and Morning Musume’s Alo Hello! 3 though, expect them on saturday or near that date)

Ishikawa Rika’s latest Alo Hello! release Most Crisis!…..that must mean that she crashed the helicopter she’s in in the picture causing a crisis in Hawaii and UFA’s pockets or for some reason they are doing an Al Gore type global warming DVD. I bet it’s not one of those two, but I expect to see Ishikawa doing what she does best….standing there talking instead of singing. I’ll wait for a subbed release then review it….

Matsuura Aya’s last single, Chocolate Damishii, I already reviewed it a bit and I must repeat, it’s really good. It’s the perfect single to go out of Hello! Project with and I hope she does good in Ayaway, her section…

Can’t really expand on Koharu’s new release, it’s just various videos of her singing….hope they release some video with HottenxJOY!…it was really weird…I thought Koharu was starting to mature then I realised it was another guy…then she sang papancake style and if my ears hadn’t been tortured enough I had to hear the “Din Don Don Din Don Don Din Don” part, and I thought “….Are they just filling in the singles with songs that are obviously made by a new guy?” Nah just kidding, I really find it entertaining and random….really random…

All of these products are available on the “Upcoming Release” page with the links to YesAsia and Amazon next to them, so hurry over with your wallet open if you’re a fan of any of these 4 girls/groups.

Tsukishima Kirari starring Koharu Kusumi – Happy Happy Sunday! Impression

16 01 2009


This is Koharu’s latest song and I have to say that I like it more than “Papancake”. I really like the sound and beat to it, and Koharu’s voice is getting less high-pitched, but sometimes you’ll have to endure some high pitched notes. I really like the part where the echo happens. I understand that the change in pitch is for the anime, to make a more cutesy song, and that is one of the high points of the song.

This single makes here the most active solo artist at the moment in Hello! Project. She will most likely have a great solo career (after Morning Musume), and her voice is…going slowly back to her first singles. By that I mean that she isn’t relying on her high voice to get her through the song, she is actually singing for most of the song.

The PV has already come out and I have to say it’s just like any Tsukishima Kirari PV, it’s basically a girl’s room and apart from some green screens the majority of the PV happens there. One thing that really confused me is the part where Koharu turns into a butterfly or a super hero (Su-pa Koharu!), maybe it has to do with the anime (most likely). So please listen to the song and if you like it make sure to buy it on Yesasia or some other Jpop CD distributor. The PV is on the right, enjoy!

Release Date: February 11, 2009