Kosuga Fuyuka To Leave S/mileage, Diagnosed With “Severe Anemia”

9 09 2011

It has been announced on S/mileage’s official site that current S/mileage sub-member Kosuga Fuyuka will be leaving S/mileage due to severe anemia, and will later on join Hello! Project Eggs after her long recovery.

According to the S/mileage site announcement, Fuu-chan has been feeling bad and was immediately transferred to the hospital because of her terrible condition, and later on diagnosed with “sever anemia” which seems to be when the body doesn’t produce enough red blood cells that provide oxygen, which causes dizziness, breathing troubles,etc…

I have to say that I really didn’t expect this news since it fell out of nowhere, and I’m surprised to see that everything moved so fast since fans reported that she was missing from the last S/mileage event due to a bad health condition, but it’s only now that we discover how bad her case seems to be, and I’m more surprised to see that it’s only now that they find out about her disease since there was no mention of her feeling bad before or experiencing any symptoms that might have made someone think she had anemia.

This seems like a really bad timing for S/mileage and Fuu-chan specially since S/mileage will now only continue with 7 members while their next single includes 8, and it seems like the upcoming concert tour will have to undergo some changes because of Fuu-chan’s loss, but what consoles me is that she has an assured place within H!P Eggs for when she fully heals which is a great relief for her fans since it is assured that she will keep on being active.

Even though she is set to rest for a few month, I really wish Fuyuka and S/mileage a good continuation because thanks to all of the sudden changes the group has experienced, it surely isn’t easy for the members, so hopefully everyone can keep on supporting S/mileage as well as Fuu-chan for her return in a few month as a H!P Egg.

Hopefully we will have more information as time goes by concerning her health condition, and we wish her a quick recovery.

S/mileage site official announcement



17 responses

9 09 2011

That’s really sad – I really liked Fuu-chan, and I wanted her to be in S/mileage, because she looks like a really promising member.

However, I wish her luck and I hope she gets better soon – I just hope that she shines as an Egg, and proves to us all how strong she is!

9 09 2011

Awww, this is sad. Fuyuka was my favorite member from the new generation. I hope she gets well soon, and she will be able to shine as an Egg.. I’m glad they are giving her a place in the H!P Eggs when she returns as well~

9 09 2011

This is sad, I was hoping to see more of her in the immediate future.
Well, once she gets better I’ll be sure to support her activities.
I’m relieved there’s a place for her in Eggs.
I hope she gets better soon.

9 09 2011
The Mighty Damaramu (@Damaramu)

Darn, that’s too bad! I quite liked Fuu-chan! I was looking forward to her performing! Well, health comes first! She’ll be back!

9 09 2011

WOW! This really came out of no where. I hope she is able to get well soon~ Its really nice though, that we can expect to see her return as an Egg. :)

9 09 2011

Aaaaaaw. This is so sad.
I hope that she will get well soon.
And I hope that she will get in to a new group when she becomes a EGG.

9 09 2011

aww poor fuu chan~
but maybe this is happening for a reason. I mean, maybe she’ll be a part of another h!p group in the future and s/mileage just wasn’t for her? I’m going to wish her the best of luck as an hp egg!

9 09 2011

This really breaks my heart, Fuu-chan was my favorite sub-member. I was really looking forward to hearing her vocaloid-voice in action.

9 09 2011

I think the most thing is the health for Fuu-chan. I am really sad, because I think that she is too :( But as someone mentioned – yeah It can be with a reason (I personally think too that everything in life is with a reason). I hope that future gaves her good things and she will be a happy girl.

But about S/mileage – it feels some kind of broken. It was quite fixed just minutes ago, I finally got used with the fact that Sakichy isn´t with them anymore. And now Fuyuka-chan is leaving :( Sad..

9 09 2011

Smileage has had an awful amount of bad luck lately, what with sakitty leaving and now one of the sub members. :/

9 09 2011
marcelo nc brasil

she was suffering bullying by the senpais of smileage and kanon makes har cry in an interview 8/

9 09 2011

Yes, and pigs fly.

9 09 2011
marcelo nc brasil

pings dont fly but cinderella makes shin-menbaa cry

9 09 2011

That’s really sad. I feel very bad for her :( I sincerely hope that her health condition can get better soon.

So very sad to not see her in S/mileage as she was my favorite sub-member. She didn’t even get a chance to be there long but at least she got to be in the music video.

I am very happy though that she is assured a place as an Egg though.

Get better, Fuyuka!

9 09 2011

Ohhhh, I feel so bad for her, going through the hole audition, with tears in her eyes, and when she finally gets the chance to become a member she needs to quit.
Pooor thing.
I hope she gets into momusu or back to S/mileage because in a few months, I am sure that she will improve alot.

9 09 2011

nooooooooo Fuyuka :(( I really liked her too :'(((((

9 09 2011

I honestly didn’t like her, but this really breaks my heart ;o; To see any of the girls in H!P have something this severe is truly heart wrenching. I hope she recovers well and will be able to shine as an egg (Though I kinda wish that when she returns they would put her back as a S/mileage sub member because she worked so hard for it…)

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