Ohtani Masae – “ENDLESS LOVE” PV Released

18 04 2011

The PV for Ohtani Masae’s single titled ENDLESS LOVE has been released.

I’m surprised to see that they decided to release a PV for this single since it has been quite some time since it was released, but despite that I am happy to see that they are trying their best to promote her and she is getting new releases from time to time.

As for the PV there isn’t much to talk about since it’s simply a shot of her singing in front of a black background, and apart from the few scenes where she smiles at the camera while her red hair moves with the wind there isn’t anything else, which might be disappointing to some although it is a great way to start future PV releases.

Hopefully we can see more complicated PVs being released since it doesn’t take much to shot some scenes outside although for now I’m glad to see that this great song has a PV release.

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Ohtani Masae – “BANGIN'” Preview Released

26 02 2011

A short preview for Ohtani Masae’s 3rd single titled BANGIN’ has been released.

I haven’t heard any other Ohtani singles so this was my first time listening to one of her songs, and despite it being filled with a bit too many effects for my taste I really enjoyed it since it had a great catchy beat that most fans will probably love.

I am happy to see that Ohtani finally gets a chance to sing in the genre she likes best since this song fits her personality perfectly due to the fast beats and the rock music in the background, and even though the preview is less than 30 seconds long I really liked the way it sounded so far.

Hopefully we get a full preview sometime soon.

The release date is set for 4/6.

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Ohtani Masae – “BANGIN'” Cover Released

24 02 2011

The cover for Ohtani’s Masae’s 3rd single titled BANGIN’ has been released.

Ohtani Masae (or Otani Masae A.K.A HIMAWARI) is doing a great job of keeping a steady stream of single releases and the latest is her 3rd single which has an interesting title “BANGIN'”, which doesn’t suggest any particular type of genre and sounds a bit unique compared to her previous two releases.

The cover features a picture of Masae with a few colorful touches added to her hair, lips, and eyes along with the title of the song, her artist name, and an interesting addition on her teeth “Queen of MUG-ROCK” which sounds pretty impressive and a great sign that Ohtani fans are in for a great single.

I really liked the way the cover looked since it’s colorful, unique, and it seems to have a vintage look to it, and since everyone is already used to Masae’s colored hair it’s not that surprising to see that the cover is as colorful as her other previous covers, which adds a personal touch to it and gives fans a nice way to remember her unique style.

I haven’t heard Masae’s songs but from the covers I am impressed so far since they seem to have a unique theme that sets them apart from others, so I strongly suggest Masae fans get a copy of the single since it seems like a great way to support her.

The release date is set for 4/6.

HMV Page For Ohtani Masae’s 3rd Single

Ohtani Masae’s 3rd Single Announced, Titled “Oware Kai”

1 12 2010

Ohtani Masae’s 3rd single titled Oware Kai has been announced.

I’m glad to see that Ohtani’s solo career has been quite active recently with the digital and physical releases of her first two singles and since she is planning on releasing her 3rd single alongside her 2nd single the same day it seems like a great opportunity for fans to pick up both.

As for the single itself I don’t know what to expect since I haven’t had a chance to listen to her solo releases, but it will most likely be a great song since there are many positive reviews about her past releases from fans.

There doesn’t seem to be that many previews for her songs so we will most likely have to wait until release day to listen to a preview, but hopefully fans reserve copies of her two single releases since it seems like a great way to show support.

The release date is set for 2/9.

HMV Page For Ohtani Masae’s 3rd Single

Official Ohtani Masae Twitter Account Opened

1 12 2010

Ohtani Masae has opened up her own Twitter account.

Her first Tweet was:


I’m not that surprised to see that Ohtani has finally opened up her own Twitter account since she does seem to be pretty active with releases lately, and I am glad to see that she has used the account quite a bit already since fans can expect to be up to date with her daily life.

Her tweets have contained many pictures for her 2nd single ENDLESS LOVE, such as the one below, which is great since fans get a first look at many pictures featuring Ohtani:

Hopefully Ohtani fans follow her account since it seems like it will be a great source of information for her single releases as well as her daily life.

Official Ohtani Masae Twitter Account

Ohtani Masae – “ENDLESS LOVE” Cover Released

30 11 2010

The cover for Ohtani Masae’s 2nd physical single titled ENDLESS LOVE has been released.

When I first saw the cover I was amazed at how well it looks since it features Ohtani with red hair holding her head while looking to the side where the title and her artists name appear (apparently she now goes as Otani Masae A.K.A. HIMAWARI) and I love everything about it since the blank background really makes her stand out.

The physical release is still quite a bit away but the song was released in September as a digital release, so fans who haven’t bought it might want to pick up a copy of the single when it is released in a few months.

For now I am amazed at how well the cover looks since it does show of Ohtani’s unique colored hair style, and since the background is blank it does make her stand out quite a bit more than usual, so hopefully fans who like the song, cover or just want to support Ohtani decide to reserve a copy.

The release date is set for 2/9.

Official Ohtani Masae Blog Entry About Single

Amazon.jp Page For Ohtani Masae’s 2nd Single

Ohtani Masae – “Killing My Caddy” Single Announced

22 11 2010

Ohtani Masae’s first solo physical release titled Killing My Caddy has been announced. The single has already been released as a digital download.

I’m glad to see that we are finally getting a release date for Ohtani Masae’s first physical single since many of her fans will most likely want to support her by buying a copy, and even though it does seem like the digital release was quite a long time ago it’s great to see that she is finally starting of her solo career well.

Along with the announcement of her single we got a chance to see what appear to be covers, and I have to admit that I really like the way that they look since they feature a cool black and white theme with the only colors coming from her colored bangs, and despite not knowing where Himawari came from I really like the way that it looks.

I couldn’t find a preview of her song on Youtube but it does seem like this will be an interesting release for all Ohtani fans, so hopefully they all reserve a copy of this single to support her.

The release date is set for 1/12/2011.

Amazon.jp Page For Ohtani Masae’s Single