Morning Musume Arrive In Paris

30 06 2010

Morning Musume arrived earlier today at the Charles de Gaulle airport in France for their visit to the Japan Expo.

Tanaka mentioned on two blog posts that they saw many fans at the airport, which is a great thing since it shows the support the overseas fans have for Momusu and from what we can tell from the video it certainly does seem that they were recieved kindly by all European fans.

It seems that Jun Jun came out first followed by Kamei, Sayu, Gaki, Tanaka, Mitsui, Ai-chan and Lin Lin, and we get a chance to see Reina’s new darker dyed hair as well as Gaki’s longer hair (hair extensions).

For now there doesn’t seem to be that many fan reports (just quick mentions and one video) about what happened and since the video is only 30 seconds long it is somewhat understandable that the moment was a bit too fast since Momusu had to go to their hotel to prepare for some shopping and a dinner they most likely had just right now.

Hopefully fans show up tomorrow for both signing events planned (at the FNAC and Japan Expo) since it will be a great opportunity to meet and greet them.

Here is some info that has already been released about the two signing sessions tomorrow:

FNAC Champs Elysées – Thursday, July 1st at 11:30 – 12:30

  • All items bought at FNAC the day before the signing can be used to get an autograph event ticket, you just need to keep the receipt and ask for a ticket tomorrow at the “accueil/welcome” booth at the left of the entrance.
  • You have to buy Momusu goods at the FNAC to get a ticket, the proof of purchase will allow you to get one (prices for albums are around 30 – 40 Euros each).

Japan Expo (Signing Room #5, requires a convention ticket to enter JE) – Thursday, July 1st at 16:15 – 17:15

  • – Limited to only 100 people (lottery)

Press photos of the girls arriving will most likely show up sometime soon (if there are any) so I will update with them when they are released.

The Japan Expo will take place from 7/1 – 7/4, the concert will be on 7/2.

Video uploaded by: Lezerv

EDIT: Another video has been released of Momusu arriving in France. This video is much longer and features footage of them getting into their buses to their hotel:

Video uploaded by: AiriinFangirl

Berryz Koubou – “Otakebi Boy (Spark Ver.)” LQ Preview Released

29 06 2010

A preview for the c/w of the regular version of Berryz Koubou’s 23rd single titled Otakebi Boy (Spark Ver.) has been released.

The preview is somewhat short but it does give us a good idea of what to expect from the new arrangement and I have to admit that I was very impressed with how it turned out since the song basically took away all of the old instrumental and added drums, guitars, and bass to complement the fast paced song.

The vocals seem a bit more powerful although with the low quality of the preview I can’t really tell how much, although I am sure that they sound a bit more different than what we heard in the original version of the song (it is most likely due to the different instrumental and different vocal effects).

Hopefully a longer preview of the song is released soon, but so far the song is very impressive with a great beat and a very fitting rock instrumental (somewhat similar to Buono).

The release date is set for 7/21.

Video uploaded by: suzukiairii

“Alo Hello! Niigaki Risa Photobook -MAHALO-” PB Cover Preview Released

29 06 2010

A preview for the cover for Niigaki Risa’s upcoming PB titled Alo Hello! Niigaki Risa Photobook -MAHALO- has been released.

Since the cover is somewhat small and we can’t really tell that much about it I will wait for a better picture (which is why I call it a preview) but despite the cover being somewhat small it does give us a good idea of what to expect, and from what I can tell it looks amazing.

The cover is mostly just a picture of Gaki looking at the camera in a pool but with the mix of sunlight and the water reflections I have to admit that I love how it looks overall (the slight transparency gives us a chance to see Gaki’s bikini under the water).

The title is somewhat small with the biggest word being “MAHALO” and while I can’t tell what the other words are it does allow for more Gaki on the cover which is always great news.

Hopefully a better picture of the cover is released soon, but meanwhile I will reserve my judgment, although I love how it looks so far.

The release date is set for 7/14.

Official H!P Site For Gaki’s Alo Hello! Niigaki Risa Photobook – MAHALO-

C-ute’s 13th Single Announced, “Dance de Bakoon”

29 06 2010

C-ute’s 13th single titled Dance de Bakoon has been announced on E-hon. The single will be available in 3 versions: Regular, Limited A, and Limited B.

I’m glad to see that their 13th single has been announced since it has been quite some time since the release of their last single Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta, but with their upcoming musical and concert tour (also containing the word “Dance” in the title) it was somewhat expected that we would get a new single soon.

The title is unique since it is somewhat hard to translate at first glance (I thought it first said “Dance de Bacon”) but hopefully we soon get a chance to hear what the song title means either through C-ute members or Tsunku along with previews of what to expect.

More information will probably be released soon so it will be interesting to see what kind of song they will sing and with the word “Dance” in the title I hope we get to see a great choreography, although we will have to wait to find out for sure.

Covers will probably be released sometime in July or early August with a radio preview most likely being released along the same time, so hopefully we get some hints at what it will sound like soon.

The release date for the single is set for 8/25, the release date for the Single V is set for 9/1.

E-hon Page for C-ute’s 13th Single Dance de Bakoon! – Regular

E-hon Page for C-ute’s 13th Single Dance de Bakoon! – Limited A

E-hon Page for C-ute’s 13th Single Dance de Bakoon! – Limited B

E-hon Page for C-ute’s 13th Single Dance de Bakoon! – Single V

EDIT: According to Yamano Music the c/w is titled Kore Ijou Kirawaretakunai no although it still is a bit early to know for sure so we will have to wait and see when the official H!P site confirms it.

Yamano Music Site For C-ute’s 13th Single

Suzuki Airi 3rd Solo DVD and 5th PB Announced

29 06 2010

Suzuki Airi’s 3rd solo DVD, currently untitled, has been announced by E-hon. Her 5th PB, also untitled, has also been announced for release on Wanibooks.

I’m glad to see that Airi will have another DVD since it’s always interesting to see what kind of theme they have, and with  her great personality it is sure to be a fan favorite. For now we have no title but hopefully we soon get a title so we can begin to guess at what kind of theme it will have.

I’m also very excited about the release of her 5th PB since we always get unique and amazing pictures that show of her cuteness, and since it hasn’t been announced formally we don’t have any kind of hint at what theme it might have, so like the DVD we will have to wait for more info.

Hopefully we get titles soon as well as an official PB confirmation, but for now I am very excited to see more Airi releases.

The release date for her DVD is set for 8/25, her PB will be released on 8/20.

E-hon Page For Suzuki Airi’s 3rd Solo DVD

Shinseido Page For Airi’s 3rd Solo DVD

Morning Musume’s “Fashionable” Stage Play DVD Announced

29 06 2010

The DVD for Morning Musume’s stage play titled Fashionable has been announced.

I’m glad that we are getting a chance to see the play in DVD since many fans have reported that all of the members did a great job acting, and while we will have to wait to see for ourselves just how good it will be without a doubt a great play to watch.

For now we don’t have that much information apart from the title and the release date but hopefully we soon get a chance to see a cover along with some preview.

The release date is set for 9/15.

E-hon Page For Morning Musume’s Fashionable DVD

S/mileage – “Ganbaranakutemo ee nende!!” Radio Preview Released

29 06 2010

A radio preview for S/mileage’s 2nd single titled Ganbaranakutemo ee nende!! has been released.

For the most part I have to admit that it is a great and fun song to listen to since the many sound effects and the vocals used manage to make an interesting combination that will be sure to uplift everyone, and since the song will most likely have an interesting dance it will be fun to see how the PV and live performances will look.

The radio rip gives us a chance to listen to the instrumental clearly and overall it sounds perfect for the song since it features many sound effects such as the spring sound as well as the horn, and since it was recorded live (according to Tsunku by a live band) it adds to the uniqueness of the song.

Vocals are all unique and blend well with each other, and it’s great to see that they all manage to stand out individually (since the song emphasizes the solo lines) since it gives everyone a chance to show of their vocal talents by changing the tone of their voice.

Overall the song is very impressing since it features incredible and unique vocals with different tones along with an upbeat and sound-effect filled instrumental that together make an upbeat and unique sound.

Hopefully the song is well recieved by everyone since it is without a doubt one of the most unique songs I have heard from them.

Remember to buy your copy of the single to support them!

The release date is set for 7/28.

Video uploaded by: xlozziex3

Wada Ayaka To Be A Regular On “Go! Bungee Police”

29 06 2010

Wada Ayaka will be a regular on a local Nagoya show titled Go! Bungee Police along with Yaguchi Mari.

It’s always great to find out that more and more H!P members, particularly S/mileage members who are barely starting their major career, are getting chances to be featured in shows since it gives them a chance to promote themselves and the group even more.

I have no idea what the show is about (most likely a regular show) but it will be fun to see how Wada and Yaguchi interact since they both have great personalities and despite the time being somewhat short I do hope she manages to shine (according to the site she will appear on the show for 4 minutes).

Hopefully a clip of the show is released so we can see what Ayaka will do, but meanwhile I wish her good luck and hopefully she appears in even more shows in the future.

The show will start on 7/6.

S/mileage Media Page

S/mileage – “Ganbaranakutemo ee nende!!” Covers Released

28 06 2010

Click for bigger images

The covers for S/mileage’s 2nd single titled Ganbarankutemo ee nende!! have been released on a article about S/mileage’s recent Mega Bank vol.2 event.

There is no mention of which cover is for which version but I will update when the information is released.

Despite that we get 4 incredible covers which feature various themes, for example the first cover which features S/mileage sitting on a bench with black outfits and canes with a orange background or the last cover which features the same bench and lamp but with a softer background (similar to Yume Miru 15sai).

The middle covers are the most interesting since they feature a newspaper look with the S/mileage insignia on the left corner and the title on the right corner, and under the title of the single is the following (I copied it word for word):

After the spectacular debut on 2010 May 26th, S/mileage, Ayaka, Yuuka, Kanon, Saki hasalready announced their 2nd single, “GANBARANAKUTEMOEENENDE!!” Rumor has it, the new song is great and sweet. Fans say they can hardly wait for the new release!!

Apart from the spelling mistakes I have to admit that it was a great way to make the single seem more unique since it adds to the newspaper theme and with the date of the single release on the top (next to the page number) it seems that they really tried their best in the cover.

I was surprised to see them include the S/mileage “AR” code on the first cover (most likely the regular cover) and without a doubt it will be a very interesting way to have a more interactive single since fans can use the AR code to have S/mileage dancing on their newly bought single (most likely the AR code will be updated with choreography of the 2nd single).

On all of the covers next to the title is a man with a hat and a mustache, similar to what the girls were wearing during the photo shoot that was shown on Bijo Gaku which is a great way to include that reference from the photo shoot (and what I think will be included in the PV) for all fans to enjoy.

As for the poses of the girls they all seem very varied, such as the first and last covers which have the same bench and lamp but feature two different costumes – black and white – along with two different poses, the first being the girls posing with canes and the second being a more relaxed pose with the girls talking (Ogawa laughing at something and Kanon sleeping on Dawa’s shoulder).

The middle covers feature the same newspaper theme but we get to see two shots, the first being close-ups of the girls acting surprised and the second featuring them posing in a lineup with their hats in their hands (in front of what seems to be a photo of a building), and while the newspaper theme remains the same the poses and pictures used add enough variety to impress.

Overall I am very impressed with the covers since they seem to be some of the most unique covers from H!P because of the AR code, the many different poses, different costumes, and the attention to detail. I am very excited for this release so hopefully we get a chance to see the PV soon along with a better preview of the song.

Hopefully everyone supports S/mileage by buying their single since this will be without a doubt among their best.

The release date is set for 7/28. Article About S/mileage’s 2nd Single

S/mileage – “Ganbaranakutemo ee nende!!” Preview Released

27 06 2010

A preview for S/mileage’s 2nd major single titled Ganbaranakutemo ee nende!! has been released.

From the small preview we got to hear in Bijo Gaku the song sounded very upbeat and happy and now that we get a chance to  hear the full song we can easily tell that it will be a very fun song to see at their concert.

Since the song is being performed live at their FC event it is somewhat expected that the quality isn’t as great but I have to admit that S/mileage have impressed me once again with a fun and happy song, and the many repetitive lines that Kanon and the others have (particularly the “Su-Ma-I-Ru” parts) add to the fun feeling of the song.

Until I hear a studio recording I will hold back and not judge the song too much but so far I am very impressed with the song since it has an upbeat and happy sound that will be great to see at a concert.

According to a Tweet from S/mileage staff we will get a chance to hear a radio preview tomorrow, so hopefully the preview is up soon so we can hear the recorded version.

The release date is set for 7/28.

Video uploaded by:  SprinklebunsKoharu