Kumai Yurina and Suzuki Airi’s “Ousama Game” Navigate DVD Cover Released

19 08 2011

The cover for the Navigate DVD for Kumai Yurina and Suzuki Airi’s upcoming movie titled Ousama Game has been released.

First I would like to remind everyone that this is only the Navigate DVD, which means that it’s the making of showing scenes of how the movie was made, not the movie itself, but it’s safe to say that the movie DVD will have a similar look.

That being said I really like the way the cover looks since we get to see the main stars of the movie (the guy next to Kumai, Kumai and Airi) along with the other actors in their roles, with a strong focus on Berryz Koubou and C-ute members in the first two rows. Apart from the normal school lineup of the actors they added a red tint over most of the cover, which is a pretty cool effect since it adds to the horror theme.

I’m not sure if the members that are in the white space have any kind of significance to the story since it might refer to them as being among the few who have a large role in the story, but what I do know for sure is that the white outline of a person behind Risako will probably be important since it suggests that the main antagonist of the story is a member of the class, although I don’t know much about the story so I don’t know for sure.

The title is in gold and really easy to see, with the words “Navigate” in white at the bottom, so it’s safe to say that this is a very eye catching cover, although the only complaint I can see is that the red tint is a bit overpowering since it’s somewhat hard to tell who is who at a glance (everyone in the middle is recognizable, but since Chisa is at the end of the row I couldn’t tell if it was her or someone else).

Despite that the cover is impressive and perfect for this horror release, and while the horror theme is a bit overused I am really looking forward to this release since it has an interesting story, but hopefully anyone who is interested in finding out just how the movie is made will get a copy of this release since we will probably wait for the movie a few months more.

The release date is set for 11/3.

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H!P Releases August 3

3 08 2011

An amazing day for all C-ute and S/mileage fans thanks to the release of their last 4-nin single along with the Blu-ray for the first joint concert of these 2 amazing groups, followed by a solo DVD by the great Airi and at last, the PB for Dream Momusu’s first concert tour together!

Today’s releases include:

  • S/mileage –  Uchouten LOVE (Regular, Limited A, Limited B, Limited C, Limited D)
  • Suzuki Airi – Natsu Karada (DVD)
  • Dream Morning Musume Concert Tour 2011 Haru no Mai ~Sotsugyousei DE Saikessei~ (PB)
  • C-ute & S/mileage Premium Live 2011 ~C & S Collaboration Dai Sakusen~ (Blu-ray)
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H!P Releases July 13

13 07 2011

Today there are quite a lot of releases including four DVDs and a Mook so it’s a very interesting release date for everyone since every release in this post seems to include all of the active members in H!P (including Kikka), and thankfully there are many previews so quite a lot of content for this post.

This post will also mark the start of multiple reviews per release featuring opinions from Ayuchii, ladylibra92, and me so you’ll get a more detailed look at what we thought of each release.

Today’s release includes:

  • C-ute & S/mileage – C-ute and S/mileage Premium Live 2011 ~C & S Collaboration Dai Sakusen~ (DVD)
  • Suzuki Airi – Kibun Tenkan (DVD)
  • Hello! Project – Hello! Channel 5 (Mook)
  • Kikkawa Yuu – Kikkake wa YOU! (DVD) Regular Edition
  • Kikkawa Yuu – Kikkake wa YOU! (DVD) Limited Edition

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Suzuki Airi – “Natsu Karada” DVD Cover Released

5 07 2011

The DVD cover for Suzuki Airi’s 5th solo DVD titled Natsu Karada (Summer body) has been released.

The cover seems to have an opposite theme of her 4th PB Kibun Tenkan since it features Airi in a school uniform while holding a bad on her right shoulder, and she seems to be standing in front of a train station since there are rails on the side of the road.

Even though I would have liked to see the covers being permuted since the cover for Kibun Tenkan fits more with this release since it featured Airi in a calm pose with a bikini next on the beach (mention of summer body), I still like how this cover looks since it’s different from usual school uniform PB covers thanks to Airi’s amazing smile and her cute pose that seems natural (like if she’s taking something from her bag).

Overall, I really like this cover since it shows us a different side of Airi, and I really like the matching tite with the word Natsu in blue just like her name in the bottom, while Karada is in light pink, so it doesn’t clash too much with the overall look.

Hopefully every Airi fan can reserve a copy!

The release date is set for 8/3.

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Kumai Yurina And Suzuki Airi To Appear In A Horror Movie Titled “Oosama Game”

5 07 2011

Berryz Koubou member Kumai Yurina and C-ute member Suzuki Airi will both star in a new horror movie titled Oosama Game (King’s game).

From the tokyohive translation of the article about the movie, the movie is basically a reproduction on film of a cellphone novel from the same title, and the story is mainly about 2 mysterious high-school students and a cell-phone.

Kumai is playing the lead role of Honda Chiemi, while Airi plays the role of Honda’s mysterious classmate Iwamura Ria.

I have to say that when I first read the description of the movie, I immediately though of Airi’s recent straight-to-DVD movie Keitai Kanojo which also had something to do with cellphones, and even though Airi has appeared in Keitai Kanojo and her most recent movie Vampire Stories – BROTHERS,  I’m really happy to see that she will be appearing next to Kumai in this movie since the main spotlight will be on Yurina, with the accompanying role going to Airi, which is always great to see since we never had the chance to see those 2 interact together in a real movie.

Another interesting mention in the description of the movie is that many other artists will be appearing in this movie, such as Yoshizawa Hitomi, as well as small appearances from every single C-ute and Berryz Koubou member, which is something I really didn’t expect, and this makes me really impatient to see what the final result will be like since the producer of the movie who picked both Airi and Kumai himself  is positive about the release saying that “it wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that a masterpiece of high-school horror has been made”.

Overall, I’m really excited about this release since it will be an interesting mark in the year of 2011 for both groups, and specially to Kumai since it will be her first leading role in a good movie for a while, so hopefully more details will be out soon!

The movie will be released next winter.

Tokyohive article about movie (English)

Oricon.jp article about movie

Barks.jp article about movie

Suzuki Airi – “Kibun Tenkan” DVD Cover Released

17 06 2011

The DVD cover for Suzuki Airi’s 4th solo DVD titled Kibun Tenkan (Change of Mood/Pace) has been released.

First of all, I have to say that I was blown away by the picture used in the cover since it does seem to fit the title of the DVD, where we get to see Airi posing in a very charming way on the sand with her eyes closed and a hand held up to her head which is slightly turned towards the beach and the title.

Even though the cover doesn’t have a dramatical change in it’s aspect like the title suggested, it still is a very nice improvement since the pose shows how Airi has grown since her last solo release and the overall calm setting matches the PBs perfectly since they both also have a calm and serene theme.

The title of the PB is kind of cheesy since it’s written in a very flat font in pink, but it still looks good overall since it fills the space and has a reflect of Airi’s bikini (both having a shade of pink), and her name is written on the bottom left corner in pink too.

Overall, I really am impressed with how this cover turned out to be since it’s a very nice way to bring out the title and showing off Airi, with an amazing setting to complete the look.

Hopefully everyone can purchase a copy to support Airi in her solo releases, and hopefully more details about her 5th solo DVD will be out soon.

The release date is set for 7/10.

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Suzuki Airi – “OASIS” Cover Released

9 06 2011

The cover for Suzuki Airi’s 7th PB titled OASIS has been released.

As the title suggested when it was revealed, from the cover we can tell that swimsuits and the beach setting is taking over this PB since the cover features an amazing shot of Airi outside between some trees in a white swimsuit with wet hair, and I have to say that I really like how it looks.

On this cover, Airi is standing a little far from the camera revealing the white swimsuit she is wearing, and she is looking from the side twisting her head a little bit while her hair is all wet, and the interesting thing is that she isn’t smiling or even trying to since she adopts a kind of neutral expression that in my opinion fits with the setting of the photo.

The background is somwhat blurry to make Airi stand out even more with her pale complexion and the white bikini, but it mostly seems to be featuring a plant with big leeves and a house in the far back which could hint to some scenes of the PB.

Even though this cover is a total contrast with her 6th PB’s cover which is calm and cute, I have to say that I really like how it turned out since it shows off Airi’s natural beauty and makes an excellent addition for her fans who would probably want to get both PBs, each having their own theme.

Hopefully everyone can reserve a copy to support Airi and see what amazing pictures will be included.

The release date is set for 6/23.

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