Alternate Event-Only Covers For S/mileage’s “Uchoten LOVE” Announced

13 07 2011

According to the official site there will be event-only covers available at Hello! Project’s Summer concert for S/mileage’s Uchoten LOVE.

For now there are only Kanon and Wada covers announced but there will also be similar covers for Yuuka and Saki.

It’s rare to see new covers for a single that has already been released, but S/mileage has always been a group that tries out new ways to promote their singles and with this new strategy it seems like everyone will be happy since solo covers for the single are a perfect way to give fans a bonus along with their support.

The tracklist will most likely be the same so I don’t expect to see any additional tracks but the main difference will be a giant solo shot of each member, and while the theme might be simple it is a great release since fans of each member can get this special release only available at concerts.

There isn’t much to say about the covers themselves since giant pictures of Kanon and Wada on the cover are self-explanatory, but it’s nice to see that they moved the title of the single to the bottom to give the picture more room.

Hopefully fans who attend the event can get a copy of their favorite member’s single since it seems like a nice way to encourage fans to get a copy, and while it seems like only S/mileage are using this strategy I hope it spreads to other groups since it would be nice to see solo covers of a single for all members of H!P.

The Fukuda Kanon cover will be available on 7/16 and the Wada Ayaka cover will be available on 7/17.

Official S/mileage Page

Wada Ayaka – “Wada Ayaka 16” PB Cover Released

10 02 2011

The cover for the Wanibooks edition of Wada Ayaka’s 1st PB titled Wada Ayaka 16 has been released.

The cover is really simple compared to the DVD cover which was lively and colorful, and it features a simple picture of Dawa looking deeply at the camera while lying down on the floor, holding her hands one against the other.

Although the background, lightning and outfit in this picture aren’t that flattering for Dawa, the picture itself is still beautiful with her deep eyes expression and hopefully the content will be more energetic and Dawa-ish.

Hopefully a preview of the DVD will be released soon to get a more precise theme for this release.

The release date is set for 25/2.

Wanibooks page about product

Wada Ayaka – “Ayaka” DVD Cover Released

7 02 2011

The cover for Wada Ayaka’s DVD titled “Ayaka” has been released.

The DVD cover is really interesting since the eye-catching thing is the many colors used which brighten up the amazing picture of Ayaka and the multi-colored title really sets the theme of the DVD referring to Ayaka without distracting too much from her, which is great.

Bikini-cover fans might be slightly disappointed (Yuuka’s cover wasn’t a bikini picture too), but Dawa fans should be really happy since the super cute pose Ayaka is doing while holding a pink box and cussion, along with her signature ponytail and her smashing smile really sets this cover apart from the usual ones we get to see.

The setting which she is in is really colorful, and I’m guessing she is sitting on a wooden bed that has different pillows and colorful baloons on it, with Ayaka sitting in the right middle. As for the title art, it’s really one of the most unique ones any member got since it is really colorful and seems to be made as the wooden toys little kids play with…

Overall, the cover looks really amazing and suggests a more childish theme for the DVD, so hopefully we will get a preview soon.

The release date is set for 3/2.

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Wada Ayaka’s First PB Announced

25 01 2011

Wada Ayaka’s 1st PB, currently untitled, has been announced.

After many speculations and fears from fans who thought that her first solo DVD will not be accompanied with a PB, I’m sure it’s a relief to all to know that indeed there is a PB addition along the DVD release.

Although not much information is out now, it’s always great to see that the news has been confirmed since fans will probably want to pre-order it soon to support Ayaka and have an idea about what she’s capable of.

It’s not been assured yet, but since Yuuka was the first member to get a solo release, followed by Ayaka, Kanon and Saki probably should be next since they are the last 2 active H!P member (from the mobekimasu groups) to not have any solo release until now, so hopefully an announcement about a solo release from those last two members will be out soon.

I encourage all Ayaka fans to preorder a copy of the PB since it will definitly be a great release.

The release date is set for 2/25.

Amazon page about product

Lilpri- “Mugendai Wonder Girl” LQ Preview Released

14 01 2011

A LQ preview of Lilpri’s new song titled “Mugendai Wonder Girl” has been released.

Their new song was used in the anime that Lilpri cosplays for and so the preview was also taken from the anime episode. From what I can hear the song is alright, the beginning where it sounds as if all three are singing is really nice, for some reason it sounds as if they’re voices have gotten deeper and it sounds more mature than normal. Plus the instrumental at the beginning is a bit catchy.

If the outfits they used in the anime is also what they will be using to cosplay for their next song then I’ll find this single quite interesting.The outfits in the video is a layered white wedding dress with a stripe of color at the bottom. It’s sort of weird to see such young girls in a wedding dress so I’m curious to see how that will be executed.

Hopefully a better preview is released soon and all fans can get a better opinion of it.

The release date is currently unknown.

Video Uploaded by: bluemoon32132

Lilpri – CM for McDonald’s Japan’s Happy Set

7 01 2011

McDonald’s Japan official site has a CM featuring Lilpri for their new toys that will be included in their Happy Set (Happy Meal).

The news was announced quite a while ago, but I wanted to wait until the CM was released to see the result, and give full details; McDonald’s in Japan is now putting Lilpri cards in their Happy Set that seem to consist of dress-up cards where little girls get to dress up their Lilpri character with paper gowns and accesories.

Lilpri members got to participate in making the CM, and even though they only appear shortly, it should promote well the toys since girls watching the commercial will probably see them and if they are fans of the anime, they will definitly want to see the cards and try them out.

The whole idea is a great promotion for the anime and the group itself, which is always pleasant to see. Along with the CM that is available on the McDonald’s official site, a Making Of was released by S/mileage’s official YouTube channel where we see the girls performing on the green screen and fooling around.

Here is the Making Of, and since the CM wasn’t yet released on YouTube, you can watch it on the official McDonald’s site here.

Wada Ayaka 1st Solo DVD Announced

16 12 2010

Wada Ayaka’s 1st solo DVD, currently untitled, has been announced. A PB hasn’t been confirmed, but it will most likely be released around the same time as well.

Seeing as how Mitsui, Captain, and Chisato have recently had their own 1st PB announcements a few weeks ago I wasn’t that surprised to see that Wada will be releasing one as well since she is among the few members that still haven’t gotten their own PB release, and I’m glad to see that she finally does since she is the leader of S/mileage after all.

For now there isn’t a clear idea of what to expect but we will most likely get to see her in casual outfits as well as bikinis since almost all PBs have that theme, although we will have to wait and see to find out what kind of setting we can expect to see her in.

Like most releases the solo DVD was announced first, but since a PB is almost guaranteed to be released along with it it’s just a matter of time until we get the official confirmation, so hopefully fans reserve their copy of both the DVD and the PB when they are announced.

With this announcement the only members left to get a PB are Ogawa Saki and Fukuda Kanon, so we will most likely get a chance to see a release for them soon.

The release date is set for 3/2.

Wavemusic Page For Wada Ayaka’s 1st Solo DVD