Yajima Maimi & Nakajima Saki Staring in New Movie Titled “Zomvideo”

7 09 2011

Yajima Maimi and Nakajima Saki will be starring in a movie together called “Zomvideo”

From the title many of you might be expecting yet another horror movie, but according to the site it’s a comedy movie, which was quite unexpected. From the promo picture and title I’m sure it involve zombies and with that being said it might feature some unsightly things like brains and flesh because that’s the image I get when I hear zombies.

C-ute’s 17th single Sekai ichi happy na onna no ko will be used as the movie’s ending theme which I find a bit odd. I just can’t picture such a happy song being for a movie involve zombies since it’s the total opposite of the song. They might’ve chosen this song because Maimi and Nakky are the stars in this movie so it should provide some nice promotion for the single.

The movie will be release in 2012, it doesn’t specify if that release will be for DVD or theaters and there will be 2 movie screenings available on 10/12 and 10/16.

It’s still about a month away before the screening but hopefully we can get a preview soon.

H!P FC announcement page

Zomvideo site


Yajima Maimi – “a rainy day” DVD Preview Released

16 08 2011

A DVD preview for Yajima Maimi’s second e-Hello! DVD titled a rainy day has been released.

The preview seems a little longer than usual, since recently, e-Hello! DVDs had a 1 to 1:30 minutes preview while this one is a full 3:30 minutes, and we get to enjoy some amazing scenes and differet outfits where Maimi is in and they are all really impressive to say the least, accompanied by a sound of rain falling at first, followed by the typical piano instrumental.

The very first shot that immediately remind us of the title of the DVD and of it’s cover since Maimi is wearing the cover’s outfit while sitting on a large sofa next to a window where rain is pooring outside, and she has an umbrella and a basket next to her (almost seems as if she was ready to go out, but it unfortunately rained), and I really like that little yet amazing addition since it really adds a nice touch to the DVD, relating the title to the content.

The other shots are: a close-up of Maimi wearing a ribbon ring and holding her hands on her umbrella staring far away then turning towards the camera, a shot a little farer away where we get to see the chair she’s sitting in and her cute white and red outfit, a close-up that goes form bottom to top of Maimi showing us her outfit clearly with a sad expression on her face. Then we see her in another scene and outfit where her hair is let loose and she’s smiling unlike the first scene, we see her then in a cute flowered outfit while painting her toenails which is really cute, then back to the very first scene with a close-up where she looks somewhat pouty and finally, we see Maimi in a white outfit against a sunset’s light and next to a window walking away with a smile while rain is falling.

Overall, the preview is very calm and is mostly Maimi staring at the camera in both a sad and soft way, so hopefully all of her fans can reserve a copy to enjoy another amazing release by Maimi.

The pre-order session is from 8/12 till 8/29.

Video uploaded by: ocutechannel

e-Lineup page about product

Yajima Maimi – “a rainy day” e-Lineup DVD Announced

12 08 2011

Yajima Maimi will release another solo DVD under the e-Hello! series titled a rainy day.

I didn’t expect to see any member get consecutive DVDs in the e-Hello! series but I’m not disappointed at all since Maimi’s DVDs have always been amazing, and with a rainy theme this seems like it will be among the more unique releases that this series has to offer.

Since the DVD was revealed on the site the only preview we have is the cover, which looks pretty good since it features Maimi in red heels wearing a red and white striped dress with a hat and an umbrella, and with the rainy garden background and white doors I was really impressed with this cover since it matches the title perfectly.

The title art might not be as good as the rest of the cover, but it does its job well, although even if it did have a more interesting theme it would still be overshadowed by Maimi who looks really pretty with the simple but eye catching outfit.

We should get a preview of the DVD sometime in the next few days on the C-ute Youtube channel (hopefully it’s not simply a slowed down dance to a jazz track), but for now I hope fans who want to get a copy do so since it seems like a great way for Maimi fans to enjoy yet another interesting release from her.

The DVD is up for preorder from now until 8/29, and it will start shipping late September.

e-Lineup Page

Yajima Maimi – “a foggy doll” Preview Released

19 07 2011

A preview for Yajima Maimi’s e-Lineup DVD titled a foggy doll has been released.

The preview for Yajima’s DVD is somewhat different from the others, since it replaces the traditional “look at the camera and smile for 2-3 minutes” style that the others had with a very interesting and unique new theme, and while it might not technically be that much of a preview it will certainly be a great preview for fans of solo DVDs.

The preview involves Maimi dancing for 6 minutes in slow motion while wearing a giant red bow, a fluffy white and red skirt, red heels, a white top, and a red tie, and while it may appeal to fans of solo DVDs I can’t really say the same for me since it didn’t seem like that much of a preview since it only showed one outfit with a fixed camera, but I loved the ending where Maimi passes by a gate and smiles at the camera since we got to see her more clearly.

It seems that she is dancing Kiss me Aishiteru since the moves are the same, and while the song might have been replaced by a looping soft styled track it was certainly a unique addition, but I hope we get to see the traditional previews with more than one scene for the next release.

For now I recommend fans who are interested to check it out and while the first 6 minutes might be just a fixed shot of her dancing I recommend everyone check out the final 30 seconds of the preview since it’s a great sign of what the DVD will most likely contain, and while the preview won’t appeal that much to those who don’t like solo DVDs it is still a pretty unique and interesting way of showing off the theme of the DVD.

I will update this post with the e-Lineup link when it’s available.

The DVD can be reserved now on the e-lineup site.

Video uploaded by: ocutechannel

Yajima Maimi Releasing E-lineup

15 07 2011

Yajima Maimi mentioned on her radio show that she will be releasing an E-line up.

It hasn’t been confirmed by UFA yet but releasing an E-line up is plausible since she released a photo book last year and from what I understand E-line ups are unused photos from the photo book.

Hopefully we get a confirmation soon by UFA since not much is known about the release right now but please keep supporting Maimi since she’s a very important member of C-ute.

Maimi mentioned the release will be sometime in August.

“LIVE NEXT!! Featuring Hello! Project” Event Announced

13 07 2011

Two one day events featuring a selection of members from Berryz Koubou and C-ute along with S/mileage titled LIVE NEXT!! Featuring Hello! Project have been announced.

The selection for members from Berryz Koubou and C-ute include Shimizu Saki, Tokunaga Chinami, Kumai Yurina, Yajima Maimi, and Nakajima Saki.

The clear details about what the members will do at the event have not been revealed but the site mentions that they will appear alongside a member of the Nankai Candies and there will be a live chat with girls and more live fun.

It’s always fun to see events where members from two groups can appear, and with what appears to be a unique theme this event will most likely be very interesting for fans since the focus seems to be not on performing but on a chat with girls and other activities, for example the page mentioned the making of a stage director.

I’m not that clear on what the event will be but I encourage fans in the area to attend one to find out for sure since the appearance of both Berryz and C-ute members in a five member team along with S/mileage the next day will be fun to see.

The events will start at 18:00 (JST) and will feature members from Berryz and C-ute on 9/3 and S/mileage on 9/4 at the Nippon Seinen Kan in Tokyo.

Official H!P Page For LIVE NEXT!! Featuring Hello! Project

Official “Keitai Kanojo” and “BLACK ANGELS” Sites Opened

4 03 2011

Official sites for both Suzuki Airi’s movie titled Keitai Kanojo and Yajima Maimi’s movie BLACK ANGELS have been opened.

It’s really great to see those sites opened since from the announcement of these 2 DVD releases, they did get a good amount of promotion which is always great to see for Airi and Maimi.

Both of the sites feature the story of the movie as well as a trailer for each movie which should give us a good idea of what to expect from them, and by the trailers, I have to say that I’m impressed by Airi and Maimi’s acting skills whether it’s in a horror scene (Airi) or action (Maimi).

I recommend everyone to watch the trailers to see how well Airi and Maimi act in their roles and get a general idea of both movies.

The release date for Keitai Kanojo is set for 4/6.

The release date for BLACK ANGELS is set for 4/27.

Official Keitai Kanojo site

Official BLACK ANGELS site

Takahashi Ai, Tanaka Reina, Natsuyaki Miyabi and Yajima Maimi To Release Songs On iTunes

2 03 2011


The recent members to release songs from the Hello!Cover series are Takahashi Ai, Tanaka Reina, Natsuyaki Miyabi and Yajima Maimi.

Ai-chan, Reina and Maimi have already released previous songs but it’s still great to see their versions of some of the most popular H!P songs, and it’s also great to see that they included Miyabi into the series with an amazing song which is Furusato which I’m excited to hear her sing.

The songs that each member is covering are: for Ai-chan, LOVE Namida Iro, Reina has 2 songs, Onegai Miwaku no Target and Kousui, Miya is covering Furusato and Maimi, Egao ni Namida〜THANK YOU! DEAR MY FRIENDS〜.

It’s always great to hear such talented members sing famous songs and I’m sure that each fan will find it interesting to hear the version of those members to the songs they already know.

Hopefully more members like Miya will soon be added as well as a new variety of song.

iTunes page for Takahashi Ai’s LOVE Namida Iro

iTunes page for Tanaka Reina’s Onegai Miwaku no Target

iTunes page for Tanaka Reina’s Kousui

iTunes page for Natsuyaki Miyabi’s Furusato

iTunes page for Yajima Maimi’s Egao ni Namida〜THANK YOU! DEAR MY FRIENDS〜

Yajima Maimi – “Kaifuu” DVD Preview Released

16 02 2011

The DVD preview for Yajima Maimi’s e-Hello DVD titled Kaifuu has been released by C-ute’s official channel.

It was a matter of few days until we got the preview, and I really have to say that Maimi looks astonishing through the whole video, from her fair white skin to the simplicity of her clothes…

The preview only has 2 scenes; the first where we get to see Maimi coming out on a small balcony with stairs from behind curtains wearing a soft white dress and a scarf on her shoulders, then sitting on the stairs and looking at the camera from behind the decorations, and turning around moving the scraf with the wind while looking peacefully towards the camera.

The second scene is where Maimi is wearing the outfit that we already got to see on the image previously, and we see her standing next to the window and sitting on the chair with her hair arranged into braids, and the preview finished with a shot of her holding onto her dress.

Overall, I’m really amazed by how well the preview is and how beautiful Maimi looks so hopefully everyone can watch it.

The release date is set for 2/23.

e-Lineup page about product

Yajima Maimi – “Kaifuu” e-Hello DVD Announced

14 02 2011

The e-Hello DVD for Yajima Maimi titled Kaifuu (Sea Breeze) has been announced.

Along with the announcement, a picture has been released on the e-lineup page bout the product which could give some hints on the theme of the DVD…

The title itself is really amazing since it reflects Maimi’s calm and tender personality like a soft see breeze, and among all the e-Hello DVDs released so
far, I specially like hers because of it’s uniqueness and it’s relation to her caracter.

The picture provided on the site is truly amazing since we get to see Maimi in a beautiful soft pink dress with a chale over it, while sitting on a wooden chair smiling peacefully towards the camera, and the background which represets the sea really makes the picture special and brings out the theme of the DVD.

Overall, this is set to be an awesome release for Maimi fans and hopefully a preview will become available on C-ute’s YouTube channel.

The release date is set for 23/2.

e-Lineup official page about product

EDIT: The title is actually Kaifuu and not “Umi Kaze” as mentionned before, but both words have the same meaning.