Hashida Mirei Sang Back-up Vocals For SNSD’s Japanese Album

20 06 2011

Former Egg Hashida Mirei has posted on her blog that she has provided back-up vocals on SNSD (also known as Girls Generation)’s Japanese album.

According to her they are called “Background Vocals” and she mentions two songs where she provided the vocals: MR.TAXI and Let It Rain where she is credited as “Mirei”.

I haven’t heard that many songs from SNSD so I have no idea how these songs will sound, but I’m happy to see that despite not having that many releases Mirei has managed to sing the background vocals for a very popular Kpop group, and while they are only background vocals I hope this helps in some way toward her future releases.

Since she hasn’t released much I can’t say a clear opinion about how her singing sounds but since she did manage to sing the background vocals in their album she is probably pretty good (at least enough to provide background vocals), so hopefully Mirei fans can check out the tracks so they can find out for themselves.

The album was released on 6/1 so hopefully anyone interested can buy the tracks in iTunes to check out how her backup vocals sounded (or the album, although technically it wouldn’t support her that much since she isn’t singing in most of the tracks).

Hashida Mirei Blog Post

Official Hashida Mirei Twitter Opened

26 04 2011

Former H!P Egg Hashida Mirei has opened a Twitter account.

Her first tweet was:

Twitter, has started!!! Everyone Follow Me ★

Most fans might not be aware but Mirei know goes by MIREI and is signed under Sony (since 2009), and as a result it was only a matter of time until we got a chance to see her Twitter account since she already has a blog, and I’m glad to see that she finally does since fans can follow her easily and check out any new releases she might have.

So far she has been pretty active on Twitter with about 28 Tweets (as of now) since she opened the account back in 4/16, which is great news since we will most likely see her be even more active and since most of her tweets have been written instead of automatic tweets from her blog posts many of her fans can look forward to news and comments from her.

Hopefully fans can check out her blog and follow her on Twitter.

Official Hashida Mirei Twitter

Official Hashida Mirei Blog